Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Brazil

Brazil as we all know is the fifth largest country in the world. It lies in South America, covering almost half of it. Brazil is one beautiful place having a long stretch of about 7500 km spread coastline. It has so many tourist attraction, beautiful glittery white sand beaches, local streets brimming with music, lovely magnificent waterfalls, wildlife filled wetlands, islands and the mysterious Amazon rain-forest which is discovered wholly by nobody till now. Amazon also homes some unknown tribes which has absolutely no contact with the world. We bring you today the list of the most loved top 10 tourist destinations of the world.

 10. Ouro Preto

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Ouro Preto is one of the many colonial towns that one can see in Brazil. This one has been so beautifully preserved by the people here. The name of this place means “Black Gold” and it truly lives by it. It has a marvelous history dating back to the 17th century. It then became the center of functioning of the gold rush that happened in the Minas Grais state of Brazil. The city has kept intact lovely Portuguese colonial architecture and also the new buildings built here are built keeping in mind the old architecture. Hence the history remains at its best. Here the churches date to 18th and 19th centuries. Sculptured with works of Aleijadinho, these churched are marvellously touched with gold which makes Ouro Preto a niche in our list.

 9. Teatro Amazonas

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Teatro Amazonas, or the Amazon Theater, is a lovely opera house building situated in the chest of Amazon Rainforests, that is Manaus. When rubber trade bloomed here, material from all over the world was brought in through open trade and this place was built. Furniture was imported from Paris, Marble was brought from Italy and the steel came from England, UK. The outer side of the building was covered with as many as 36 thousand beautifully engraved ceramic tiles that were painted in colours from the Brazilian national flag. The Italian Opera group, La Gioconda marked the beginning of this Theatre, on January 7th, 1897, performing for the first time. It had to be closed down, unfortunately, as the rubber trade depreciated huge time. Since Manaus had lost its only source of income. The theatre was reopened in 2001 after ninety years of shutting down.

 8. Fernando de Noronha

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This place is one lovely little group of isles with awesomely intricate beaches, marvelous landscapes, and a large fauna and flora. This place can be found about 220 miles away from the north east coast of Brazil. This place was discovered first in time by Vespucci in around 1500s. After that the Dutch and the French before the Portuguese took control over this place. Portuguese took over this place in 1737. At present this archipelago consists of 21 islands and nearly a population of 3500 people. Little population with great scenic beauty. The waters are all azure blue with gleaming shuny golden sands. Obviously the beaches are one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Also there are calm reefs where you can just sit and relax if you are in no mood for action. Imagine you sitting on a chair near the beach and the soft tides wash your feet, your eyes closed meditating. Bliss? 

 7. Historic Center of Olinda

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Olinda is one more well protected, well-kept colonial district placed beautifully near the north east coast of Brazilian lands. It lies on the north of Recife. One famous attraction of this place is the Carnival that takes place yearly in Olinda, The Olinda Carnival. The restaurants, old built places, hotel, craftsmen never fail to add that cut tinge of the colonial old times.

 6. Salvador Beaches

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Bahia state in Brazil has its capital named Salvador. Again a nice small colonial district, this place has lively music cafes, little food joints surrounding the most attractive beaches of all times. The beaches here are of a range of types. There are beaches made for swimming, and some you’ll feel like they are custom made for sailing. There are sea inlets, huge massive waves and adrenaline junkies, surfers. Also there are calm beaches, all nice for a Sunday with family while you enjoy the sun, and the sand castles, and where your kids can play around safely.

 5. Pantanal

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The world’s biggest wetland, Pantanal, is situated in the west of Brazil. It extends its arms into Paraguay and Bolivia even. This place is so much brimmed with wildlife, where you’ll find the Yacare and the Capybara species in massive numbers. Millions is counted. Interesting, isn’t it? The Pantanal also homes the hugest number of Jaguars in the whole world.

 4. Rio Carnival

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The very carnival of BRAZIL, the largest carnival ever in the world, where you’d see people dressed up in fancy costumes, samba dancers, parades, charades, dancing, singing, jumping and doing whatever is possibly possible in order to just let their hearts out and enjoy. The Rio Carnival! This happens in almost every part of Brazil but the main carnival is seen in Rio de Janeiro. Imagine a whopping 2 million people one long four day celebration. Sambadrome, the Samba parade is one thing to see before you die.

 3. Amazon River

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Amazon is the second longest river in the whole world. Being 6400 km in length is it just little shorter than the world’s longest river, the Nile. And by volume of the rivers, it tops the list. The Amazon homes about a 3000 different species of fishes and there are so many more, yet undiscovered. The Amazon River runs through the Amazon forest, the most dense forest on the face of the planet. One tenth of the earth’s living species stays in the amazon forests. Half of the existing rainforests in the world are in the Amazon basin.

 2. Iguaçu Falls

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One of the most lovely natural wonders existing, the Iguaçu falls are located in the Brazil Argentina Border. This group of waterfalls has a number of 257 falls falling boisterously on the Iguaçu River. Out of all the 275 waterfalls, one named the “Devil’s throat”, 269 feet long, is the most loved. One part of these falls basically in Brazil while the other part resides its feet in the land of football, Argentina. This place has a different aura associated to it. People believe if you get blessed if you feel the little droplets of water rising from these falls on your face. 

 1. Christ the Redeemer

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This place is one huge statue of Lord Jesus Christ, famous all over the world. It is situated at a height of 2300 feet on the mountain of Corcovado. This place witnesses the most beautifully magnificent panorama of the Guanabara Bay to the north and from Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas to south. The statue, Christ the Redeemer stands at a pedestal of 31 feet and is 130 feet tall. His Holy Grace in arms stretched out in the most beautiful way ever has become the ICON, of Rio and whole of Brazil.


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