10 Most Noble Professions In the World

People need to work for money, for we live in  a society where money is almost everything. Money has suddenly led to an increase in the greed and avarice of humans and consequently their desire to consume more and more material possessions. Everything was fine until the human mind got corrupted and money overpowered our humanity, because then suddenly, money became much more important than humans, and people started going to any lengths to procure it.

This resulted in increased crime rates only for some money. Bank robberies, murder for land and property have become so common these days that the newspapers are filled with these brutal attacks on humankind and what for? Money. As if money has become the end all and be all for everyone today. Granted, it is important, but at the expense of humanity, Is it really that important?

although the future does not seem so bright for us, but mankind has one redeeming feature, and that is hope.

While on one side people are ready to kill each other for money. On the flip side people do exist who work not just for the sake money but because they are really dedicated to give children a better future. It is only because of this small group of people, who are so determined to change the ways of this world that some progress could be achieved in this area.

These people try to make the world a better place to live in. Not to mention that not only they get immense job satisfaction with their professions, but also self gratification when they realize that they are the harbinger of faith for this humanity. There pay scales may or may not be very high but they sure get respect wherever they go. And is it not what we want money to buy for us? Respect – from that limited edition Ferrari or that hot couture dress. only to get respected by others.

Lets get straight down to business folks! Here is the top ten most noble professions one could land themselves in..

10. Police Officers

police officers 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

They work hard all day long! Chasing criminals investigating, maintaining law and order in the city all the time. In short ensuring that you feel safe in your home.

They do everything for us only to hear us call them lazy, corrupt and good for nothing fellows. Police officers, according to one survey lead a very stressful lives, not only because of their long and hectic work days but also because of their work, they can not devote much time to their families.

Therefore, the next time you see a policeman thank him, for a little thanks never hurt anyone but sure makes them smile!

9. Garbage Collectors

garbage collectors 300x280 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Can you even think of taking their place just for one day?

We know you and i cant. This makes us all the more grateful to them. Because they do for us something, we can not do for ourselves – Keep our homes and city clean.

The filth and stink these people endure while on their work is enough for any man to quit this job after some time but these people  do all that without complaining. All this with a meager salary. What does that teaches you? – To be humble, towards them, the next time you see them.

8. Engineers

engineers 300x300 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Well this profession is here only because  a special someone argued about the noble nature of this profession. The reason why I was given is reproduced here as it is, Engineers invent and maintain things which would and does make life easier for people and because I was convinced, engineers land a spot on the list of noble professions.

Knowing personally quite a few of them, their long work hours keep them away from home, in turn keeping their friends and family waiting, add to that their dedication and passion for this job.

Even Internet and Computer were invented by them. Now, do you realize there importance?

And trust me on this, being a kin of an engineer is no mean task people!

7. NGO Workers

ngo workers 300x300 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

When all the world is going mad over money, these people work to extend smiles on the faces of under privileged  Though the cash flow is small, but they know they will manage some how, for they are working for humanitarian issues.

At the end of the day, the unfortunate people need support and compassion more than monetary help, And the NGO workers provide them with that in abundance. If someone can make a person smile, whoa more is left to accomplish in a trifling life. To top it all, their service to human kind does not go unnoticed, but serves as an inspiration to others in order to indulge in the same. Hence, we consider it a very noble profession.

6. Nurses 

nurses 300x192 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Nurses are the epitome of hard work and empathy. Their very oath which they take to serve their patients with all the care and might is proof enough of their service to humankind.

They toil hard all day long, and then they have to take care of patients who are in such a sorry state that even their own family members can forsake them. But a  nurse does not care how bad the condition of the patient may be and with her determination and hard work takes good care of all the people that are entrusted to her care. Truly nurses care for patients  like mother nature cares for us, humans.

5. Farmers 

farmers 300x225 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

The scientists have still not been able to create machines which can produce food products and therefore we still depend on farmers for the food we eat, which is reason enough to thank them endlessly. After all we are totally dependent on them!

The farmers work all day long in their fields and practically its their hard work that we eat, rather waste more. We do not think twice before wasting a large quantity of food everyday  this problem being more prevalent in the developed nations more than the developing ones. This is just not an insult of food itself but of the hard work that the farmers had put in. If we can not thank the farmers for our food, the least we can do to show them our appreciation is the judicious use of food products.


soldierss1 195x300 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

This is perhaps the most noble professions of the world. what can be more noble than a person dying for his country’s sake.

No amount of money can equal the respect which a soldier gets, and then he deserves ever bit of it. He guards and protect us from all the evils that could possibly befall on us knowing fully well that if he dies while protecting his country, his own family will be left unprotected. But even this insecurity does not deter him from his duty towards his nation.

While the brave hearts remain busy guarding the frontiers of their country, their family are braver than them, for they have to live without a son/ daughter, husband/ wife,and a  father/ mother. All glory is promised to these unsung heroes of ours!

3. Teachers

teachers 300x300 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Ah! They never get the due they deserve! When in reality they are the most important people in shaping up the future of  a whole country. They make children who are the future of any nation, into responsible young adults.

The role of  a teacher is not only limited to teach  school subjects, but a good teacher always takes care of the developments of a child’s morals and ethics, as well as guiding him in all stages of life whenever he should need his help. A teacher is a friend, guide and mentor of  a child and hence teachers land up at number three in our list.

2. Doctors

doctors 300x178 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Well they are our saviors  They ought to be treated with respect and humility and for the family of a patient whose life and death is almost in the hands of  a doctor, he is no less than God personified for them.

Doctors not only make us feel better, but they have the ability to get us safely back to our families when the prospects of the same are very less. Even though people think they lead a very good life, the situation is far from the truth. For not only do they realize that one wrong move of their might cost a person  his life which is torture enough. But also their work knows no end, and hence it takes a toll on their health, not to forget a battered family life. And when a person does not have  a family, what good is money?

1. Stay At Home Mothers 

mothers 10 Most Noble Professions In the World

Now you really cant argue with this point! Well most people would not consider full time motherhood to be a profession but accept it sir, motherhood is as tiring as being joyful, satisfying and demanding as any other job in the world. The only difference being that in  a proper job you get paid in money while the only dividend a mother gets is the unconditional love of her children which is more than all the things money could ever buy.

Mothers are preoccupied all the day in their children that they hardly get time for something else but even then they are not treated with the respect they deserve.

Though my mum is not  a stay at home mother which makes her job all the harder, I just want to wrap up this article by thanking my mum for making me the kind of person I am today.

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