Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Astrology is related to beliefs, research, and positions of stars, sun etc. and some relationship to science by postulation and evaluation. Astrology is the study of positions of planets basically it deals with the relation in astrological movements and human beings situations. It deals with physical correspondence between the person and the environment that surrounds him so most of the astrologers have incomplete knowledge about them and hence considered as fake. There are many people who predict the future based on positions of the sun, moon and other objects of planet these people are called astrologers.


scientific reason  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Astrology is a branch of science called pseudoscience, and it is been considered as fake by many scientific  group as there is no evidence that relate the movement of planets with the events on earth.  Since long a cold war is continued between astrologers (who says that position of star determine the future events of individual’s life) and scientists (who says stars have no role to play in events of individual’s life).An analysis says that about 80% of predictions made are false. and people just believe on such a thing to feel a little bit of relief about their future as it assures them. But no proofs have been established yet. Hence scientific testing of astrology gives a clear answer that it is fake thing.


mechanism of astrology  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake


Most of the times the astrologers fail to explain their prediction and saying about the movement of planets affecting people which is necessary for astrologers to make their field trustworthy. Astrologers easily fool people by relating their profession by some gravity force that work from long distance. It deals with managing some mathematical calculation based on natural symmetries which has no claims that give assurance. The astrology is based on sun signs which were depicted millions of years before. And the assessment deals with the patterns and dynamic draw which is being continued as tradition so cannot be believed.


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Astrologers where badly rejected in some of the mainstream areas of western cultures as a fight broke out among different astrologers as all of them had different approach to predict the future. Most of the Vedic astrologers and western astrologers had a conflict as they both criticize each other’s effort. The numerologists, homeopaths and chiropractors can all predict things for an individual but all will do it by different approach and arrive at particular answer but most of the time their prediction conflicts. And there is still difficulties in astrologers to accept each other methods hence these astrologers prediction are not considered as satisfactory.


relative change in position of stars  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

The zodiac that is playing key role in astrology was established 2000 years ago but since then it has shifted its position although the traditional dates haven’t changed .but the number of constellations have changed from 12 to 13 an extra constellation is added called “ophiuchus”. And most astrologers consider only 12 zodiac signs. For the prediction by astrologers you must know your correct zodiac sign that is the sign which was in constellation with sun during your birth. This may be a cause of wrong prediction that is if the known zodiac sign is wrong complete prediction becomes wrong. The planet alignment is decided by the time of birth and that may be incorrectly recorded by nurses and doctors or there may be some inaccuracy in the time recorded which make astrologers prediction wrong. Just because the astrology has no proof that doesn’t tell us that it is always the mistake of astrologers.


different origin  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Some Vedic astrologers have the continuous oral traditions since years and years; it is based on some set of the principles that laid the foundation of Vedic astrology throughout the ages. The great Rishis are the originators who were considered to be god inspired and their teachings was passed from generations to generations hence the foundation of Vedic astrology is quite strong as it is sophisticated and elaborated. On the contrary western astrology has no origin as all the religious persecution and books were destroyed during scientific revolution. So most of the time western astrologers reinvent things.

And there are some astrologers who practice and honor both system to get the benefits of an open mind and heart. But this creates problem as Vedic astrology and western astrology clashes each other and nullify the efficiency of both approaches. Even some time astrologers attempt to relate astrology with science and they get confused and they are left effortless.


horoscopes  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Till the 21st century all the planets and constellation are not discovered. Recently Pluto was discovered as dwarf planet, Ceres was considered as planet but then demoted to asteroid and now again considered as another dwarf planet. So how can astrologers predict future without having knowledge of universe and the other terrestrial bodies?

Horoscopes working is based on the assigned star sign according to ones birth. There are twelve sign considered from ancient time. And the interpretation from the position of sun and stars depict future in the coming week or day. And these predictions are normally based on natural things like meeting new person, threat from disease etc. Many people think what the bloody sun and stars have to do with someone’s personal life the only effect of sun can be sensed if it moves closer to earth else its movement in galaxy should not have any influence on anybody’s life. In other words a person thinks that there should be no effect of small insignificant movement of celestial bodies.


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There is tremendous books written on astrology but they carry no information that is they are useless. Many astrologers in order to get status points from the skeptical readers start to over write the books with the unspoken word. Most of the books written by astrologers have imagination or humour and then the main course topic like mythological and archetypal correlation.  Though there are many confusing sources but the master piece of all is the only one that leads to false assumption about astrology is “misinformation memes” which creates a misconception among many people. But awareness about the spread of these bad ideas can be resolved to give astrology a deserved rank and dignity and hence this will lead us to solve the mysteries that continued from ages about the representation of astrological symbol.


influence of tv and media  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

In day o day life though individual busy earning but the media and entertainment plays an important role even for the busy people and it has great influence on their life too. Anything associated with fictitious character they try to assume the same for their life. So many people believe in astrology for future prediction while on the other hand many people don’t believe. And the newspaper and magazine which give astrology columns many times differ for same sun sign. And then this creates a mass misunderstanding among people that astrology is complete rubbish medium to predict future.


carlsons double blind experiment  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

The Carlson experiment published in 1985 in one of the world’s leading publication has been regarded as the most successful experiment against astrology. This can be considered as not sufficient for many critical readers but still it contains some serious flaws. This includes no disclosure of similar scientific thesis, disregard for its own criteria of mechanisms, irrelevant grouping of data, unexpected results and illogical conclusions. And after the stated criteria is applied and results are calculated which provide testimony to power the data ranking and rating methods which have been successfully used in other astrological experiments. A critical decision is then established and also written in many books like Mcgrew, Nanninga, Wyman and Mcfall.


galactic replaced constellation  Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Astrology provides detail practice and interpretation, but theory is not properly described. And astrology is basically the study related to the symmetries of nature rather relating it to causal interactions. The great problem about astrology is the lack of unanimity about the timing of ages in processional cycle. As the processional cycle has very less role in astrology yet it plays a key role in astrology.  Even after efforts of long years this has continued to be a major problem in calculating the prediction. The zodiac meanings are calculated from observations that are separate from the constellations and a modern consideration of galactic structure will resolve the problem in astrological prediction.

The above related points prove that astrology is considered as fake thing.

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