Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

There are Many inspiring people as freedom fighters, a few men in politics who were down to earth in helping the people, entrepreneurs, artists etc. But there are a few people who are just normal person like any of us, with some simple job, yet have shown a remarkable strength in their lives to come forward, or might have done an impossible which are admirable. Such people have set an example of themselves that nothing is impossible if you are determined to do it, and have inspired all. Some of such people who are an inspiring with their own strength and achievement are,

 10. Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Have you ever imagined doing anything without hands and legs. We would feel just a dead weight and might think that’s the end of our lives. But not to this man who is a Motivational Speaker, without his limbs, missing both his arms at the shoulders and one small foot protruding at his left thigh with two toes. Though life was not easy for him, he did start to live with what he had, There were such bad days when he had tried to take his life out also a many times, but he lived to prove out something. He accepted with what he had and went on with his life and completed his graduation from Griffith university with a double major in accountancy and financial planning. With his skills and an attitude to be something in life, he became a motivational speaker especially with teen issues. Today he is more successful as any other normal man with every body part perfectly intact. He is a true inspiration for determination and fight your problems how much ever difficult it might be.

 9. Craig Thornton

Craig Thornton Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Being grown in a difficult area and brought up in a poor circumstances this young man is determined to feed tasty and different kind of foods which no one might have prepared still and will be as tasty. Craig Thornton a thirty year old young man prepares food in a restaurant style in his apartment and feeds a crowd of people of about 12-15. There are all kind of normal local to big rich men and women coming all around the places to eat here and whenever he prepares for a night of food and meal, it is usually booked through internet, and it is said that its as difficult to get a reservation here. The new food he tries here and people eat is called Wolvesmouth and the place that is his apartment is called Wolvesden. He got a huge fan of people from all ages older ladies consider him as a son and children like him. Though there were numerous offers from from many big restaurant to hire him as a Top Chef and to become partners in expanding his business, Thornton all the offers as he prefers to work alone. He even shops for all the necessary things him selves and takes time out to cook alone as he do not want to depend on any other ideas. Thornton had a difficult childhood and brought up in a area full of abuse and drugs. His grandmother is a great influence on his cooking. He ran out of home at the age of sixteen and began with small jobs here and there. Finally he started cooking and started with Wolvesden experimenting new dishes. Today he is in the list of one of the Top Chef’s.

 8. Liz Murray

Liz Murray Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Today’s children with all kind of facilities, home, fun in life, and upon all a loving family find it difficult to finish their schooling and get into a decent job, but this remarkable woman Liz Murray showed an un-believable determination and motivation into achieving something in life without anyone major pushing behind her. She was born in Bornx, New York in the year 1980, September 23, and into a poor and drug addicted parents. Both her parents being an addict to drugs and for night life of clubs and dances and fun, it lead into poverty. Though they loved her and she them, there was no money to feed her and her sister. Both the kids shared everything between each other because there was not enough. In the age of sixteen her mother died suffering from AIDS and her father moved to a homeless shelter as he was unable to pay rent. She became homeless and she was forced to steal and shoplift for food. She lived in streets. But she realized that she need to something in her life or else she will end up just like her parents. She stopped going to school and worked. Later she joined back to school and completed within two years. She heard about the New York Times issuing scholarships for those who are needy, and applied for it. She got selected for it and was approved in Harvard University. Today she is an International Speaker, who stood beside all the well-known celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Michael Gorbachev, and Dalai Lama. There are many books based on her life story and movies as well. Liz Murray advice to youngsters especially as not to waste your life on drugs and alcohol and resist your temptation to live a happy and successful life later. Liz Murray is a true inspiring woman.

 7. Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Patrick Henry Hughes is born on March 10, 1988 and like any other physical disability. He was born without eyes a condition known as bilateral anophthalmia. He also suffered three other disorders which made him not able to fully stretch his hands and legs, another condition in which the hip sockets was not fully formed and yet another condition in which the spine was not formed properly. At the age of nine months old his father started to teach him piano when as a baby he showed interest in the keys and learned them. He became famous for his music in piano and he joined school and studied well. In his school Patrick played in bands and gradually he learned other instruments such as the trumpet. He took a special liking to learn Spanish and took the language as major in his graduation. Today he plays in many concert and music plays. His father is a proud man who struggled hard in helping him and being there for him being a positive guidance. Patrick proved that no matter what, when you think you can and try to reach, you can do anything even when you are disable.

 6. Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

For most of us when something happens and we meet an accident or something and gets fractured with a hand or a leg, we think we cannot do anything else, but can you imagine of not having both your arms like forever, we would think that we will become dependent for entire our life, but not for this woman who has shown a remarkable determination of being independent even though she do not have both the arms. Jessica Cox was born without arms but perfectly healthy otherwise. Since her childhood she began to do things from her legs and her mother helped her to learn. She began doing everything from her legs and in a very young age she was enrolled into learning classes of gymnasium and swimming. She began using prostheses at the age of two, but later on ages she removed them as she found it more easier to do things with her legs rather than her prostheses. There is nothing which she does not know, from skating to karate, from swimming to driving a car, from writing to working on computers, comb her hair, makeup, and do all the chores which a normal girl does. Jessica is the first woman who can fly a plane without arms. She took almost three years to learn how to fly a plane and get her license. She flies a plane which is specially designed for the same purpose without pedals so that she can use her feet as hands. Today she has inspired millions with her speeches and motivation for many who think they cannot do anything.

 5. Katy Sullivan

Katy Sullivan Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Yet another woman who was born with disability, but let me tell you these people are not with disabilities, instead they are the most gifted people who are blessed with the most powerful attitude of go get and live your life. Katy Sullivan was born without legs and had worn prosthetic legs her entire life time. As a kid she tried to be equal among her siblings and tried to do all the activities which all other normal kids did. Though she could not do sports as it needed her legs and strength in it. This made her frustrated, but that was not an end, instead she focused completely on acting career. Today she is a renowned actor. In the year 2004 when she shifted to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, she also met Will Yule and was gifted with a pair of running prosthetic. She Participated in many running competitions and have won. She broke the world record for 200 m in 2007 and the world record for 100 m in 2012. She is the current U.S. Champion in the 100 meters and is ranked 5th in the world. She is also a motivational speaker to people with prosthetic legs, especially she got a soft corner for girls.

4. Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

I’ am not sure to say be inspired by this boy or the boy’s mother. Ben was born in the year January 26th 1992, in California. The boy was blind but he inspired the world by seeing things more than any normal person with eyes saw. Ben lost his eyes at a very young age with a condition called as Retinoblastoma, a cancer of eyes. When they discovered this condition his family was devastated, especially his mother took hard hit with the news. But she was the one who recovered fast with a determination to help Ben to deal with the problem. Ben developed a rare nature called as echolocation which is commonly used by bats, dolphins and other echolocation skilled animals, but it is something not seen in human. This skill helps to recognize things with hearing the sounds around them through an echo of the things. He made clicking noises from his tongue and listened to the echoes he created, he learned to identify objects around him and also get way to safety. He joined school and practiced all kind of activities which normal children do such as, play basket ball, foot ball, ride bike, skating, and even video games. He was in all inspirational talk show’s telling his story and inspire people without eyes as how they can work around their problem and even appeared Oprah Winfrey show. He was on news in many well editions and traveled world wide. Today Ben Underwood is no more with us as he developed a tumor in his sinus cavity, even though he inspired the world a great deal.

 3. Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Mother for all, Mother Theresa is one of the most inspiring woman on earth for her kindness, love to the one needed, sacrifices to take care of those who had none. A nun from Calcutta, helped the poor her entire life, dedicating herself to sainthood. She founded the Missionaries of Charity in which by 2012 there were about 4,500 sisters who are vowed to help the poor people . She helped everyone, from diseased people to the homeless people. Initially when she the came to India she started as a teacher, Later when she took vows to become a nun, she was made as the headmistress. Though she enjoyed teaching, she was more distraught by the poverty in India and Calcutta. She wanted to help the poor and set out to do the same. She learned the medical things to treat a patient in a hospital before she started and than set out to tend to people. She has been awarded by many and with many prestigious awards for her work on saving the people and helping them. Well, the woman is truly a mother to all.

 2. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

Hawking is a scientist born on January 8, 1942 showed a passion to science and technology since a very young age as a child. He was diagnosed with a condition called as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis when he was studying in the Cambridge University. He was born into a family of well educated family. Their family is described as a silent family by many as both the parents preferred to spend their free time and dinner time with a book. Though Hawking was not the best of his classmates in the academics, he was a bright student in science. At the age of sixteen he constructed a computer along with his friends with recycled parts. He studied physics, and cosmology. His symptoms of the condition ALS started showing when he was studying and later on developed to a stage where he could not talk or walk. Today with a cheek muscle attached to a sensor he continues his work with science, his books, and other discoveries, being in a support chair.

 1. Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

On the growing crime on women in India, the country needs more and more brave woman and to be lead by one who have faced such difficulties in life. Women should learn to fight and defend herself at difficult times. Kiran Bedi born on June 9, 1949 is an Indian social activists, and a retired Indian Police Service (IPS). She also runs NGO on police work and drug abuse prevention and child welfare. She is an inspiring women to all the women in India.

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