Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Human beings are so unusual that they can love, hate, admire, envy and respect anything and anyone unconditionally without any authentic reason. Some love the food, some love any place, some hate Justin Bieber, and some admire him. Everyone has got his own likes and dislikes. Among these many people, there are also people who love dogs unconditionally. Dog is considered as the most faithful animal in this world. It is the first animal to be domesticated.  Dog is a domestic pet animal who is believed to be slave of his master without any demands. Dogs are special in a way that they can develop strong relationship with a person. A person can rely on the dog for different purposes, be it as a guard for security reasons or be it a detective for crime-controlling stuff, be it a friend during play time or be it a caring shoulder during hard time, dog is truly a helpful animal. It is true that dogs are helpful but more than that they are faithful. It is said that dog becomes the slave of his master till its death. In this selfish world, where people don’t have time to think about anything, dog is the only animal that can devote his whole life in following his master’s orders. There are different breeds of dogs present all over the world. Some of them are more beautiful, some of them are more helpful, some of them eat less and work more and some of them are good at managing stuff. All these qualities belong to different types of dogs and that’s the reason different people develop friendly relation with different breeds of dogs. All the species of dogs have developed their traces from different parts of the world. Some dogs are present only in Afghanistan and some species of dogs are more popular in America, some species of dogs are found in India and then some dogs live in only Africa. These dogs have developed their qualities according to their region they live in. Below are given some famous and loving dogs which represent the dog family very well.

10- Afghan Hound

Afghan hound is considered to be one of oldest and elegant specie of dogs. It is mostly found in Afghanistan but is also famous in native countries. The Afghan dog is said to be “king of dogs” because of its grace, beauty, elegancy and other unique qualities that make him special and unique from other dogs. Afghan dog is not used as domestic animal but it is helpful hunting and investigation purposes. Its whole body is surrounded by long thick shiny coat that adds into its beauty. This long and shiny coat needs a proper care and attention. The Afghan hound is tall, standing in height 24-29 inches and weighing 45-60 pounds. This Afghan breed of dog is considered as the intelligent dog of all because of its remarkable reasoning skills. The normal behavior this dog is dignified and aloof but it acts clownish and happy at play time. Other names for this breed are Kuchi hound, Balkh hound, Baluchi hound, Shalgar hound, Kabul hound etc.

9-Akita Inu

 Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Akita is the largest Japanese spitz-type breed of dogs. It is one of the strongest, remarkable, distinctive and fearless breed of dogs. There are two separate varieties of Akita dogs; The Japanese dog known as “Akita Inu” (also called Japanese Akita) and American dog known as “American Akita”. Both strains of dogs are different from each other i-e different physical appearance and habits. The Akita is independent commonly indifferent and aloof with strangers but affectionate with known people or family members. The general temper and mood is normal and kind but it can be aggressive at certain situations. The Akita Inu needs special care, friendly environment and attention. It is harmless domestic dog but it should be supervised when in touch with children. Normally it is very caring and friendly but if teased it can bite. So it is important to respect and keep up with its mood and behavior.


aidi Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Aidi is a guardian dog that is used to supervise the livestock. Different nick names are given to Aidi as Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas sheepdog, Atlas shepherd dog etc. It is found in various colors as black, brown, white and its different shades. Aidi is smart, fearless and independent dog which is widely helpful in guarding cattle and other possessions. Some dogs of this type are shy and others are aggressive. It can be easily trained. The training includes remembering its own name, recognizing different objects and people, behavior with certain people.

7-American Mastiff

american mastiff Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

The American mastiff is large, heavy and powerful dog. It has wide, rectangular-shaped head, the eyes are dark amber-colored, and ears are round-shaped fitted on to the head. American mastiff develops strong relationship with children. It is non-aggressive, caring, gentle and very protective. It is very sensitive about its family protection and can be aggressive when its family is threatened. The appearance of this dog is not so attractive but it is loved and adored by people because of its kind, smooth and gentle behavior towards people especially children. Mastiffs are inclined to be lazy so to keep these dogs strong and energetic, daily walk is essential for these dogs.


Papillon Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Papillon is a French word that means butterfly. The dog is called papillon because of the butterfly-look like hairs on the ears. Papillon is a special bred of dogs which is found in Spain, it is also called continental toy spaniel. This small dog is very intelligent, cute and self-assured. It easily adopts the new tricks and has sense of dealing with other people. It easily socializes with children and strangers but it can be distrustful if not handled properly. Usually papillon is playful and can be trusted but children should be in constant supervision when they come in direct contact with this dog. Papillons can withstand the hot temperature but are more sensitive to cold because of the single fur coat. So it is better not to keep them alone in cold environment.

5-Volpino Italiano

volpino italiano 162x300 Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

This strange named dog is originally from Italy. This dog has meet variety of people from princess to farmers, from merchant to householders, this dog can do well in al sort of environment. Volpino Italiano is very lively, smart, intelligent and loving dog. It is mostly found in white which give him royal look. This breed of dog is used more of a security purposes. When this dog is doubtful about something, it will definitely bark so never underestimate his indications it gives you rather try to understand it.

4- Border Collie

border collie 300x205 Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Border collie is one of the most splendid multi-talented dogs. It was originated in Northumberland along the borders of Scotland and England. Border collie originally called as Scotch sheep dog is used to perform different important tasks. It is titled as workaholic because of its extreme love towards work. It is used to protect cattle because it has some strange power of hypnotizing cattle. It is easily trained and is used of bomb detection and other security purposes. This dog is very powerful and energetic that’s why it needs extra exercise and advanced training to keep it working. Besides this, Border collie needs to be combed and bathed everyday in order to balance his attractive appearance. This dog is also used in international racing competitions so this dog is a gift for those who are interested in these sports and extracurricular activities.

3-lakeland Terrier

lakeland terrier 300x205 Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Lakeland Terrier is an English bread dating back to 1800. It is one of the oldest bread which is still famous today. It was first found by the farmers who used this dog for preventing fox from destroying their sheep herd. Lakeland terrier has very captivating appearance. It is found in many different colors like blue, brown, white, black etc.

2- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Cavalier king Charles Spaniel has been recorded in paintings and pieces of art for centuries. This dog is one of the most famous breed of dogs because of its gentle, smart and kind nature. This dog became a television star when it was featured on “sex and the city” as Charlotte York’s dog. Cavalier king dogs are small and lively; they are outgoing and easily trained which make them prominent and unique among other breeds. Children find themselves secure and comfortable when they are in company with the cavalier because this breed of dog is assumed to be the best companion.


keeshond Top 10 Most Loving Dogs

Keeshond is medium-sized dog having life span of 12-14 years. It was first originated in Holland and it resembles to its ancestor, the Samoyed. Color is what that makes it keeshond different from other breeds of dogs. It is found in different colors as white, black, grey and brow shades but most found shade is black and grey that makes him prominent among other dogs. Keeshond is very energetic, powerful, obedient and playful. Keeshond is full of personality. The outgoing and socializing nature of this dog with other animals is unparallel. It is calm and peaceful in usual time and cannot be excited very easily. Keeshond needs extra attention and leadership of its master. It gains weight easily so it is important to feed him in proper and balanced way.

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