10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Marriage is a delicate relation which is nourished by care, share, understanding and love.  These components play strong role in making any marriage and their absence can uproot the whole relation. So it is very important to take right decision about engaging in this relationship. Marriage is not just a relation but a responsibility. The way of life and way of perceiving things is changed after marriage because after that, there will be new people in life who share your life with you. So, it is also important that you are ready for taking this responsibility. We hear many times a day that someone has got married or x and y have taken divorce. These things are common today. In early days the rate of engaging in the relationship was higher than rate of breaking out with the partner (divorce) but today these both rates come at the same level. Why? Because the people involved in the relation don’t maintain it and hence resulting in the depression and restlessness. This uneasy environment not only affects the two people involved but this also affects the child’s environment because lessons and behavior of parents highly affect the child’s mind and ideas and hence a child is also engaged in the gloomy environment where he finds himself alone. There are some major reasons as to why taking divorce is bad for a child.

10- Attention of parents gets divided

child having no attention of parents 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Parents are role model for any child. Whatever he learns, it is all because of his parents. As child opens his eyes in the world, his mother and father are world to him because he is the product of his parents’ behavior, teaching and learning. Hence a child is satisfied when he has full support of his parents. But when the support gets divided and his parents get into daily basis arguments, he is the one who is highly affected so divorce not only disturbs the life of two people but it affects their child’s world.

9- Divorce affects child’s education

divorce affects childs education 300x199 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Today, education is important ingredient for surviving in this fast developing world. But focus is very important for getting proper education especially at the beginning years. When parents get divorce from each other, it highly affects the child’s education because a child cannot concentrate on his work unless he has peaceful environment provided at his home. Also, divorce has the horrendous effects on child mind too and this plays important part in lessening the child’s capability of adopting new things.

8- Divorce affects Child’s behavior

divorce affects childs behvaiour 300x200 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Behavior of child is affected morally, socially and physically because he cannot live with two important people of his people at the same time. A child becomes more sentimental and gloomy. His ideas and thoughts become scattered because his learning is divided.  It can also be seen that after divorce child doesn’t respect his parents the way he did before because his parents do not set the good moral example before him.

7-Distrust from relationships

distrust from relationships 300x199 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Trust is important factor in every relationship may it be friendship or marriage. It is building brick which stabilizes the relationships but if a child has witnessed the divorce of his parents, he has hard times to trust anybody. From the small age, he has a bad mirror of relationships and hence he becomes less inclined towards relationships. So divorce affects the child’s mentality because of which has faces hard time making friends or getting into any relationship.

6- Moral values of child are affected

moral values of child are affected1 300x200 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children


Divorce does not only mean that two persons are free from a relationship and they have got enough independence to lead their lives in their own way but it also causes the disturbance in life of a child who is part of those two persons. It is said that home is a first school for a child from which he gets the fundamental and moral learning; school is the only medium that guides a child to follow those principles throughout his life. When child’s parents are divorced, his moral values are affected because he adopts his moral values from both of his parents. So, when his parents are separated, there occurs inconsistency in his values too.

5- Divorce affects the standard of living of child

Divorce affects the standard of living of child 218x300 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

After divorce, the child more likely lives with her mother because mother understands the needs of child in more sophisticated way. But living with a mother can also affects the standard of living of a child. Before the divorce, both mother and father fulfilled the child’s needs by mutual financial support to live satisfactory life but after divorce all things are separated so one parent alone takes the responsibility of fulfilling every wish of child. It is also noticed that due to less financial stability, a child with his one parent is shifted to low facilitated house and is admitted in different school and hence all these things have a great impact on child’s life style.


4- Fear of abandonment

Fear of abandonment 200x300 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Divorce creates confusions and certain fears in a child because he becomes possessive about his parents. He becomes more fearful of losing his one parent as he has already lost one of his parents. He becomes demotivated and discouraged at the thought that he is not loved by anyone. All this shows that child goes through the difficult period of his life which has long-term effects on his future life.

3- Feeling of guilt in child

Feeling of guilt in child 300x225 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Opposing arguments and long fights between both parents creates the feeling of guilt in a child. He considers himself as the reason of divorce and becomes worried and gloomy. He gets confused about as to who is right and who is wrong and admit a middle position where all feelings of loneliness, anger, guilt and helplessness mix together.

2- Child becomes mature at small age

Child becomes mature at small age 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

The circumstances makes a child mature at very small age. His childhood is not full of toys but with full of gloomy thoughts about parents. He becomes more careful about spending money at right place. He tries to help his parent (the one whom he is living with) in every possible way.  He not only wastes his childhood but also can’t make the beautiful memories with his parents. All these things can break a child but at the same time makes him mature and responsible.

1-Fear of making wrong decision

Fear of making wrong decision 300x168 10 Reasons why taking Divorce is Bad for your Children

Divorce reduces the decision-making power in a child because he becomes too afraid to make a decision. Observing his parents that marriage was not a right decision for them, a child becomes more concerned. He does not want to repeat same mistake as his parents did so he becomes fearful of even making decision. Divorce has many side effects which a child has to encounter in his life and hence being a kid of divorced parents becomes a challenge which he has to accomplish through taking his life to the right path.

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