Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics

With the increasing amount of corruption and people’s run for gaining more and more profit,office politics has become a common virus in every workplace.Whether it be a financial company,or business,or software and telecom companies,or may be a school,politics is present everywhere and has established its roots over the ground.Now what actually is this office politics?Basically it means to do something that is more strive for your own interests rather than for the company’s growth or other profit.This may be for several reasons-for pay scale improvement,for gaining power over other employees,for gaining boss’s trust or may be due to some personal reasons.This thing is present everywhere and has increased to that extent that it is impossible to remove it.If you are in a office and are suffering because of this office politics,all you need to know is how to handle this,how to gain your own interests out of this,without being a part of it.Following ten points will help you for sure.


keep your eyes and ears open Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics

In ¬†order to stay away unharmed from your office politics,you need to know everything about what’s going on around you.You need to know the people who are involved in politics and the type of politics going on.Always know the people who are close to your boss or who can do harm you.The best way to stay away from your enemies is to know what’s going on in their mind.Try to know every secret talks going on,without letting anyone notice you.You also need to be sure what plannings are going on in your office and is there any chance that it may harm you.Make sure that people don’t think you to be a peep you nose man.All you need to do is to know what’s going on and in what way it may harm you.


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One way to stay unharmed is to make friends.Don’t be too friendly with your colleagues as it may also be dangerous,but a little friendship is always good.You need to have someone when you need ¬†any help or support.There should be someone standing beside you if you get into any trouble.People have a habit of putting others into trouble,if you have friends in your office,they may help you.They may help you know if anyone is planning any conspiracy.Also you need to know who are you enemies and may harm you.It is always better to know people who may harm you.You should talk to all of your colleagues and know their nature,attributes and behavior towards you.You should know who hates you and who you can call your friends. There may be people at your workplace who envy you,you need to know them>One way to stay away from back-stabbing is to know who can do that to you.


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The one who has the control over boss,is always the safest one.If you are good to your boss and he is good to you,then you don’t have need to be afraid of any kind of office politics going on.Know your boss and talk to him from time to time.Do your work efficiently and on time,so that he know your dedication.Get to know about his anniversaries and birthdays,wish him.You can also bring little flowers and chocolates.But gifting may look awkward.People may consider it as bribe.So don’t over do it.You can also do some extra work for your boss.A little extra work can not only ensure you a good place in office,but may also led to increase in your pay.This way you are all safe from the people who are involved in politics and can also achieve good advantages.


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Criticism may led you into trouble.You should stay out of it.Don’t talk absurd or say anything bad about any of your colleagues.It may effect you badly.If you trust a person and say something wrong about some other colleague of your’s,he may back stab you and put you into trouble.Also is mistakenly you say something about your boss and the one you have trusted comes out to be boss’s maid,he may go to him and tell your words.Thus the best way to stay out of trouble and keep your mouth shut.Don’t trust anyone in your office.People are always mean and they may outrun you in order to fulfill their own interests.Also there may be situations when people come and talk to you about others,that time too,you need to keep your mouth shut.May be unknowingly something comes out of your mouth that may harm you.So be attentive and stay away from criticism.


DONT MIX YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFFESIONAL LIFE 300x180 Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics


There is always a small part of everyone’s brain that keep thinking about other personal issues while working at the office.A hold to those thoughts is necessary.You can’t mix your personal things with your professional life.Leave your house works and tensions at home only and don’t let them effect your office work.Also don’t share your personal life with your colleagues and boss.They may take an advantage of your problems.They may also take an advantage of your mind stress.The way your stress effects your office activities may be an advantage for them.Thus you need to keep your personal life away from your office work.Don’t let people make use of your weakness.If you tell them about your personal life,somehow they know about weak points.Stay away from that risk.Also keeping your personal life along with office may effect your work badly.


DONT BE PART OF ANY GROUP Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics


Normally in an office,groups of different people are formed,supporting politics.In order to stay unharmed,you need to be away from grouping system.Grouping may cause lots of problems.Any support from one group may led to harm from other one.Thus be neutral and stay out of any group.Grouping is always bad,whether it be in any office or anywhere else.It causes an unhealthy environment and dark feelings like hatred and envy among various members.Thus stay out of any group that is formed in your office.You need to be friendly with every one and do talk to every people in your office.This will make everyone like you and thus you can remain unharmed by adverse effects of politics emerging in your office.


DONT REVEAL YOUR PLANNINGS TO ANYONE Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics



If you have prepared some project or any other assignment work,try not to share any details with your colleagues who are not associated to your project,at least not before the plan is successfully executed.If anyone know about your plannings,there may be a chance that they may harm you or stop you from doing your work properly,or may be cause hindrances.In order to stay away from all this,just keep your work details to yourself only.Don’t tell anyone about your project,the research that you have done for your project,advancement of your project,etc. details.This may also help you to do your work properly without any interference by other people.You can do your work all by yourself,without having expert advice from others.Sometimes in order to cause your failure,people may give you wrong advice.This may led to disturb your work badly.Thus stay out of this by keeping your work to yourself only.


BE NEUTRAL Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics


There is always a time in your career when you have to take one side and oppose other.Try to stay out of this situation.This may cause mutual hindrances.Don’t support anyone and don’t oppose anyone.The secret to a happy office life is to keep track with everyone.Make sure that everyone is happy with your behavior and you don’t hurt anyone.If you want anyone to be good to you,you need to do the same with them.Taking sides doesn’t do any good,but create grudges among colleagues.It will turn your friends against you,and will increase the number of enemies for you.All you need is to never criticise anyone,never hurt anyone,never insult everyone.Just do your own work and let everyone do their.


DONT MAKE ENEMIES Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics


If you increase your enemies,you increase your chances of getting harmed.Office politics is one thing that may effect your life and career badly.You need to stay out of it as long as possible.Keep your colleagues happy and be friendly with them.In case you have any grudges with anyone,solve it before it get worse.Having enemies may cause you trouble in many ways.It may stop your promotion,if your enemy is close to your boss.It may effect your friendship with other colleagues,if your enemy is their friend.It may also cause your demotion if you make your boss or his very closed ones your enemies.So just try to be nice to everyone.No one knows when they can be of use to you.


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The best way to make friends and reduce enemies is help them.If you help a person,it feels great to him as well as you too.Just be there for colleagues whenever they need you,help them if they need.You can even do their work if you have time.This will make them happy and help you making more friends.But make sure that people don’t take it for granted.You need to aware that people don’t start using you.So help people,but that too in a limit.If you are helping anyone today,you are allowed to ask favors later.Thus helping others somehow means helping yourself.

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