Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Ira, commonly termed as wrath, is one of the seven cardinal sins proclaimed in The Bible. It is defined as uncontrolled feeling of hatred and anger.

Anger is an emotion which emphasizes retaliation after being offended or betrayed. As the consequence, he might end up in a dispute, make risky decisions and hurt someone. Anger, in its primal form, presents self-destructiveness along with feud with others.

There are many such reasons as to why a person gets angry, and some of them are:


10. Embarrassment

embarrassment 300x300 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

The natural reaction to any embarrassing situation is either amusement or fury. There exist few people who take the situation lightly and in a positive manner and these people ends up laughing at their own expense. It is proclaimed as a good and optimistic outlook towards humiliating circumstances. But there also exist people who will be furious over a disgraceful condition. Regretfully, most of the individuals are a part of the latter criteria. Most of the population can’t handle humiliation, and as a result, their natural reaction is of fury. They allow embarrassment to turn into anger – often intentionally – so that the focus of the public is diverted. By doing so, it is assumed that they have found a way out of the situation. This assumption is a reason of antagonism, and the humiliated person in the situation fails to access the consequences – that maybe he is hurting someone by his act.


9. Prejudice

prejudice Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Unfair treatment enrages everyone. It is very common to see girls shouting profanities to the Y-chromosome carrier of the society, for she had been treated unfairly and had been on the negative side of the biased system. The unjust action of the government and/or people upsets the public, and hence enrages them. In common day to day life, preference given to one of the kid will induce hurt in the other child, which will be followed by his wrath.

On the contrary, anger can also induce prejudice. So it is believed that one shouldn’t involve anger in any decisions, for it will end up being unfair to one or several of the parties.


8. Money

money 300x225 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Money is a big factor in everyone’s life, though it regrettably is also one of the reasons over which people gets angry. In today’s world, where sometimes money comes even before relations, loaning it to someone is a big deal. On top of that, if the receiver fails to return the money (or sometimes, fail to acknowledge even taking it), the loaner will get furious and demand it back. The anger surges from irritation, which one feels after losing his money and from frustration, as it was his money the other enjoyed with.


 7. Disobedience

disobedience Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

One of the very common reasons of mercurial increase in the temper is disobedience. When a person comes across the other not following his orders, he is bound to get angry. If the person ignores his demands and orders and does what he deems right, he will take it as his insult. Even in offices, if a person fails to follow the order of his superiors, the latter is obviously ending up furious. Disobedience induces the feeling of embarrassment in the receiver,  since he is getting insulted, which turns to anger because in that way, he will have some sort of control over the situation.


6. Unreasonable expectations

expectations Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Today’s scenario proclaims expectations. Everyone expects some or the other thing, whether the doer is happy with that or not. For instance, parents expect their kids to score well and top their class (in certain cases, parents expect their child to have the perfect score) whereas children expect their parents to provide them with unlimited cash.

When parents expect their children to succeed, they put insurmountable amount of pressure on them and expect them to exceed their capacity. As a result, the child is bound to get frustrated, which will lead to well-anticipated anger.

On the other hand, when children fail to understand the importance of money and start expecting a lot, the parents are bound to get frustrated which will, henceforth, lead them to be furious.

Everyone is bound to hope that the other will fulfill their dreams. Sometimes it’s acceptable, but when the expectations start being unreasonable, anger is certainly an emotion which will be followed.


5. Disappointment

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It is human nature to expect certain turn of events. We all have preset requirements for the results and we all expect them to be fulfilled. But during certain various circumstances when things fail to work our way, we all get angry.

As there are two sides of a coin, there are situation with two outcomes at least. It’s a common tendency to foretell either of those situations and anticipate the same to be the outcome. Failure to achieve those preset requirements results in discontentment, which leads the person to redirect his disappointment to anger.


4. Frustration

Frustration 300x200 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Imagine you are one of the employed parent; returning home in the evening after spending hours at the office, and getting no work done – despite of the innumerable amount of time spent in doing so. When you sit down for a cup of coffee, your five year old kid starts asking unanswerable question (Why is the grass green? How many stars are there in the sky? Why are Graham’s parents never home? Why there are only 28 days in February?). What would be your natural reaction? Will it be of patience – of answering every question directed at you by your child – or of irritation?

Very few people can proudly admit that they will answer their child. Most of us will end up shouting at him for asking senseless questions – even when we don’t want to. Frustration tends to dictate one’s mood, and frustrating situation often leaves us angry. When we have no other source of dictating our frustration, we end up getting angry and we end up hurting those people for whom we care about. It is advisable to have patience and handle situations with care, for sometimes anger tends to lead to irreparable relationships.


3. Failure

failure 300x300 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Failure is major source of anger in today’s youth. They find it very hard to accept letdown and conclude by diverting their disappointment to wrath.

Taking a guy who failed to pass his examination, he will come across four different paths which he can take. First and foremost, he might end up in depression. In certain cases, suicide attempts have also been observed. Other very common path is of ignorance. He’ll end up not caring that he failed to succeed. Thirdly, a course very few take, that he might take his failure positively and work towards improvement. And lastly, he might end up redirecting his discontentment to anger. This doesn’t necessarily mean improvement, although, it is often seen that the negative emotion of anger has taken the path of feud or self-destruction.


2. Betrayal

betrayal 300x225 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

It is very common to see raging teenagers plotting against their friend who did them wrong. It is a very common scenario, which often leads to extreme consequences ranging from suspension from the respective school/colleges, to being charged for public display of aggression and feud. When a person gets to know that he has been back-stabbed, his first emotion is of hurt which turns into anger after being prodded the detail for either a long stretch of time or instantaneously. In either case, the feeling of fury trails. Betrayal by a close kin or a trustworthy person induces different kind of emotions, which derives that deceiving people are a major source of anger of others.


1. Hurt

hurt 300x261 Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

Emotions are a response to feelings, which suggest us how we should react to a situation. The ordinary reaction to hurt is anger. For many people, it is a way of defending themselves against emotional trauma they might suffer otherwise. In a situation where a person is hurt, he will try to divert his feelings and end up getting angry. He will try to overcome the sadness and grieve and redirect all his feelings towards one emotion that will overshadow all – wrath. When you are persecuted by someone you care about, you have two options – you can either hold on to the anger or you can forgive him for causing you pain. Following the former will induce negative feelings in you and will deteriorate the relationship status, while the latter will help you move forwards and gives a chance of re-establishing the relationship you had with the person.

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