Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

Drinking a small amount of alcohol is not harmful for health. But when the limit exceeds, alcohol may affect your body in a negative manner. Occasionally, you can drink alcohol without any issues but if you get addicted to it, problems may arise. Chances are there that you might catch some of the fatal diseases. This article discusses some of the major problems that excess intake of alcohol can cause to your health. I am sure you would be convinced after reading this article not to take excess amount of alcohol on a regular basis.

10. Alcoholism

alcoholism Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

Alcoholism is that state when a person cannot even imagine his life without alcohol. He becomes that much addicted to it that at small intervals, he demands some amount of alcohol. As the time passes, the demand of alcohol is increased by the person. This type of situation is very dangerous and may lead to some of the chronic diseases. If a person is suffering from alcoholism and you do not provide alcohol to him when he asks for it, he would feel very weak, and in the extreme case, he may even get into depression.

9. Liver Diseases

Liver Diseases Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

Liver is the most delicate part of human body and unfortunately, liver is the most affected when excess of alcohol goes inside a human’s body. If a person consumes alcohol on a regular basis, that is, almost daily, he is likely to get liver diseases. According to scientific research, a human’s liver can function properly if it is damaged up to an extent of 75%, but not after that. Some people drink alcohol in such high amounts that they damage their liver up to 90%. At this stage, cirrhosis occurs. Cirrhosis means scarring of the liver. The liver cells are extremely damaged in this condition and person may find difficult to breathe even. This kind of damage can also lead to person’s death.

8. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

When alcohol is consumed in very high amounts by a person daily, Pancreatitis can occur. This is a disease in which pancreas swell and this cannot be cured. Even if you quit drinking once this disease has occurred to you, it would not be cured and you would have to suffer lifelong because of this disease. A person affected by this disease would feel like vomiting, have fever from time to time, extreme sweating may occur, and he/she would feel pain in upper abdomen. The digestive system gets completely disturbed and person is unable to eat properly.

7. Accidents

accidents Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

A very famous quote related to drinking alcohol and driving is- Drink + Drive = Death. This quote needs no explanation. If a person has consumed alcohol, and right after drinking, he wants to drive, this should not be allowed otherwise consequences might be fatal. Intake of alcohol slows down a person’s reaction time. The reaction time is a term used to refer to the time a person takes to react whenever an object comes in front of him while he is driving. In the extreme cases, a person loses control over the vehicle. This condition is dangerous not only for the person himself but also for other innocent people walking on the road.

6. Inappropriate Behaviour

inappropriate behaviour Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

When a person is under the influence of alcohol, he might not be in his senses. That means, he loses control over his mind and his body. He might not behave properly with other people around him. This all is done unknowingly by the person and later on, when he would return to his senses, he might feel embarrassed by what he had done previously.

5. Hangovers

hangovers Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

Hangover is a short term effect produced by the intake of alcohol. This is not very much dangerous for the health if it happens once or twice. But, if a person is subjected to regular intake of alcohol, he might suffer from hangovers every now and then. And in that case, body is unable to tolerate it. Uneasiness, nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, sickness, dehydration and headache are some of the symptoms of a hangover. Doctors suggest that lime juice should be taken after drinking a small amount of alcohol in order to avoid a hangover.

4. Cancer

Cancer Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

One of the most dangerous diseases caused by excessive consumption of alcohol is cancer. For women, this is even more dangerous as intake of alcohol can lead them to breast cancer. This generally happens when people are habitual of taking alcohol each day more than their body allows them to. Cancer in lever is also very common for people consuming alcohol in large amounts. To prevent cancer, alcohol should not be taken on a regular basis. As it has been mentioned earlier on also, if you drink alcohol occasionally, that is fine. But if you make it your habit, this is not good for you health.

3. High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

One of the most common problems that alcohol causes to a human body is high blood pressure. There would hardly be any person in this world that is taking alcohol as his regular drink and is still away from high blood pressure. This is the initial stage of many heart diseases. High blood pressure leads to some of the chronic diseases which may even prove to be fatal at a later stage. It is advised for men not to consume more than two standard glasses in a day and for women, this specified quantity reduces to one glass per day.

2. Heart Diseases

Heart diseases Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

If the consumption of alcohol crosses all the limits, heart is affected by it. As compared to non-alcohol consumers, the alcohol consumers are likely to get heart diseases more often. Even the heart attacks occur most of the time to those people only who have alcohol consumption in their daily schedule. Strokes are the common heart problems that don’t spare even the minute alcohol consumers. Blood vessels are damaged extremely if a person does not stop drinking alcohol even after he has been affected by some cardiovascular disease.

1. Pregnancy Risks

Preganancy Risks Top 10 Negative Effects of Alcohol on Health

If a woman is pregnant, she should not take the risk of drinking alcohol at any cost as it may be very harmful for the foetus. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy might lead to the birth of an abnormal baby. Even after years, the baby would not have normal growth like all the other children. In the extreme cases, the child may be mentally retarded. Some of the body parts may not form perfectly. This is essential that women pay attention to their health while they are pregnant.

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