Top 10 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation means “to move”, “to grow”. It is an internal or external way of activation, direction and dissolution of behaviour and activities. Motivation is a driving entity which directs the behavior of an individual towards the action i.e. goal accomplishment. Motivation is a skill one can use throughout his or her life. Motivation instigates you to utilize your energy to get better output. It helps in turning ideas into action thereby, leading to success and prosperity. All of us dream to achieve something or be something in life and to do so, motivating oneself is important. This simple word makes a lot of difference in our lives.

You can be your best teacher or your worst critic. You know yourself best and motivation involves the inner teacher who constantly gives feedback and recites poems of hope and persistence. Motivation sets you on roll.

Most people’s minds are tormented by negativity and angst. They go through bouts of depression. Motivation is the key for them to move forward and come out from the darkness. Motivation keeps you in high spirits and prevents you from getting discouraged when you face setbacks.It describes someone who really wants to do something and is eager to do it. When you become motivated, you don’t feel bored. Rather would be happy and charged up to do things.

Staying motivated is one of the challenges we face during the course of life. Self-doubt keeps on creeping in and there will be no shortage of the external influences to serve as obstruction, bit in the end, it is totally your responsibility to keep yourself motivated. Motivation starts from within. True motivation is stored deep inside each of us and it is waiting for us to kindle it and bring it to life. The only thing standing between you and that motivation, is you. It is something we awaken within us.

Following are the 10 easy ways to motivate yourself:

10.  Change

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Change is an opportunity. Change the approach, thoughts, state of mind, and the story that everyone tells about themselves in their head. Unleash the old stories and motivate yourself by narrating the new stories-the story of hope, fortitude, confidence and competence. Change the chapter, start a new beginning and take the story forward. This change motivates you to move forward. Motivation runs strong if we’re in proper state of mind. A balanced state motivates an individual and unleashes a better version of him or her.

9. Inspiration-Correlation

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People tend to relate a lot with their inspiration or role models, their life, struggle and how they excelled and overcame their fears. They become the motivating agents. Seeing their favorite people, one can easily motivate himself or herself to do stuff. Every person gets influenced by someone or the other. There are people who motivate you to do something. Their stories inspire and motivate us, so much so, that we tend to follow their footsteps, try doing things in their way, try taking positive and good points and the way they have tackled different situations in life. We start looking at the situation through another lens. They act as an inspiration for possibilities. We correlate ourself with those inspirational entities or role model and motivate ourselves to move ahead.

8. Company of lively people

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Company of cheerful and lively people motivates you, gives you good energy and helps you tackle the challenges. Surroundings have a great impact on you so, the company must be positive. Being with people who encourage you and gives positive feedback motivates you. Constructive criticism is good, but only when it comes from reliable sources. Be with those people who have your best interest at heart. Surround yourself with people who inspire and delight you.

7. Aplomb

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Confidence leads to motivation and motivation leads to movement. When you’re confident, you trust yourself and start doing things in a right manner. You trust yourself that you will be able to cope up with every situation or trouble coming your way. You’re motivated to do something; you feel a desire to move towards it. It is an important mechanism of motivation that helps you to reach your goal, without any external influence. Confidence enhances motivation, thereby, is a valuable asset for individuals with lack of willpower.

6. Embrace failure

Failure is Not an Option 200x300 Top 10 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

One must not fear from failure. Instead redefine it as a positive feedback .The fear of failure bogs you down. Be unconcerned about failure and learn from it. It is a normal part of life. If you never, ever suffer a failure, then you’re probably not pushing yourself to your full potential. Often, it’s only through failure that you motivate yourself more and more to meet with the desired result.When you don’t get the desired output, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Instead, you’re given an opportunity to learn and grow. Failure motivates you to work harder, and glide over waves of setbacks.

5. Envision

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Picture yourself as an achiever. If you can see yourself doing it, you can surely do it. What the mind envisages, the body makes it happen. Visualizing what you want to achieve will keep you motivated all the time. It’s kind of mentally rehearsing of what you want to do and achieve. Also, by placing those hopes and dreams up on the wall or place where you frequently see them makes you feel alive and motivated. Visualizing in advance indicates that we have started our journey. It is the first step to a new beginning, a new life. The motivation gets stronger and stronger with each day. We keep on encouraging and motivating ourself to make it a reality.

4. Retrospection

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Retrospection is the prominent ingredient to motivate oneself. Take a look back at the situation in the past that were arduous, and examine how you dealt with them successfully. Rewinding yourself, drawing from the victories and achievements in the past motivates to achieve the objectives. It gives energy to drive forward. Remember the feeling of euphoria you enjoyed from your past success. Look at the brighter side, this will change your focus and provide some motivation for making things better in the present and future.

3. Rewards/Accolade

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Rewards motivate an individual to a great extent. Rewarding yourself for the victory or success, big or small, motivates to move forward with spirit, and high energy. Acknowledgement and appreciation are of utmost importance in order to motivate oneself. Rewards create a feeling of doing something you want to do, not just what you’re forcing yourself to do. Even the smallest of rewards can do wonders and motivate you to travel the path of fruition. Through rewards, you pat yourself on the back and motivate yourself.

2. Goal-Setting

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In order to motivate yourself, one must set goal- long –term or short-term. Also, must have clarity in it. When you know what you want, a sense of confidence and desire to achieve that goal flows in you. It creates confidence in you, and helps to focus and energizes you to stand strong in your path and achieve success. Goal setting motivates ad helps you to conquer any challenges in your path. By outlining the goals in life, it gives motivation and drive that one needs to be happy and successful. Motivation becomes strong when you have a clear image of what you want to achieve. In such a case, motivation awakens the inner power, and pushes you forward, toward making your goal a reality.

1. Positivity

positivity Top 10 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

Positive thinking, positive feelings trigger individuals to perform better and achieve success. Staying positive, boost confidence and motivates to perform better. Positivity motivates to achieve our ambition, build and maintain high quality relationship, helps to make better decisions and problem-solving. Positivity motivates an individual to continue the journey of life and achieve the set goals. A positive attitude ca help you build strong relationships as well as create increased motivation. By being positive, you will find that you can lift your own spirits faster than anything else. Motivation will come naturally with your character.

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