Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

Man although considered as the most advanced creature around he is far from being perfect and way further from being invincible. Nature since ancient times has offered us all the things required for our health and well being. At the same time it also has laid down a number of hurdles and obstacles on our path of life that make our lives miserable in the form of diseases. Disease is the term given to any state that deprives the person of comfort and health be it the mind or the body. Although the field of science has advanced remarkably and there are cures available to most of the diseases around the pain and discomfort that comes with the onset of the disease is totally uncontrollable. It would be unfair to say that a certain disease is better than he other because each one is associated with its own drastic symptoms. But yet we cannot ignore the fact that certain diseases around even chill the spine of someone simply witnessing the whaling patient. Depending upon the pain that a disease is encountered with the following can be rated as the top 10 painful diseases in the world. Although it should be noted that pain has no measuring parameter. It is the definition of the bearer and the level of intensity depends upon the description offered by the patients.

10. Mouth ulcers

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I am sure there is not a single one of you who does not know about mouth ulcers and have not experienced them at least once. This a very common medical disorder arising due to several reasons. Many things trigger the ulcers some of the prominent once being constipation, spicy food , stress , hormonal imbalance , pre menses days etc. Although it is very common in both the sexes women are more prone to ulceration due to the monthly hormonal cycle that leads to menstruation. Ulcers though seem simple but often inn the mouth occur at crucial spots like the inside of the cheek  upper or lower lip on the gums etc. They make the basic task of talking and eating so painful that it gets unbearable. The person finds it difficult to eat or drink as it gives a strong stinging sensation.


9. Dysmenorrhea 

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This is another medical disorder found only in women. Dysmenorrhea is used to describe the menstrual disorders in women. Many at time we comes across women who go through a lot of trouble in those days of the month. It s frequent to see that many women face extreme bleeding or immense pain during menses. This all is included in Dysmenorrhea.  The pain is very intense making it difficult for the women to concentrate on work or do basic daily activities. Some find it difficult even to stand and walk straight. Associated with bleeding , numbness and sweating the pain is worsened with discomfort. It surely is something that only women will understand. But it is enough to make even an adult women loose and start crying.


8. Arthritis

arthritis 300x195 Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World
A very common term for all the people who have at least one elder in the house. Arthritis is a disorder of the bones. It is age related and therefore found very commonly in older people  In arthritis the various joints governing the movements of the body get rigid. It can be due to gout or due to lack of stickiness in the joints that allows smooth twisting of joints. In gouty arthritis there is deposition of crystals of uric acid making the contraction and stretching of any joint a painful event. People suffering from arthritis can walk with difficulty and find it very difficult to bent their knees , elbows, fingers, wrist etc. The pain is continuous and immense. It is definitely one of the worst age can bring.


7. Kidney stones

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Kidney stones are also very common these days. The unhealthy living and lack of nutrition and exercise have laid to improper functioning of the body organs. Kidney stones develop due to improper or inadequate filtration of the blood by the kidneys causing deposition of calcium or urea in the kidney it self or at times in the bladder. If the stone is blocking some nerve than the pain is very intense and continuous  The pain shoots from the abdomen towards the back when the stone suddenly gets motile and starts moving from the kidney down to the bladder. Many at times the stone gets big enough to block the entire kidney or urinary tubes. This often leads to kidney failure in many patients diagnosed with kidney stones or bladder stones. The pain is overwhelming making the person yell for help in agony and the situation demands immediate surgery.


6. Tooth abscess

tooth abcess 300x200 Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World
People often neglect the oral hygiene which is very crucial from social as well as medical point of view. The mouth is house to many bacteria which can be harmful as well. The tooth starts decaying if not given a thorough cleaning everyday twice. When this decaying is left unchecked the it gives rise to infections causing tooth abscess  The tooth structure shows presence of pulp at its center which is linked to the nerves and vessels supplying the teeth. The infection travels down the tooth to the base and starts creating pus over there. This causes swelling of the gums and surrounding cheeks and suppression of the nerves giving rise to extreme pain. The infection can spread to other regions of the face and neck. The pus filled boils can be seen clearly and sometimes can grow considerably. It immediately needs to be treated and the pus needs to be evacuated. Th abscess is termed as one of the most painful diseases and dental disorder.


5. Shingles

shingles 300x225 Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World
Shingles for those who do not know is a viral disease. It is caused by the virus herpes zooster responsible for many other disorders in men. Shingles from those who have suffered from it have graded it as one of the most painful disease. In shingles the upper arms , back , shoulders , neck or at times the face show emergence of red boils which can grow as well. Most of the time they are not seen by the companions as they are covered unless on the face. The boils are extremely painful. Even the friction from your clothes can make you clinch in pain. The sudden swap of wind hitting the affected area can bring tears to the eyes. If someone accidently ends up hitting on the affected part it sure can bring down the person on knees. It is truly a very painful disease.


4. Trigeminal neuralgia

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Trigeminal is one of the facial nerves. It connects the various features on the face to the spinal cord and then to the brain. It is responsible for the facial movements and expressions. In Trigeminal neuralgia the Trigeminal nerve either on one side or both sides like left and right is affected. The outcome is that extreme sensations of pain are felt in the jaw , lip movements , eyes, forehead , scalp etc. The pain is so intense that even basic acts like eating and brushing teeth can be extremely painful. It is termed as the most painful disorder ever. It has been rightfully called as the suicide disease.


3. Heart attack

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Heart attack is one of the leading reasons associated with early mortality among the urban.  When the heart fails to function properly it is subjected to more and more stress and pressure to meet up with the body’s needs. This leads to total break down of the heart. Heart attack is signaled by an extreme painful sensation in the chest and left arm. The pain is so ferocious that the person is unable to talk properly and convey. In major heart attacks the person is so powerless in front of the pain that he collapses immediately and needs to be hospitalized. The extreme pain can even make the person faint. If not hospitalized on time the heart attack is fatal disorder.


2. Appendicitis

Appendicitis 300x236 Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

Appendix is a “Vestigial” organ in humans. It means that it is no longer used in men it just a useless organ. Scientist suggest that it had a use in the earlier humans in the primitive era but in today’s humans it got no use. Many at times this organ which is an extension of the intestine swells due to some factors causing extreme pain enough to make a person yell. If not treated on time the appendix might burst releasing toxicity in the entire body which can be fatal. The patient needs to be treated and the infected appendix is removed from the body. It is graded as one of the most painful diseases by the patients.


1. Cancer

Cancer 300x195 Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

Cancer is by far the most painful disease known to mankind. Cancer is marked by formation of tumors in various organs of the body which finally leads to its failure. . The failing organ is a reason for many complications but if the tumor is suppressing some nerve it can trigger extreme pain. At times the nerve is tangles with the tumor making the pain more intense and difficult to cure. The tumors on the skin surface can cause bleeding and pus formation that is extremely painful. The patient can be seen whaling in pain with almost no cure. It is indeed the most painful disease.

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