Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

Relationships are built on many aspects like compromise,understanding,honesty and most importantly trust. Both partners are totally dedicated to each other. Despite of differences between them they understand each other. These all are key points that are involved in formation of any healthy and loving relationship. We respect and honor our relationship more than any other relation in our life. Even friends and parents become inferior one’s. If you are in such happy relationship, am glad. But sometimes all and every relationships can not be happy and cheerful like others. Decisions can be wrong, it’s not necessary that whatever we plan happens straightly right. In the same way, if you have doubt that your partner is cheating on you, don’t regret it or feel guilty of your thinking, because clearing it out will help you more than always thinking and remaining in the thoughts that, whether he or she is cheating on you or not? So, Clear it up all by yourself now, if you are facing such situation in your life. Because remember, As their are no bounds for love in the same way their are no bounds for cheating too. Maybe you are still in your happy thoughts but on other side your partner is just using you or cheating on you. You never know. So get up and start to search out! I am going to list down top ten ways to find out whether your partner is cheating on you or not… So go ahead and read them.

10. Confront Them

Confront them 300x229 Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

Spend enough time with your partner so that you could carry out conversation which your partner should consider as serious one. Tell them that how much you trust them and how much you respect your relationship. Then bring the topic to your main point. Don’t be so straight forward that you would ask directly, “Are you cheating on me?” No, never do such mistake because your partner if cheating, will become aware of it and start taking precautions that you may not be able to find out plus they may give you a simple answer that “No, I won’t do anything like that to you, how could you think so” and so on. Just confront them by making them understand that you are taking the relationship seriously. and then ask some random questions like,”Do you also take our relationship seriously?” or “Are you faithful to me?” or “You aren’t breaking my trust, right?”. And then observe the reactions of your partner, if they tend to think and then answer or feel uncomfortable while answering such questions and most importantly avoid Eye-contact with you then you can be on the right way of your doubt in your mind.And now you can carry on to further ways.

9. Doesn’t Care

 Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

If your partner is very nice to you right from your beginning of relationship, he or she always respects you, make you feel special in his life, pays attention to your needs and choices and now suddenly without any other reason like work pressure etc, if your partner avoids you and doesn’t care about your thoughts, suggestions that were first considered as serious one then you can be sure that the reason behind this can be involvement with someone else which means your partner would be cheating on you.

8. Sudden Changes

Sudden changes 259x300 Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

Sudden changes in any person can be spotted out very easily. If your partner has undergone some sudden and most importantly “unexpected” changes then it is a sign that he or she must be cheating on you. Sudden changes like change in clothing fashion or paying extra attention to beauty of themselves can be considered. Also if these basic things are normal to you then observe if there are any sudden changes in your Love life or sex life, because occurring changes in this two things can not be taken lightly,there should be a definite reason behind it like neglecting and avoiding you more.

7. Financial Tracks

Financial tracks Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

Keep track of the financial condition of your partner to see that how much he or she is spending on the things other than shopping, hotels etc. See if they tell you about it genuinely, if they get angry on you for not believing them or don’t give you any strong and valid reason for the unwanted expenditure, you can get sure that they will be cheating on you and are spending their money on someone else.

6. Contact Friends

Contact friends Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

As a phrase says,”A friend in need is a friend indeed”, you could use this very effectively. Contact your partners friends on whom you trust and of whom you are sure that they would genuinely help you. Inform them not to tell this thing to your partner as you are still pending in your investigation work. Or if you think this too risky then try to find out other information regarding your partner from their friends by just normal chit chatting. Hence, at last from their friends surely you can get on some clues which would make you get sure that yes your partner is cheating on you.

5. Checking

Checking 300x216 Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

If you are respecting privacy of your partner it’s definitely good thing on your behalf but your partner if is a cheater then it’s sure that he or she maybe misusing your trust to cheat on you. Hence, you need to be bold now and checkout all his or her personal accounts on internet like G-talk, nimbuzz , Facebook etc that is all social networks too. Also check their personal folders in their PC, pen drives etc Am sure if that person is cheating on you then you may get many links and things that will make you get confirmed about the cheating on you.

4. Software’s

Softwares Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

If you use internet just for gaining knowledge and for fun then get aware and start to explore because in today’s era their are thousands of software’s available to be downloaded for different uses. And you are lucky that you can use them for this purpose too. Be a smart user of internet. If your partner is deleting all his data, messages and other such things which would prove him as cheater then you don’t need to worry because their are software’s available on internet market like Data recovery and all by which you could recover the deleted data. Simple and smart isn’t it?

3. Changes in schedule

Changes in schedule Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

You can also confirm that whether your partner is cheating you or not by paying attention to his or her timings of arriving at house or going out. If their are changes in timings on large amount and when the timings don’t seem to be appropriate and reasonable then you can get sure that he or she maybe cheating on you. Even if you inquire about these changes in schedule and your partner doesn’t provide any valid reason then too you can be on the right track.

2. Liar

Liar Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

Remember teacher taught us in our first grade, “Once a liar always a liar”? It’s time to check that whether our teacher was correct or not. If your partner is lying to you then of course he or she is a cheater. You just need to check and catch them on the right places. You can do this by asking same question every time but after some time gap. If he or she is lying you would definitely get different answers or variations in the answer. Also pay attention to their actions relating to what they have spoken like, if your partner says that he or she has brought pizzas for you from your favorite restaurant and when you see the label on box it’s of a restaurant which you never visited in your life. Then you can catch them and ask them about it.

1. Following

Following Partner Cheating: Here are 10 Ways to Find Out

After observing all the behavior changes like above do some important work of investigation. Investigation to find out whether your partner is cheating, will surely play vital role to make you come to the conclusion. So the most effective step of investigation is to follow up your partner. Make sure that you won’t get caught by him or her and also be aware that you don’t land in any trouble. So get ready for some action to find it out. You must have heard that”speaking lie for a good reason isn’t a lie” so yes lie to your partner if necessary, that you are heading out of town for some work so that you could carry out your work properly, and then as your partner will be relaxed and free their are great chances that you can catch him or her red handed. Just be sure that your partner doesn’t know about your plans. So, Get set go, follow and catch the cheater!

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