Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

Europe is the world’s second smallest continent. On its borders Europe has Arctic ocean at its north, Mediterranean Sea at its south, Atlantic Ocean to its West and Black Sea and some connected waterways to its southeast.It covers about 2% of the Earth’s surface ie about 10,180,000 square kilometers.

It is the birth place of western culture.Ancient Greece has a major impact on Individualistic culture. Philosophy, Rationalism and Humanism are the other cultural contributions of Greece It has played a major role in the global affairs from the 15th century onward  especially after colonialism. Europe has many special events that offer their own flair.

Culture in Europe is overlapping and so mixed. Cultural innovations and movements make it what we can see it now. Best thing about the events in Europe is it is diverse. If you are an art-lover or if you are interested in sports like Volleyball or  or you like the air shows, you can enjoy all of them in Europe. If you are a science person enjoy the conferences there and if you like museums or exhibitions, Europe got a great collection .   And the best thing about the events here is that they are great as you can shop, eat local foods, make friends and listen to the music, enjoy the place the way you want.It will not be surprising if you want to go on a Europe trip these holidays or you want to be the witness of the extra-ordinary events that would be taking place this year in Europe.  Here are some of the events you can witness in Europe this year, 2013 :

10. Cloud Expo Europe 2013:

Cloud Expo Europe 2013 Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

Are you in business or some public organisation and do you want to explore the potentials of cloud computing?? Then you have a platform for doing so. You get the opportunity here in the event ‘Cloud Expo Europe’. It is the single most important event for  what you are looking for. This year it offers a world-class conference program with 9 streams and 8 dedicated theaters. More than 50 case studies will be worked upon and important analysts and top industry CTO’s will be there. It will be the biggest gathering of thought leaders and practitioners. You will be delivered the practical ‘HOW TO” advises from more than 150 leading international suppliers.

9. Titanium Europe 2013:

TITANIUM EUROPE 2013 Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

This year Titanium Europe will provide a platform which is specifically focused on European oriented topics and it is expected that it  will attract a wide range of delegates. It will offer networking opportunities so as to exchange the ideas and gain valuable insight into the state of global titanium industry. Expected date for the event are 5-7th March. It represents a cost-effective yet efficient way for the delegates to meet potential partners, vendors and customers. The conferences have attracted many like producers, designers, distributors and also the fabricators. The number of attendees has doubled over the past decade showing rapid growth and active and complex nature of many industries today.

 8. JEC Europe 2013:

JEC Europe 2013 Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

The largest composites industry organization in Europe and in the world! Can you guess the name? Yes we are talking about JEC Europe. It has a network of 250,000 professionals from 100 different countries. This year the scheduled dates for the event is from 12th March to 14th March. It provides global and local networking and the information services; thus represents, promotes and expands the composites markets. It experts over :

  • Information
  • Education
  • Intelligence
  • Publications
  • Innovations and
  • Connections etc

7. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest Hungary Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

From 12th May 2013 to 14th May 2013, the region’s annual route development forum will be held in the capital city of Hungary ‘Budapest’ and it will be hosted by Budapest Airport. This city has direct connections to most of the metropolitan areas in Europe and it is also a prime location for Tourism Authorities, Airports, Airlines, Policy Leaders and Aviation Stakeholders who have the interest in flying to or from or within the region to meet, do business or plan for the future.

The core focus of the event will vary from route expansion to route development and to future planning. Routes Europe offers more than 3000 route development meetings to take place this year. It also focuses on providing an unrivaled platform for airports and airlines so that they can do their  business face-to-face along with the network planners and decision makers in the industry.

6. European Year of Citizens 2013:

European Year of Citizens 2013 Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

This is a debate that is dedicated entirely to the rights that comes to the individuals with the EU citizenship. A vision of EU that it should be in 2020 would be built ie what are the expectations from the future of Europe by 2020 is to be discussed and thought upon. All the levels of government, civil societies, business at events and the conferences will be actively looking forward to it. It is to facilitate the exercise of free movement and residence.  It also targets to give European citizenship its full meaning and scope.  MEPs will be called to on the Commission to involve civil society organisations in the preparation and the implementation of European Year of Citizens 2013 so that it fully meets the expectations of the citizens.

5. Marseille Events:

Marseille Events Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

Just the city of Marseille is not the Capital of Culture in Europe. It also includes the area stretching from Martigues to La Ciotat and also Arles, Aubagne, Aix and other communes in the area. The events that would be taking place this year are:

  • Revelations
  • Travelling Screens
  • A serialized novel
  • True Tales of Mediterranean
  • Exhibitions and
  • Circus from 25th January to 24th February etc.

4. Renovations and Extensions:

Renovations and Extensions Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

Many existing building will be renovated and extended this year. The list includes:

The bastide in the Parc Borléy:

It is a large house that will become a museum that would store decorative arts and the museum of fashion and also the ceramics museum. It is expected to open in June.

The Musée des Beaux Arts:

It is located in Palais Longchamp and is a very impressive building, the building has a massive fountain at the entrance. It is expected to reopen in June.

The Cité des arts de la rue:

It is a huge training area for artists and acrobats and is dedicated to street performance.

The Vieux Port:

This is now partly for pedestrians with a large open area looking onto the port.

3. Opening:

Opening Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

Villa Méditerranée opening:

This  gallery is along the sea front and is designed by the architect Stefano Boeri. It has two public areas one is under the sea and the other one is in the air. The visitors will be able to see and live the experience of the Mediterranean. The program will be available from 20th February.

J1 open

It is a huge hanger above which there is a huge space that houses three galleries, bar/restaurant and a performance space. It has fantastic views over the port. The entry charges for the main exhibition are 9€.


The building designed by Kengo Kuma will serve as home for contemporary art collections and also an exhibition space.

The Panorama:

An ex-tobacco factory is the new space for the presentation of the contemporary art along with music and dance. It has panoramic view over the city.

2. Biotechnica:

Biotechinica Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

It has been considered as Europe’s number one event in Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Lab Technology which is scheduled from 8th October to 10th October. It is now more in tune with the innovation cycle in the biotech sector and this is implied by the new two-year schedule. This change is also in line with the requests from a majority of exhibitors. The innovative concept is an effective and proven mix of exhibition, networking, conference and careers platform.

1.Europe Air Show :

Europe Air Show Top 10 Major Events in Europe 2013

This annual air show is the largest free annual air show. It is the Bournemouth Air Festival which is held on the Bournemouth seafront. Each August it takes place over the course of four days and attracts a mass of people every year. Last year 1,300,000 witnessed it. Nice hotel and friendly staff in Antwerp, ‘The City of Diamonds’, are already waiting for you.

So, pack your bags and get ready to check out the events Europe has to offer. And don’t forget to register for the events first!!


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