Top 10 Ways to Deal with Work Pressure

There is a lot of competition in today’s world. People these days spend a lot of time in their jobs and more than 70 percent of their day is invested in work. With such statistics and with such expenses, it feels like they should do earn and work a lot. But this does not mean that the pressure at work owns you. You must be free to do whatever you want and whenever you want. Pressure at work is obvious, especially for fresher employees, but it can be handled if taken care of. A person must focus on oneself before focusing on the work. Here are some ways in which you can avoid pressure at work and manage things very carefully that everything comes in your hands.

#10] Professional Guidance:

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To deal with stress at work you must seek some amount of guidance from professionals. This is the last thing one must do. But this does not conclude that a person should never go to a health-care professional help centre. Try out things and make them work your way. Try out all the other options mentioned below. If nothing helps, then you must definitely consult a professional. He will assess your feelings and will read your mind and help you to cope up with it.

#9] Maintain distance from bad stuff:

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Bad stuff includes alcohol, cigarettes, and a lot of caffeine. If you think these things help you in dealing with pressure then you are in an illusion. A lot of coffee intake, alcohol consumption and smoking will degrade your performance and increase your pressure and stress. If you think that such things will calm down your mind and help you think better, then again let me remind you that they will only reduce your energy level and harm your health.

#8] Predictable pressure:

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More than half of the times, it becomes predictable that a particular day or week or month is going to be very busy. The job of a person makes him already aware about the forthcoming pressure hours. To have less pressure on yourself, you must have to avoid predictable situations which can pressurize you. For example if a company’s manager is coming to check on you and you will have a lot of pressure in that week, do most of the work before hand. Don’t let yourself fail in front of the manager by arranging all the things previously, slowly and perfectly. By avoiding predictable work, the pressure reduces up to more than 50%.

#7] Use body language to reduce the stress signals:

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The non-verbal signals are really what that matters a lot of times. The facial expressions, body posture, gestures of hands, eye contact, the tone if your voice and the pace of speech, the way you touch things and the way you do everything are very important. These actions force a person to connect with you and take interest in your message and even trust you. But if such actions are not done accurate, they can create a lot of confusion and stress. The signals (the action cues) your colleagues and other people at work send you must be understood correctly to avoid unnecessary stress and pressure. At the same time, you must send positive cues to synchronize and avoid pressure.

#6] Share the pressure:

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If your friend has very little or even no knowledge about the work you are doing, this doesn’t mean that they can’t help you. Half of the pressure at work is reduced by talking about the work stress to your colleagues, friends and family. You can share the pressure by sharing your ideas, imaginations, and your thoughts. The friends and families are always very supportive and very empathetic which helps us to share the pressure story of the work at a job. Also, reduce the pressure by adding humour to the stress.

#5] Negation is bad:

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A person can manage the pressure and stress due to work by acting after thinking. A person should first think clearly and then act accordingly. Immediately one must stop the habits that are an add-on to your work stress. Negative thoughts are a must to be avoided. The behaviour of a person depends upon the thoughts he/she has. Negative thoughts and behaviour are a person’s rivalries and forces a person to self-defeat. Always just aim to put all your efforts and do the job in the best way you can. Never ask for more than you can, never over-stress yourself. Set goals only those which you can complete and which are under your level.

#4] Allot priorities:

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To overcome pressure at the job, one must set priorities for things and events. By having an organised plan, you will have a balanced schedule. Do not put a lot of burden on yourself. You must have a defined priority for work. Setting a fixed time and a planned schedule according to the priorities you have decided is the next step. Then, organize the work between the co-workers and distribute it to your staff and sub-co-ordinators. This will definitely reduce the responsibility and pressure of a lot of work at the office at the same time. The technique of prioritizing is not only valid for work pressure, but also it works for all the tasks in one’s way.

#3] Regular exercises:

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If you are interested in living a fit and healthy life you must exercise daily. Studies have shown that the one who exercises daily will have a longer life. Apart from a long life, he will have a fit and healthy life. No kind of work pressure or stress can do any damage to the health of the person. Doing regular exercises will give a person more stamina than others. No kind of performance or work load issues will affect the mental or physical health of the person if he/she is regularly doing exercise. So, to deal with work pressure and stress of work and job, be regular in exercises. At least a half-an-hour workout daily must be done.

#2] Take complete care:

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If you know that you are under a lot of work pressure, then do take care of yourself. Pay attention to your diet because eating healthy will make help you handle the pressure without affecting your physical health. The job must not be given importance over physical health as they say “health is wealth”. For taking care of yourself you need not do total change in your daily activities. There are many small little things that one enjoy in a life and uplifts one’s mood. Don’t turn your world upside down; instead manage the things and bring changes slowly and not all at once.

#1] Identify the signs of pressure:


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The best way to deal with work pressure is not by avoiding it but to know it. If you know that you have a lot of pressure at work and you will start feeling unconfident and get irritated. Apart from this, the performance will degrade and you may also suffer from some health issues. So to avoid health problems and deal with work pressure, you must notice the symptoms in you. These are a few signs to indicate the trouble at work: Headaches, Muscle tension, sleeping problems, using alcohol or drugs, inactive socially, getting irritable, etc. The causes for such work pressure and stress is generally due to overtime, meet particular deadline, performance improvement, competition at work etc.

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