Top 10 Reasons why we Must Save Water

Water is one of the basic necessities of life. Various researchers have finalized the conclusion that the mark of life on this planet was first seen in water. The water became the vessel in which he life on this Earth bloomed. The scientific researches have revealed long back that the human body consists of 63 to 70 percent of water alone. This water serves as the ultimate vehicle for the food and nutrients that supplies your body with energy for the day to day activities. Mere shortage of water has terrible effects on your health. Severe dehydration to a point can be fatal for the person and therefore sufficient water intake is recommended and this is not just for humans but for every other living creature around. With water the life came to breathe and without it there sure is no future. It is sad to see that this valuable resource is been wasted and degraded to such an extent that this once widely available resource has come to point of saturation. The time has come for people to realize how valuable this fluid is and how important it is to save it from being depleted. The following are the top 10 reasons indicating and stressing on the need to save water.


10. Cost
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Today a large number of population lives in the cities and highly urbanized areas. The villages in the early times had its own lakes and wells which provided water. But industrialization has deprived them of these amenities now. Now water is provided by the Government through its treatment plants making it fit for drinking. And due to all this there is some cost associated with water supplying. You are charged for every liter water that you use. Although water is not charged highly but if you go on wasting and over utilizing it the mere cost can become substantial in no time. A nice way to cut on your payments is to reduce your water consumption and save on water bill as well.


9. Ecosystem.

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As I mentioned above water is not important for the humans alone but also for the animals and plants. Every living being around is in some way or the other dependent on water. The land animals and plants need it for their daily activities while the aquatic beings depend on it totally for their survival. Unthoughtful use of water has led to excessive pollution and also exploitation of the natural habitat of these speechless beings. Many species have gone extinct and many marine forms of choral and flora are vanishing each day. It must no be forgotten that a balanced Eco system is essential for our own survival. Hence water conservation is a must in this sense.


8. Personal use.
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Just think about it- the moment you wake up in the morning to the last minute that you are in bed is there any hour that passed without you using water. From freshening up in the morning to drinking , cooking and washing etc. Water is a major requirement in the household and in the individual health and hygiene. I am sure we all have gone through the phase where for a day or do the water supply was blocked and you had to stay without sufficient water. It is the outcome of indiscriminate use. The population is ever increasing and the water sources are depleting. To ensure that we have sufficient water for ourselves everyday we need to curb your needs and re utilize used water. If we do not learn to save water now we probably will never be able to do it.


7. Industries.

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Water is equally important for the commercial sector. Various manufacturing plants running through out the world need water for their smooth functioning. Be it the drug industry or the textile none can exist without water. Water has direct involvement in the production apart from cleaning and sanitation of the production plant. A major chunk of the water supply goes to industries and therefore it is necessary for them to come up with techniques to save water. For example Aquafina the packaged water company through water harvesting gives back the amount of water that it uses for its business  If industries can chalk out appropriate plans then a large amount of water can be re utilized. They should keep in mind that they need water and thus they should and must save it.


6. Treatment.

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We all use hundreds of gallons of water each day for bathing washing drinking etc. The sewage is always over flowing with the used water. Do you know what is next place for this water? It is the treatment plant. The water before being disposed off has to be treated to remove the microbial load and toxins that can harm nature. Also the sewage water is now being treated in a highly demanding way to yield potable water again. This is a pretty expensive process the cost of which is born by the government. In turn when this water is supplied to the people they pay added charges or higher charges for the water. Hence if we save water lesser will reach the treatment plants and thus lesser cost will be incurred by the government and thus by us.


5. Agriculture.

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In agro based countries like India as much as 40 to 50% of the water is directed to the agriculture. Agriculture definitely needs good amount of water and it cannot be avoided. Most f the farmers use bore wells and nearby reservoirs as their source of water and use it indiscriminately  The farmers need to save water because if they do not then agriculture in the coming years might be very difficult for them. They should start the practice of water harvesting and collecting. Without agriculture our country will not be able to fulfill its food requirements and thus water saving is a must for not just the farmers but for each and every individual.


4. Leeching.

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Leeching is the phenomena associated with farming. As I mentioned earlier farmers use water excessively. Yes water is essential for optimum growth but that does not mean that more the water more will the yield. When water accumulates in the fields the salts and minerals and fertilizers are transported to the surface water. On evaporation of water the minerals are left behind forming a inorganic layer on he soil surface. This causes loss of fertility in the long run. Thus farmers need to use water rationally so that maximum growth is achieved without any deleterious effects on the soil.


3. Drought.

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Drought is excessive drying of land making it infertile and barren and also at times sandy. A recent survey has shown an alarming increase in the area under barren land. This is due excessive pulling of water. In most of the places when surface water is not sufficient the underground reservoirs are exploited. Since they are at a lower level whenever their level of water decreases the surrounding water is pulled back. When this happens drastically the surrounding region and the surface is rendered dry and barren as it has no water spared. Thus there is need to save water and use i wisely to protect the  land.


2. For others.

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We being in the cities and metropolitan are blessed with all the amenities at the convenience of finger away. But such is not the case with all. Not so far from your great apartments there are slums and housing that do not have sufficient water for them. There are at the most 1 or 2 public water supplying areas that accommodate hundreds of houses. There are people in villages next to your city that walk miles to get water. In the name of humanity we need to save water so that it can be used by the ones in need.


1. Limited.

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The most significant of the reasons to save water is the fact that water is limited as a source. Yes it is true that 71% of the planet is covered under water but out of that 97% is in the oceans and thus is salty. Out of the remaining 3% almost 98% is in the glaciers as ice. Practically speaking only 0.03% of water is fresh which is available. Thus it is very very limited. With the ever increasing population the need to conserve water is even more crucial. Thus it is the need of the hour that we put united efforts and save water as much as we can.

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