Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

We all know about suicides. It is an act of killing yourself intentionally. The various causes to commit suicide can be various kind of mental disorders like alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or due to any other cause of despair in one’s mind. Many stress factors i.e. like interpersonal troubles or financial difficulties. Various countries use many kind of efforts to prevent suicide. These can include treating mental illness, improving economic condition, limiting access to firearms and drug misuse. Well various methods that are used to commit suicide are taking poison, hanging or shooting yourself, etc. Well there are many reasons to not commit a suicide. Top ten of them are provided here, check them out.

10.)Don’t leave a bad example for others

Dont leave a bad example for others Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

What do you think? Once you commit suicide you will be dead and we all know that people always remember the ones who have died and after your death people will always remember you as a person who had given up. You will always be remembered as a quitter. Will you like to leave a impression like this on the people. No you should be remembered for something great you have done and that is surely not quitting.

9.)Don’t hurt your beloved ones

Dont hurt your beloved ones Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

We all know that if you are going to commit suicide then surely it’s a very difficult choice but in wink of that you have forgot that your suicide is going to hurt your beloved ones in a very bad way. If you have ever visited any funeral then you must be knowing what is the mental state of relatives and friends of a dead person so please think about them. Hence always remember that if you are ending your life then you are removing yourself from the lives of your beloved ones also.

8.)Don’t end the story prematurely

Dont end the story prematurely Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Now think about something, whenever you do something you always complete it, do not you? Do you like to stop any movie in between? I don’t think so. You will never like if you will be asked to leave any interesting thing in between. Now think about your life. Your life is also a beautiful story, it can be in a bad phase but surely there is more happiness to come so do not end up your story prematurely, complete it.

7.)There are better ways to hurt others

There are better ways to hurt others 300x200 Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Sometime we feel that people are doing bad things to you and you think if you will die they will come to know about it, you want them to regret about mistakes they have done and due to which you are having a bad phase of life.  But you should know that there are many other painful ways to hurt these people. Also you should know that if they are hurting you so much is it a surety that they will get hurt by your death, not always. So think twice.

6.)The Butterfly effect

The butterfly effect Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Sometime people think that they are don’t cared about. There is no need of them in the world but it is not the case. You should understand that  if God have given you life then it is of some value. May be there are some causes because of which you are alive, may be you have some important tasks.  You will have a huge effect on a lot of things. Just read the Butterfly effect on the Logical Spiritualism and you will come to know about your great value. Please go through it.

5.)Don’t give up

Dont give up 225x300 Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

At the time of suicide everybody thinks that the things can’t change. Everything in your life is bad. You think that these things have worsen your life. You turn towards the negative side then, you quit and surrender. You want to lose everything but please don’t be a quitter. Things really can change, if you don’t believe then just try once at least. You are not the only one in world who is going through bad phase. So please grow yourself up and try to endure and adapt to the things the way they are.

4.)Once you take your life, you cannot change your mind

Once yo take your life you cant change your mind Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Okay just think once, many times in your life you must have thought about many decisions you have made about various things. Many a time you must be thinking I should not have done this. Now think are you sure that this time you are right. Can it not be a wrong decision. There is always a possibility that your decision is wrong. There is 50-50 chance of being wrong so never think that you are making a right choice. You never know what will happen next hence don’t commit suicide. Think about it and give up your idea.

3.)Don’t give up the most precious gift of God

Dont give up the most precious gift of God Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Well what is the most precious thing in the world. Well think about it, it’s not a Ferrari nor a mansion or nor the whole world’s money. What if you can’t own any of these, what if you can’t fulfil many of your wishes. Maybe you can’t have a supermodel for your wife, maybe you can’t have a job you want but you know what you have in common with most of the people who own these things. This is your life. God have given a precious gift to all the people in this world and that is life. Don’t give away your most precious possession just in vain.

2.)You don’t know the future

You dont know the future Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Well more than 30 percent of people of the world have thought about suicide at some point of their life. Every person have considered about suicide at some point of their lives. But shouldn’t we leave the future as it is meant to be. We can never guess the future. Can you tell what is going to happen next in your life so why should you end your life. You never know what is next, it can be a very beautiful condition. Maybe when you are dying you just missed the best phase of your life. So please consider it.

1.)There are people who want to live but they do not have choice

 Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Commit Suicide

Well there are a lot of people in this world who are suffering from incurable diseases and hence have to die. Most of them do not wish death but they have to die just because they do not have a choice. They have to die without choice but you have one. You should not choose death over life. Life is a beautiful gift of god and before you commit suicide you should ask one of them what do they think about life and once you will learn about their thoughts, I assure you that you would not like to die.

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