Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Drugs

A large population in today’s world use drugs. Majority of this population is youngsters as well as teenagers. Consuming drugs, be it large amount or small amount, always leads to negative side-effects. The path of consuming drugs looks very easy and attractive, but in reality it is the worst path to ever travel on. The drugs not only affect the user and addicts but also leaves a negative impact on the environment. Drug addicts are used by losers and there are thousands of reasons to avoid drug usage. But the reasons given here are the top 10 reasons for saying no to Drugs:

#10] Time:

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If a person uses drugs regularly he becomes an addict. After a person becomes an addict, he or she will not be able to stay patient without drugs. They will need them everyday. This everyday requirement of drugs costs a lot of money. The price of drugs is high because there a very few places where drugs are available. Even after this high cost of money and a lot of trouble to get the drugs, they never quit. Those who are drug addicts waste their precious time in looking and asking for the next dose till they get one. To add to the troubles, if the one using drugs get caught and police puts them in jail. This further leads to wastage of many years of their life.

#9] Environment:

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Drugs grow on land. The number of people using drugs is increasing. To fulfil the total demand of the drugs, people have started to grow more and more plants for drugs. To grow drugs, one needs to cut down the useful plants and trees. This cutting down of forest for land (which can be used for growing drugs) results in loss of habitat and therefore, ecological imbalance. Other problems such as extinct species, soil erosion etc. Also arises because of this. Also, to add to the problems, the land which was used for growing drugs can now never be used in growing any food plants and trees, which is because the fertility of the soil is lost after drugs are grown on it.

#8] Dreams and Aim:

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If a person has a definite goal in his/her life and if he/she dreams about something, they he/she must take care of not getting addicted to drugs. Habit of using drugs in a person, makes him unsuccessful. Drugs lead a person in the wrong direction and make a different way which is away from the goal. The person who has a habit of consuming drugs may lose the mental ability and will have zero or less concentration in other important things. As soon as the concentration and focus is affected, all his dreams of achieving a particular goal can never come to reality.

#7] Money:

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For a drug addict, it is very difficult to earn money. The difficulty arises because drugs always interfere with the person’s abilities and skills and reduce them to a level that the person is no longer able to earn money. A huge fraction of the little amount of money which they earn is wasted on drug dosage. Eventually the person becomes poor and has very little money. This critical condition forces them to get involved in criminal activities. The addict is unable to spend the money on other basic necessities and instead spend it all on drugs. The condition gets worse over time and they become poor and homeless.

#6] Harm to Society:

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Drugs are not allowed in any corner of the world. The using and selling of drugs is everywhere illegal. People who sell drugs can be called as criminals. These sellers are a threat to the society, be it in India or be it any other country. They eventually starts terrorizing the society and social people. They also grow violent over time and act violently against business competitors or any other revenges. This violent nature further leads them to other criminal activities such as kidnapping, murders, bribery etc. The law and order of the society is put to risk. The society becomes restless and terrified by the presence of such addicts.

#5] Friends:

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The effect of drugs on friends is very much negative. Using drugs in front of friends makes a negative impression on the friends and their minds. Drugs make you abuse, lie, steal and many such dangerous things. Drugs make a person very less social. The use of drugs may lead to mood swings. These mood swings can change the most favourite hangout place to be the most irritating place even in the presence of the best friends. This, further, results in break in the friendship bond. Choosing drugs over friends and family is the pettiest thing that one can ever do.

#4] Career:

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Drugs make your mind numb. The excitation and thrill f work is long gone if a person starts using drugs. It has been studied in the behaviour of the drug addicts that they give the interest of going to work and even show no interest in their favourite hobbies. And if a fresher is applying for a new job, he or she will have to clear the narcotics test. Companies keep this test as mandatory because they do not want employees which are losers and do drugs. A drug addict will never be able to clear/pass the narcotics test and will, therefore, get no job. If the person on drugs is already having a job, but the changes in his behaviour may take his job from him eventually taking away all the power and position.

#3] Family:

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The family of a drug addict gets disappointed by the behaviour of the person. They will try to help but then give up eventually. Parents will have to what their child is going through with the use of drugs. The brothers and sisters will have to suffer by looking at the pain. The use of drugs brings an unseen distance between the members. Families breaks, scatters apart and the members of the family starts staying individually. Therefore, the problem of drugs is not a short-term problem; the problem stays till death and the families suffer for many years.

#2] Mental illness:

 Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Drugs

Drugs make a person mentally retarded. A person using drugs becomes incapable of thinking and reasoning. The mental ability decreases. It is just an illusion that drugs reduce only the concentration. The reality is that the drugs reduce the mental power of a human brain. The very common problem faced by the drug addicts is that they forget things. Their memory is faded. Another common problem is that they reduces the response towards various activities. Schizophrenia is the most common disease seen in the people using drugs. The people suffering from this disease cannot differentiate between the real and the unreal.

#1] Physical Health:

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The most valid reason to put drugs outside your life is the effect they have on the physical health of a person. Drugs destroy the physical well-being of a person. Is a person is addicted to drugs, he or she is reducing his/her life span by his own will.

AIDS, Hepatitis C, asthma, heart attack, diabetes, vision distortion, lung cancer and many other deadly diseases can be caused by drugs. When the drugs reach in the blood system of a human, it absorbs all the vitamins, proteins and minerals. They leave an ever-lasting impact on the body. The person may suffer from multiple-organ failure. Drugs make a person, nothing but dead.

Yes! we do have some countries in the world that have made consuming drugs legal and possibly these countries government needs to give a second thought after reviewing its negative effects.

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