Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

Today, what we notice is people having enough talents and skills but lack of confidence to shine among all. And an unrepresented knowledge is no better than knowing nothing. If you too are the one who faces the problem of having lack of self-confidence than this article is for you and it will help you for sure trust me.


10. Positivity:

Positivity Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

This is the key for not just improving the self-confidence but is useful in almost all the spheres of life. When you are surrounded by people with negative thinking, you can’t just rise up. Whenever you’ll try their negative thoughts won’t let you do anything different or important. So it is must to be connected with the positive people as they will help you groom, they will help you gain that self-confidence, and they will help you to have those guts to do something or initialize something big. So the most important and a basic thing for you if you want to improve self-confidence is gain that positivism  stay away from those negative people who just drag you down and be with those who inspire you and support you to achieve your dreams.


9. Dress Smartly:

Dress Smartly Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

This may seem irrelevant here but my friend it is not. The way you feel about yourself is clearly visible by the way you behave and act. So if you think well about yourself, you will give an impression of a confident person. Now, the point of dressing nicely is that if you look smart, well groomed, neat and well dressed, you will feel confident within yourself and now this is what was lacking before it. So fell good inside and it will be shown outside automatically. Now dressing smartly means dress nice and clean clothes, bathe daily, look neat and presentable and carry yourself in a good manner. It will make a unique identity of yours. But it doesn’t mean you just keep on shopping. Shop less but spend more. That is focus on quality goods rather than on quantity as they are expected to last long and look good. However best is to wear what makes you comfortable. As ‘You’ are the priority here.


8.  Walk Straight and Smart:

Walk Straight and Smart Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence


Another point that may seem useless for a moment but when you give it a thought you will agree. Walking slowly and bent downwards are not praised. If you are among those who walk slowly swinging arms and without noticing the surroundings in a sub-conscious state; than I would tell you to stop doing that right now, because they are nothing but a sign of low confidence. Walk straight and smartly, be energetic and quick. Improve your posture and work on your walking style. You may try walking with a book on your head and trying not to drop it. It will help you in walking straight while looking in the forward direction. It will create a sense of self-confidence itself.


7. You are Good:

You are Good Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

The main reason of having low self-confidence is that inferiority feeling that you get sometimes when you feel someone is better than you. But let me tell you one very important thing that could be a lifetime tip, “You are no less”. Yes, you heard it right! Everyone has got that extraordinary quality in them. You just need to find that. So what that guy has got looks, you got talent. It applies to all of you out there. Everyone is different. And you have also got something in you. So why not just write them down. Take out a paper and make a list of those achievements of yours that you love about you. It need not be very big, it could be just say learning to cook, or getting the license etc. And whenever you feel depressed, just read it and see how much you have improved and achieved. Add on to your list with everything you gain and every hurdle you pass and it will help you feel good about you. And also help you to get that confidence back. Because “You are Special”.


6. Work on it:

Work on it Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

It is for those who find it difficult to talk in public and thus they feel lagging behind all others. One thing you must always keep in mind and that is “Nobody is Perfect”. So, if you feel like you are not able to do something, just admit it, don’t quit and work on it. So, start practicing to talk and express your views and in no time you will be that nobody. At an initial level you can start talking to those around whom you feel comfortable than slowly try to get out of your comfort zone. Talk in small groups first than don’t leave any opportunity to talk in public. You will be a public speaker in no time. Similarly, in whatever field you find yourself incapable and that degrades your confidence, just work on it and try to improve. Don’t ever think of quitting as this is what losers do!


5. Be Philosophical:

Be Philosophical Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

It may seem too much, but what we have to lose here. So why not give it a try. What you need to do is consider everything in a philosophical manner. It could be like on losing something thinking like it was just one door that closed, I have many more options to try now. And so on. Similarly, whenever something bad happens to you, instead of getting frustrated by your failure, just think it from the point of some philosophical mind. You may find it boring but it works. When you will think positive about anything bad also, it will improve your point of view, make you optimistic and a positive person. Keep a diary to maintain the record of all of it. Knowing that you faced something successfully can boost your self-confidence to a great level.


4. Be Innovative:

Be Innovative Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

When you have those guts to initialize something new that may seem ridiculous to others but you succeeded in proving yourself, then you start attracting people around you. This will increase your confidence only. Start thinking out of the box, make a unique identity of yourself, and within a blink of eyes you will be the center of attraction of your workplace or your surroundings. Now when everyone wants to talk to you, everyone is seeking your advice, everyone wants to hang out with you, why won’t you have that self-confidence. One thing to keep in mind is “Be Polite”. Don’t take it as if you are the only one. As Rudeness is never Admired.


3. Be Good:

Be Good Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

You are good by heart; there is no harm in showing others also what’s behind that rock wall. That is you may have a golden heart but if you don’t speak nicely, don’t treat others in a way they deserve to be, your goodness is of no use. It is nothing if you don’t show it. So be polite to others around you whether it is your boss or your co-workers. People see what you shoe them. And once you are the ‘Good Guy’ you will be the most wanted buddy for all. When all are your friends and all trying to follow you, there is no scope of low self- confidence. You may also try helping out others who need it. When you will be satisfied and happy, you won’t even remember if you lack something or not because all we need is happiness.


2. Set your principles:

Set your Principles Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

Another reason for low self-confidence could be your fear of being wrong or when you are already wrong. So why even get stuck in such a condition when you do something wrong and you are left fearing about it and that indirectly affects your self-confidence also. Now what to do to avoid such situations? Basic thing is to set your on core principles and that you are not allowed to break in any condition ever. They are the rules that you have to follow forever. It could be like never lie or steal or never skip work. When you are bound to your principles, nothing in the world can force you to do wrong that you later on regret because regret is the feeling that kills you from inside. So why even allow such conditions to occur. Set your principles and bound to them and never ever break your own rules in any condition.


1. Knowledge:

Knowledge Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence

You get the confidence to speak about something when you have enough knowledge about that topic. Without having that necessary knowledge, your words are of no weight. And in most of the cases, you don’t even find yourself comfortable enough to speak. Best way to avoid such situation is to gain enough knowledge that you never have to face such condition. Books can help you with it. When you have the required knowledge you get the confidence by yourself, when you have got the facts, you will speak up undoubtedly. Read more, and get wiser. And the wiser you are, the more confident you are. The more knowledge you have, the more powerful you are. Everyone has to go through hardships and so do you. What you need to do is prepare yourself to face it.

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