10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

Suicide can be termed as the act of individual taking its own life due to stressful and unwanted situations. Suicide musn’t be misunderstood with accidental deaths or forced deaths, it is completely different from the deaths caused by road accidents, fires, natural calamities, etc. Suicide is mainly due to the various mental and moral pressure. The pressure may include parental pressure, job pressure, grief of losing the love ones,financial crisis, etc.   In today’s world competition pressure is the one which is the root cause student suicide.

The methods of suicide differ from place to place or we can say country to country. Various suicidal methods include intake of poison, jumping from a height, hanging committing suicide under strong pressure and many more. It is equivalent to crime and need to be eradicated from the society. So for this friends and family members plays a very active role. They must be able to detect the various suicidal tendencies prevailing inside their friends and family members.

Here are some of the points listed to detect the suicidal tendencies in an individual:-

10. Deprivation

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People possessing suicidal tendencies withdraw from everything or most of the things which brings joy to life. They choose to be alone, away from their kiths and kins. They slowly-slowly depart themselves from all the social activities, begins to create their own separate world full of sadness and darkness. They begins to show lack of interest in activities which they enjoyed a lot previously. They start to maintain distance from those people who are most dear to them. People possessing this type of tendency, eliminate themselves from the society.

9. Insomnia and loss of appetite

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Problem of insomnia is a most common problem but one of the strongest reason of the stress and depression. Those people who possess a suicidal attitude are the most common victim of sleeplessness. They might be suffering from lot of tensions due to which they opt for suicide. These tensions creates a feeling of insecurity in an individual, which doesn’t allow him to sleep.  They also develop wrong eating habits or begin to skip their meals. This may lead to various  health problems. Thus change in the regular habits like changes in sleep and irregular eating habits can be considered as the indications of suicide. Friends and family members must keep a watch on the attitudinal change of the people conserned.

8. Indulging in wrong habits

images 2 10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

taking drugs

Drugs and alcohol are the two dangerous words which has affected half of the total population of the world. People becomes habitual to drugs either they enjoy taking them or they want to reduce their pains and sufferings. People who are depressed and want to be isolated, drugs and alcohol plays a role of best friends to them at that time. Stressed people who are frustrated from their lives and have no desire to live, acquire the habits of smoking, drinking and drugs as these help them to forget all their miseries through which they have undergone. If these people already possess these wrong habits from starting, they increase their doses and also the period of intake. They begin to drink and smoke more frequently. So this symptom must not be neglected.

7. Parental background and neighbourhood

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family background affecting children

It is rightly said that a person is known from his family background. Attitude and habitats of parents put a strong remark on child’s behaviour. Conditions and norms of society, family strongly effect his growth. A child always follows the footsteps of his parents. Just for an example if parents possess the habit of drinking then definitely child will also drink, if a family of child is a non-vegetarian then child too will prefer non-veg. foods. So if a person had seen many suicidal cases in her family or neighbourhood, then definitely he will think of taking off his own life in small-small miseries. It is seen that in some cases thought process of suicide develops from childhood itself. What he sees, hear will try to implement in his own life. Thus family background gives a strong indication of suicidal tendency in a person.

6. Death of dear ones or personal issues

images 4 10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

death of loved ones

Loss of one’s life effects many people. Each and every person’s life in this world is related with at least one person with whom he lives. This interrelationship or dependency is the reason of development of the world. Death of that person or break up with that person or departure from that person leaves a strong remark on him and his thought process. The person begins to remain mentally upset and looses interest in all the activities. In some situations trauma is so intense that either the person become psychic or end up his life. Many financial crisis, diagnosis of major illness or loss of job also add to the reasons of suicide.

5. Oscillatory mood

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oscillatory moods

A person having suicidal tendency possess a problem of mood swing. His mood changes within a second. At one moment he would be quite sad and at the other he might be singing a song in the garden. He might suffer from clinical depression and strong headache. He may get irritated frequently, scream on his closed ones or can loose his self control by displaying his anger on immortals. People begin to hate each person including himself. He starts to display a rash behaviour towards his kith and kin. Or in some cases begins to show excess love and care. He might acquire a sudden calmness or strong silence. He may stop talking to them or tries to maintain distance with them. In the case of student they are not able to concentrate on their work because of the lot of tensions roaming in his mind. They tries to run from all of these situations leading to the change in their  mood. So this could be a strong sign that the person has taken the decision to end his life.

4. Planning arrangements

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If a person has decided that he want to end his life, he will start to make some plans. He may give his belongings or possessions to his friends, or may prepare his will. It may also include meeting all his family members, friends, etc. He might donate all his money in charity or tries to bring his relationships in order. He may change his attitude to spread happiness everywhere, by taking his family outside for vacations, or providing them gifts, and many more. people also make many plans and arrangements, to how to end their life, so that they could what they want without bringing it in the notice of others. Some people arrange poison or rope to end their life or some might write a note addressing to their suicidal issue. So closed people must have a watch on all these activities.

3. Health complaints and change in persona

awake in hospital 10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

health problems

Physical problems have deep connectivity with mental and moral problems. People who are mentally upset can’t be sound in any aspect. These people might suffer from various diseases. Depressions and stress may lead to high blood pressure rate or various heart problems. Trouble sleep or inappropriate eating habits, cause lots of health problems. People planning suicide may become excessively weak and fragile. They begin to neglect their personality and appearance  This might lead to an abrupt change in their persona and way of living. They begin to look miserable and their living conditions might become quiet pathetic.

2. Giving suicidal threats

scale 10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

losing the hope of living

People who are planning for suicide or developing a feeling of suicide can be identified through their behaviour and talks with others. While talking with others or dear ones if they talk only of death, murders, etc. then they have lost their desire to live. If their views wholly reflect death, suicide, it could be considered that they are preoccupied with suicidal ideas. They might say this type of sentences such that ‘it would be nice if I was not born’, ‘I know I’m a burden’, ‘I want to die’, etc. Their actions might also reveal their suicidal tendency.

1. Taking unnecessary risk

images 8 10 Symptoms that show Suicidal Tendency in a Person

playing risky sports

People, who have no desire to live, also don’t have any fear to lose their life. These people try to risk their lives in one way or the other. They try to harm themselves by doing anything. They might involve themselves in dangerous sports like bull riding, high wave surfing, high altitude climbing, etc. People could endanger their lives through driving recklessly, perform dangerous stunts etc.Like in the above picture we can see the person is taking risk with his life fighting with a bull.These individuals possessing the suicide thought do not fear anything.






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