Top 10 People who Changed the World

There are so many people who have influenced the world in many different ways, be with their inventions, contributions or just being themselves bringing on a change among a wide range of people. It is very difficult to name just a few, because each contributions are important to us in our day to day lives and lifestyles. There are various fields in which we are benefited such as medicine, politics, freedom fighter, technology, entertainment, literature, scientific inventions, and many such things. How can we pick one? Still there are a few people who made a greater influence and even till date we cherish their contributions. Again it depends on every individual view on the most influential person who changed the world. Some of the 10 people who are important in the changes of the world are,

10. Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison Top 10 People who Changed the World

Can you imagine without having a light in your household and do things in dark or with any other kind of light example a candle light. As much as romantic a candle light dinner can be, it cannot be as good an experience with doing every other work with a candle light isn’t it?. We have Thomas Alva Edison to thank for that who gave us these electrical lights with his invention of the first electric incandescent bulbs. Of course, there are so many lights now that we are more comfortable with than a fluorescent bulb, but it was one of the most prime component to live life for the people than. Invention of electric bulb had started more before than Edison inventions, but his contribution was not only with its invention instead it was its development. In 1878 Joseph Swan made an evacuated carbon filament lamp. Edison continued with this and invented the lighting system with a more cheaper, long-lasting bulbs and also provided an electrical supply system. He later on worked along with Swan. Today we enjoy the beautiful lights in different forms and different colors everywhere and cannot imagine life without it. Edison is one of those people who changed the world into a better place to live.

9. Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Top 10 People who Changed the World

A true example for every other person thinking that one cannot do anything if they are imprisoned or confined in some way by law. There is a saying “Where there is a will, there is a way” and that’s what exactly proved by Nelson Mandela. The ex South African President who was imprisoned for a lifetime imprisonment because of fighting against the government for its racist policies. Mandela is one of those men who inspired on a great level for freedom and fighting for our rights. When Mandela was nine years old, his father died and Mandela was adopted. He was an activist who fought against the indifference in races and was arrested in the year 1955 on December 5th and latter was acquitted in the year 1961. Later using his other name given by his adopted parents, he flew out of the country in order to get more support of people for his armed struggle and also had a military training. He was arrested again when he returned back and was declared of life imprisonment. He became famous for his works and his speech while at prison. Today he is one of those great people who inspired to fight for their rights even when you are in some kind of captivity.

8. Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell Top 10 People who Changed the World

A single phone call can put your mother to rest when you inform where you are, when a husband calls and informs his wife that he is safe after a flight journey, or when your friends call and ask about how you are doing, or a family member. Communication through phone calls made it really easy to maintain any kind of relationship and keep up with our contacts. We have Graham Bell to thank for it, if not for him to invent the telephone, people could not imagine lives without being in contact with each other. He invented telephone in 1876. He also invented a breathing apparatus when he lost his son because of respiratory problems. With his other inventions and experiments with the flight propellers, Graham Bell inventions are one of those which brought a great change in the world.

7. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Top 10 People who Changed the World

Well-known as Bapuji of India, Gandhi is an inspiration worldwide for his methods of fighting for freedom and for his knowledge. He introduced the non-violent way of fighting against injustice and was initiated first in South Africa where he lived for almost for twenty years. There are many leaders in the world who wanted to follow his ways and one of those was another important man who is an inspiration for his contributions, Martin Luther King Jr. Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi also known to be one of the great soul hence called as Mahatma. He was born on October 2nd 1869 and his birth day is observed as a national ceremony as Gandhi Jayanthi. He was greatly influence by the Indian epic Bagavad Gita and fought for the Indian rights in South Africa. Later by the time he decided to come to India to fight for the same reason Gandhi became one of the most respected man in South Africa. He introduced the non violent methods like the Satyagraha etc. He moved to India on January 1915 and worked towards fighting against the Britishers for freedom. The Salt March on December 1928 is one of the incidents which brought a great change in the Indian people as well as in the other parts of the world who believed in Gandhi. He was arrested a countless time and was released. British people came to respect him too. However the British realized the building indifference among the Hinduism and Muslim in India, they decided to leave the country and granted Independence in August 1947. Though by then there was the partition of the country and the formation of the new Muslim country as Pakistan. Gandhi started his fast to stop the violence between these two castes of people and on one such fast when he visited the temple along with his two niece, he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse and Gandhiji died.

6. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Top 10 People who Changed the World

Everything in this world has its own importance and literature is one of those which builds our intuitions, educates, entertains, and a lot more. William Shakespeare is considered as one of those great authors and an actor, and he was known for his mysterious plays. Though not much known about his early life, his birth date was found out by a church records of a William Shakespeare being baptized and his age at the time, according to that, he was born on April 26, 1564. Few of his world famous plays which people love to read repeatedly are, well though I would prefer to name all his works, but to name as a few more famous among them are Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, and than the King Henry plays. Though every play of him is been played many artists. We even studied most of them in our schools as a subject of English literature. Known for his tragic writings, he is also known for comedies plays. Today he is respected as one of those men who brought a great change in the literature, acting and playwright.

5. Walt Disney

Walt Disney Top 10 People who Changed the World

Everyone’s dream destination for vacations especially the one who have younger folks in their homes is the amazing place of the origin of Mickey and Minnie. How can one resist this amazing place with so many fun activities and a lot many games for all ages. Walt Disney is the creator of these fun worlds also known as Disney world. Being interested in drawings since a child, Walt pursued a career in fine arts and went on with his works with Alice Comedies. Walt is the best example for keep trying until you are successful. His works got rejected a few many times, until it was a success in New york. Later along with his brother he started the Mickey Mouse cartoon character. He brought life into the ever loving fairy tales of young girls who believed in the princess. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs were the first full length animated pictures. This animation world created by Walt Disney is one of the most important entertainment today in the world for every age.

4. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Top 10 People who Changed the World

How can I leave out the one person not to appreciate for her gratefulness, her generosity, her charitable nature, equal love to all, and a mother to all. Mother Teresa is an one remarkable woman who served everyone with her love and care. At the age twelve, most girls may still have no idea about what is happening in the world and around, Mother Teresa felt strongly about God calling her to follow his duties and at the age of eighteen she left home to perform her duties to help the poor and those who were in need. After her training in Dublin she was sent to serve in India where she took her vouws as a nun. The Missionaries of Charity started by her is a place where the people who were not cared and had none to look after, were take care of here. Her charity works spread to a wide range and she even took training in nursing to help the people with diseases. Her works are been recognized and appreciated through out the world and has been awarded with many awards, along with the Noble Prize, Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, Nehru award and many other prizes. She set an example of humanity to the world.

3. Bill Gates

Bill Gates Top 10 People who Changed the World

A man set out clearly with distinct ideas as what he want to do and where he wanted to be, Bill Gates is the man who introduced the most widely used operating system. Having love for computers since his early ages, Gates along with his friend worked as software designer. He entered Harvard University and before he could complete it, he dropped out of it for an opportunity and began his own venture as Microsoft along with his friend Allen. When IBM approached him for help with one of their projects, Gates developed the Microsoft Disk Operating System also known as MS-DOS. He allowed others to develop various software to build on his operating system. WINDOWS is the one which is widely used worldwide because of its user friendly. He became one of the richest man in America with the sales of his operating system and other Microsoft developments. Bill Gates is the man who changed the world on a wide range, while its the computer world now.

2. Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda Top 10 People who Changed the World

The monk of Indian culture and a very important man of India who introduced the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world in the nineteenth century. A chief disciple of Saint Ramakrishna, he introduced the Ramakrishna math and Ramakrishna Mission. He is well-known for his speeches in America about Hinduism and the religion. His famous speech through which he introduced the Hinduism in the Parliaments of the World Religions in Chicago in 1893. He is an immense example towards spirituality and his preaching are followed world wide by many. He died young at the age of 39 and hence his birthday is celebrated as the youth day in India and though he lived a short life, he did great works in the development of mankind.

1. Citizens of every country

Citizens of every country Top 10 People who Changed the World

The world is we as an individual who are responsible to make everything what is happening. From bad to good, there are so many changes happening every day and every hour and every second. New technologies are introduced because the usage and need by everyone is increasing, people make newer discoveries as the habitats are changing, and it is the world of every citizen of every country. Hence every single individual is responsible for bringing in a change into this world. Sometimes a leader might be recognized, and all those supporters are the reason for the successful work of a leader. All those who worked hard towards contributing their knowledge and power to the wellness of their society or country are the people who are responsible for bringing in a change into the world.

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