Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

Due to great pressure of human demands the resources of earth are exploited which results in adverse effects and causing natural calamities. These are then converted into disaster as people lack knowledge regarding the safety measures taken during the hazards. One such natural calamity is “Hurricanes”. They are defined as some fast moving winds along with sand, dust and water. But the largest and deadliest hurricanes are defined as the most destructive ones which causes not only damage to life but also properties. Some deadliest and largest hurricanes of world are as given below:

10. Bhopal cyclone

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On November 1970 it hit the east cost of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. From the statistical data number of deaths was not estimated but around 300,000 to 500,000 almost suffered from such a deadly disaster. The intensity of cyclone was not much large but it was equal to the third category hurricane. It submerged large low lying areas in Ganges delta. This leads to miserable condition of the low section of society as it wiped all the villages and production of crops which leads to great loss to the farmers.

9. Hurricane Katrina

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In year 2005 hurricane Katrina is still fresh in the memories of each American, especially in New Orleans. It was one of most destructive hurricane of American history. Knocked out from Levis it caused most of the areas submerged in water in New Orleans. Then this deadliest hurricane moved towards northeastern United States. It was the largest natural disaster to hit United States and damaged property worth $80 billion and approximately killed 1836 people with 705 still missing. It was so dangerous that even government of United States failed to provide aid to the victims of this calamity. This created a lot of unrest in the city i.e. common people time out with guns for safety of their house and property this leads to complete disorder of law.

8.  Hurricane Andrew

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As we know hurricane hit mostly, tropical areas coast especially southeastern coast of united state. But this storm hit northeastern states. It came in the year 1992 and created wreaking havoc in the areas of northeastern Bahamas, south Louisiana and Florida. This devastating hazard created a damage of around $26.5 billon. The loss in most hurricanes is due to storm surge and flooding water rather than winds but in spite of its great intensity the human loss due to its storm was not large around 26 people were reported died  which is not as large as deaths due to other hurricane of same intensity.

7. Hurricane Kenna

hurricane kenna Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

Kenna was another destructive hurricane. It was 3rd most intense and deadly pacific hurricane to strike the coast of Mexico and caused extensive damage especially near west coast. The hurricane first hit San Blas, Nayarit on October 25th in the year 2002. It was the 3rd category hurricane followed by a season of hurricane. It consists of fast blowing winds ranging from 140 to 150 mph winds and caused $101 million dollars property loss. Due to continuous hurricanes one after the other it took lot of time by the people to recover from it.

6. Galveston hurricane

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It was basically part of Atlantic ocean,in the year 1900 it strike Galveston and it caused much damages as the people there were unprepared. It was around 9 feet high from sea level but it made a landfall around 15 foot and result in strong storm accompanied by winds with a velocity of 135mph. It was 4 category hurricanes. The surge was so strong that it washed the entire island resulting in huge loss of life as well as property. It was the deadliest hurricane killed about 6000 and estimated loss was equal to $20 million of 1900 which is $500 million in today’s dollar. By the local people it is mostly referred as the GREAT STORM OF 1900.

5.  Florida Keys and Corpus Christi, Texas

Florida Keys and Corpus Christi Texas1 Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

The only known Atlantic hurricane in 1919 but it was a deadly monster. Accompanied by winds from 140 miles per hour, it was a 4 category hurricane and made landfall in Florida but continued over Mexico. It was 12 foot strong storm surge which travel from Florida to Mexico and reduce to 3 categories. The storm caused damages of more than $22 million and killed about 600 to 900 people. In fact due to this hurricane, many people on ships lost in Gulf of Mexico.

4. Hurricane Ivan

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It was one of the world’s largest destructive hurricane ranked 4th in intensity. It was a 5 category storm when it struck gulf shores in Alabama. Its wind speed ranged from 130 miles per hour. After devastating the Florida it moved ahead towards southeastern United States then moved over to the Atlantic Ocean. It had caused more than $19 million damage and killed about 121 people. And this almost submerged most of the areas and resulting in its consequences.

3.  Typhoon Nina

typhoon nina Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

The super typhoon Nina came with a bang and hit the coast of china hard and quickly destroyed the Banqiao dam. Resulting in failure of dams continuously one after the other and the collapse of Banqiao dam to such extend leads to flooding situation which greatly magnified the damage by typhoon Nina. It was the 2nd largest disaster which caused a 100000 death toll. And the effect on people was increased due to both disasters that are hurricane as well as flood due to dams.

2. Hurricane Iniki

hurrcane Iniki1 Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

Hawaii is famous for surfing and long luaus but since 1992 this thinking is changed. Born in the warm phase 91-94 hurricane Iniki  passed over island Kauai’s. but despites its strength all Hawaiians were well prepared to deal with it. And the people made compromises to work together. Even people organized into party to cook all food as the power was cut off. Government provided special aids during such time. Grocery and food to needy was provided free of cost. Though after a time loot started as the supply was limited but it was not to that extend as it was there in US during Katrina. After all this surprisingly 6 deaths were reported and monetary damage was around $1.8 billion (USD 1992).

1. Hurricane Ike

hurricane Ike Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

It was the 3rd most deadly hurricane to hit caused damage of around $24 billion (2008 USD) in United States. It’s velocity was about 145 mps and  was extended to about 600 miles in diameter. And also this hurricane caused extra damage of $7.3 billion in Cuba, $500 million Turks and $200 million in Brahma making of total $32 billon. This caused huge destruction over areas from Haiti to Galveston and many other places in between them. It killed 195 people and many people are still missing and a largest search and rescue started. It also caused many of people to leave Galveston.It originated from Bay of Bengal on November 8 and moved towards north with winds reaching peak value of 185 km/hr and then made landfall on the coast of Pakistan. It wiped 45 percentage of population in Upazila and Tazumuddin.

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