10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Valentine’s day is just round the corner and if you are still single and searching for some girl then fret not because we are here to rescue you..

Searching for one’s soul mate is not an easy task, and requires patience and loads of soft skills to improve your lady love. While some guys are born for this dating game, others are not so well acquainted with its rules and hence lose out their chance.

“Love is All You Need”, the Beetles bellowed in their song and they were right because it is indeed love which drives the world, whether it is familial love, platonic love or the most cherished romantic love. The love between a man and a woman is not only the basic pillar of survival of species but goes much beyond that, love keeps the whole family together in happy and sad times, when everything falls apart, love keeps us from breaking, when we lose faith, love gives us the courage, to turn the tide in our favor.

Love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions. Its when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. It is an incredible feeling which keeps you ticking, suddenly the one you love is all that it matters to you.

Love is when they are the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and when they are the first thing you think of when you wake up. The feeling that warms your heart and leaves you overcome by a feeling of serenity. Love involves wanting to show your affection and devotion to each other.

Now, that we tried summarizing the definition of love for you, If you were thinking of someone while reading it, then you are probably in love with that person. (Do we already see you smiling and going red!).

Loving someone is not at all difficult, but confessing your feelings sure might be. Well, if you fall among the category of latter people,  then stop worrying, because We at Spot On Lists come up with top ten simplest ways for everything.

So, if you are a guy,and you need to impress your girl in the most romantic month of the year, then this post is tailor made for you. We strived to bring to you the easiest ways and simplest steps which will increase your chances of getting a valentine this season, and here is our top ten..

10. Surprises

surprise 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Who does not love surprises? And let me tell you a closely guarded secret of us girls, we always want our guy to pamper us with surprises.

It does not have to be something huge and grand, an unexpected meeting when everything is not all right for her, will convince her of your love for her. These unexpected surprises will make her feel loved and cherished which will eventually become the key factor in her being impressed by you.

9. Grooming

images4 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

It is said that ‘First Impression Is The last Impression’ and if you want your girl to notice you, then no matter what, you have to look presentable.

Girls scrutinize every little detail, so being very particular about your over all personality is actually a good idea, Maintain a good personal hygiene, bad breath puts off any girl, similarly a healthy body and not necessarily a six or an eight pack is one basic requirement while any girl can not comprise upon.

And, may God help you, if you like a girl who has a perfectionist streak in her nature. for she would notice as much as your shoes whether they are polished or not!

8. Gifts

gifts1 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Every answer to your question is gifts!. Whether its making them notice you or sweeping them off their feet, gifts are the most versatile option one can think off.

The right gift will instantly make her happy, no matter what. But choosing the right gift can be quite a task. Ideally books, perfumes, dresses and jewellery make for the best gifts. The key is to know your girl thoroughly and then choose a gift for her. For instance, if your girl is a book lover, gifting her a book might be a good idea. Choosing the right gifts is of utmost importance because if you put in efforts for her, then she just can not ignore you.

7. Dinner Dates

download 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Most girls are a die hard romantic and hope that their prince charming is a hopeless romantic, just like her. If you want to prove to your lady love that you are competent enough, then this idea will help you surely.

Creating a perfect ambiance and romantic mood is not that tough . Take her out for a candle light dinner, some light music and a sumptuous meal is enough to make her fall for you big time. just make sure that you are looking your best, make her laugh and you are good to go!

6. Long Walks

walk 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

This is mostly every girl’s dream to talk just about everything, when the whether is just perfect and a beautiful landscape is before her pretty eyes. If you fulfill this wish of her’s  and she has a great time with you then half the battle of making her yours is won and that too nicely.

Walking releases negative energy and when accompanied by someone whose company is a joy to be with, then it also eases out stress and tension. The result, her peace of mind and you get a piece of her mind (pun intended!)  as to whether she is interested in you or not! Plus you get to spend that much needed ‘quality time’ with her too! what more could you ask for?

5. Love Notes

notes1 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

True that we live in an age of computers, e cards and what not, but the fact remains that love notes are personal and rare! If you take pains to write her a romantic love note, then be assured of the excellent results you are bound to reap.

Billet- Doux (French for love letters) are still a prized possession and any girl is likely to melt instantly as soon as finds the one addressed to her. Whats taking you so long? pen down your feelings for her now, make sure she finds it and your feelings will be reciprocated.

4. Time

time1 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Now you can not argue with that point. Every girl wants attention time. This is the prerequisite for a romantic relationship nor for that matter  any relationships. If you are among the boys who think that expensive gifts can substitute your presence, then you are living in a fool’s paradise.

if she means even a little for you, give her importance. Reach out to her. If you keep busy and can not spare much time for her, then frequent calls or texts should never be forgotten. The idea is to reassure her that she is still the most important  and means the world to you. Do not forget to meet her whenever you get time. This will ensure that you two last long, maybe forever too!

3. Respect

respect 300x165 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

We live in a world where at least among the educated class, girls are treated at par with men,  hence their self-esteem and self worth is no less than an average Indian male. This self esteem coupled with fierce independence makes the female wanted to be treated with respect and dignity. If you can not treat her with respect, then you are likely to keep single for  along time.

And do we really need to give you reasons, to respect females. Females before everything are humans, and no body can strip any human of his dignity. Just as you would want to be treated respectfully from everyone, the same applies to girls as well, they want respect too. Next time you meet her, treat her with respect which she deserves.

2. Chivalry

chivalry 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Ah! The good old days of chivalrous gentlemen reminds us of the glorious past where a man would wait on a lady.

We all say that chivalry is long dead, in this big, bad world, but as much as we know it, we still want our guy to let us precede him, open the doors for us with a smile on his face and prove himself to be a thorough gentleman completely worthy of a lady. Manners and etiquette also form a major part in one’s personality and speak volumes about the upbringing of a potential suitor. Hence, it becomes extremely important to be courteous with everyone when you are around your lady love.

Also for girls, little things matter most, if you open the door for her, she will be pleasantly surprised with you because chances are that she does not meet such chivalrous knights everyday.

Our take- Go floor her with your skills guys!

1. Honesty

honesty 10 Ways To Make a Girl Fall for you

Well, they don’t say “Honesty Is The Best Policy” just like that. Of you are not completely honest with anyone, then how do you expect the person to trust you, because some or the other day truth will be out and if you hide things from her, it will only lead to her opinion of you being not trustworthy.

To avoid this painful situation, never lie to her, however tempting it might be. Also half truths and exaggeration are just as harmful as dishonesty, avoid these at any rate, be truthful to her, trust her and then only can you expect her to do the same with you.


This leads us to our conclusion, but since I, myself am a girl, I am really really tempted to add some quick tips in order to help the hopeless romantics. A simple ‘I Love You’ work wonders, and so does your hugging her from behind. The last thing which you need, is a loving heart and with that I rest my case Monsieurs!

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