Top 10 Things Partners Shouldn’t do in a Relationship

Most people must have gone through a bad relationship and most of them must be really into it. Now the point is ‘What went Wrong’. This list will point out some of the common mistakes people usually do and avoiding them can really help you to make your relationship work. Hope it helps.


10. Not a Boss:

Not a Boss Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This thing is to be kept in every relationship not just for couples. It is okay to care for the person but caring doesn’t mean to boss around. Being caring doesn’t mean to force other people to do what you want them to do and live their lives as per your wish. It is their life and you can’t order them to live it in your way. So this nature is a relation-spoiler for sure. By being too bossy and trying to make things according to your will all the time will show that it is just you and not US present in the relation. You are supposed to be the better half of the person so treat them equally and realize their importance. Else you will end up single with a broken heart.


9. Don’t be the accountant:

 Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


It is good to take care and maintain an account of the money spent but once you are in a relationship, you just can’t do it openly in front of her if you are a guy! It has been the custom that men are supposed to spend money (excluding some special occasions!) and it is okay to maintain a record of how much you have spent and do some savings also. But it is a strict ‘NO NO’ to keep on telling your girl about how much money you have spent on her this week or month. It will make her feel like she is no more a financial burden on you and it would be better for you if she leaves you. And I’m sure you don’t want this. You may be left wondering why she left you but let me tell you, girls are over-thinkers and you can’t imagine how far they can think.


8. Don’t be Materialistic:

Don’t be Materialistic Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This tip is especially for girls. If you want a serious commitment you need to change your thinking that boys are meant to spend money on you and it is your right to make them do so. They are also bounded by other responsibilities and you can’t just take them as your cashiers! You are just proving yourself materialistic who is interested in their money not in them! If it is all about money then it is not a relationship but a business. And you know businesses don’t last forever. So if you really want your relationship to work, you must not make him feel like a bank to you. You should try to be on an equal status by paying some bills or by giving him some presents. If you are married then I would say you are a family now. Now you both are together and you need to get above the thinking of individuality.


7. Dragging the Past:

Dragging the Past Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


Everyone has a past but what you need to do is love in your present if you want a future with your partner. If they are with you now and are being loyal to you then you need not to worry and you should forget about their past because they are determined now to be with you. So support them and help them in keeping the love between you two. Stop making them regret it and don’t ever compare the present with their past because what matters the most is your love and now by reminding them of their past you are creating troubles only. Now if we talk about the problems you two faced in the past, you faced it and you have moved on, there is no point in blaming the other for the mishap that happened in the past. You need to let go of the things and if you really want this relationship to work, you need to forget and forgive.


6. Trying to Change:

Trying to Change Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


Changes are good, but when we talk about relationships, it is playing the negative role. Forcing your partner all the time to change is like forcing them to be someone else. In the starting phase of relationships you may have said the same sentence “I like the way you are!” but were you honest when you said that? I don’t think so. You should try to accept them the way they are. You loved them that way only so why try to change them. Because they will change for you, but they too have a limit and after it they will feel like they are bounded. If we talk about you now, then if you are also changing according to your partner beyond your limit, then I would suggest you to stop. Because you can compromise up to a level and after that you would be craving to be free. So try to talk and solve things out.


5. Lack of Communication:

Lack of Communication Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This is the most common reason of the problems in a relationship. When you stop talking to each other and when you are no longer communicating, how are you supposed to be in a relationship? You may be busy with your work and you may be lacking topics to talk about after a long relationship, but if there is no communication between you two, you are creating distances only and it is not at all good for both if you. This is a strict requirement in a relationship. If you have nothing to talk about, try to spend some time together and your relationship will be back on the right track.


4. Don’t Abandon:

Dont Abandon Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


Make your partner feel like they are your second priority and you are single once again. When people are committed to a relationship, all they expect from the other one is their attention and love. But if you prove yourself to be the opposite, your relation is going to have a dead end. When you are out with your friends and your partner, it is good to pay attention to your friends as it is supposed to be a social meeting, but among your friends ignoring your partner or considering them as just another friend would be very wrong. No one can tolerate it. As they want to be treated specially. Not necessarily all the time but they deserve some of your intimate moments also. Even when you are out with your friends or family but without your partner, don’t think now you are free to avoid them. You should inform them about it as they may be actually worried about you. So guys abandoning your partner in any case can be a relationship killer.


3. Don’t Lie:

Dont Lie Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This is a tip difficult to implement. But is the most important key factor for the success of a relationship. There is very popular English saying “A Building can’t be strong if its foundations are weak.” This applies here also. A relationship can’t last long if it was started on a base of lies. You need to be completely honest with your partner. There is no place for lies here. You should be honest in all the situations. Even when you are wrong, you should tell them the truth as they deserve it. So avoid lies as today or tomorrow they are going to badly affect your relation only; because lies have very small life. So better be safe and be truthful.


2. Never Compare:

Never Compare Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This is the most common mistake done by the people in relationship. At first they act like they love you so much and they don’t even see anyone else except you but with time all the facts are uncovered and you get to know the whole thing. This thing turns out real bad when they start comparing you with other people or they start comparing your relationships with other. So this is a really big problem and it has ended many relationships also. So keep this thing in mind never compare your partner or your relationship with others because you may not be fully familiar with them and you are just seeing the good parts. But Roses always come with thorns. And it is not just about sharing your thoughts with your partner, but you shouldn’t have this comparison round even in your mind as it will ruin your relation from your side also. So avoid Comparisons.


  1.Don’t Over-think:

Dont Over think Top 10 Things Partners Shouldnt do in a Relationship


This thing should be avoided in general traits of life also. Thinking about something again and again will do no good. It will just make thinks go wrong. If you are going through a rough patch thinking about it over and over again will increase the grudges instead of solving the problem. What you need to do is let go. Secondly, if you have some problem with your partner, try to fix things but if there is no improvement, don’t keep on thinking about that small issue and make things wrong for both of you. As you are not accepting this fact and your partner will get irritated and you are likely to break-up. In the end, it is good if you are dreaming of having any future with your partner, but make sure you are not day dreaming because if you over-think about it, you are going to hurt yourself in the end.


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