Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

Drugs are very dangerous to you, not only to the internal body, but also your appearance and your personal life. The addiction caused by the drugs is more then very dangerous and it is very hard to let it go. They may ruin all of your internal body parts, your mind, your kidneys, liver, stomach, every body part is equally effected by drugs. Drugs do not only eat up your body, but also other parts of your life. They may spoil your relations from your friends, society, they may drift you apart from your family, you may blow your career if you get obsessed with them. It has been observed that drugs have a very harmful effect over your looks. People who consume drugs are found to get older sooner then others. Also if your inner body is not working properly, how can you look better from outside. If we talk about harmful effects of drugs, we may even write a book. One should also know the names of the drugs which are most dangerous and may led to a great destruction in his life. Given below is the list of the most dangerous drugs, along with the harm they cause in the human body.

10. Buprenorphine

buprenorphine 300x225 Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug is on the number tenth position in the most dangerous drugs list. It is also known as bupe or subbies. This drug is mainly use for the treatment of people who are addicted to heroin. It helps people by reducing the need to intake of heroin. It also cures severe pains. But a large intake of the drug is very harmful. The withdrawal from the drug may cause several problems like nausea, sleeping problems, headaches, sweating, loss of appetite, etc. The effects are somehow similar to those of heroin withdrawal, but are in a little milder amount. The street price for the drug is 2 pounds for 4*8 mg capsules. The number of users having this drug in regular basis are still unknown and it accounts for around 2 deaths a year in UK.

9. Tobacco

tobacco Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug is not banned and is thus easily available on shops and market and is the most popular drugs out of all. The effect of tobacco are also very severe. It may even cause death. This drug is one of the leading cause of cancer and is responsible for massive deaths of around 114,000 people each year. It is the main gate away drug  for all the other drugs. It is the main cause of addiction in people. There are in all 10 million users in Britain only and majority of them die out of excessive use of the drug. The addiction caused by tobacco is very hard to run from.

8. Amphetamines

Amphetamines Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This is a very harmful drug and has serious impacts over the heart and the central nervous system. They are also known as billy or speed. They belong to a group called as stimulant drugs and are very frequently used by sportsmen. This is popular by the name of greenies among baseball players. These drug led to a faster transfer of messages between heart and the brain. If taken in large quantity, they may led to blurred vision, traumas, irregular breathing and sometimes even coma. The reported deaths are around 35 to 40 in a year. Withdrawal from the drug may led to paranoia, depression, and panic behavior of the addict.

7. Benzodiazepines

benzodieazepines Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug is responsible for taking 406 UK deaths a year. It is mainly from the sedative drug family. It is very fatal drug and may cause severe effects on brain and body. In opposite to  amphetamines, who speed up the message between heart and brain, the benzodiazepines slow down this activity, and are thus also called as depressant drugs. This drug is recommended by doctors in order to make the patient relieve form stress and make him sleep, while some people use it for the purpose of comin down from the intoxicated effects of cocain and heroin. They are very highly addictive. If you are once addictive to these drugs, it becomes next to impossible for you to stay away from them for the rest of your life and the withdrawal may cause serious problems like memory loss, depression, inactivity, etc.

6. Ketamine

ketamine 300x230 Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug has an amazing capability of making you see things that do not even exists. It changes the thinking, perception of time and also emotions. Thus it is mainly a hallucinogen drug. It is also known as special K or kitkat and K. It has around 100,000 users and on an average it causes one death a year in UK. The effects of having the drug in large doses may led to drowsiness, semiconscious, depression, irregular heartbeat and even convulsions and inability to move.

5. Alcohol

alcohol1 Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This is one of the most common drug and has many harmful effects over the body. It is also legal and this makes the drug more frequently used. Large intake of the drug may led to various medical issues. The effect of alcohol consumption are first and harshly seen on the liver, and slowly it reaches to the entire nervous system and then slowly it may cause the breakdown of the system. It is used by around 40 million people and it causes a death of around 400,000 people a year, in UK. The consumption of alcohol in small quantities is however not a dangerous choice, but addiction needs to be avoided.

4. Street Methadone

street methadone Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug is almost similar to heroin. It causes a high addiction and make the user that much helpless that he cannot spend a single night without consuming the drug. IT has in all 33,000 users in UK and has an estimates deaths of 295 people in a year. It is also a costly drug. IT is of 10 pounds for 10 ml of the drug. The drug is illegal and it also causes severe problems in the body. The main target of this drug is your brain and it first effects the frontal lobe of your brain. Thus making you more vulnerable to health issues. So stay away from this incredibly dangerous drug.

3. Barbiturates

barbiturates Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

These drugs come in the form of very colorful tablets and are thus also named as rainbows. Some other slang names for these drugs are yellow jackets, reds, blues, etc. The street price of the drug is 1 to 2 pounds per piece. It is a very harmful and addictive drug and causes very fatal problems over your mind and body. They are highly addictive in nature and are thus very prone to over dose. However overdose of the drug may led to instant death or several other dangerous effects.

2. Cocain

cocaine Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

This drug is also known as coke, snow, flake, etc and it is addictive in nature. Even if you try the drug twice or thrice, you are very prone to addiction of the drug. There are about 780,000 users and the estimated deaths are around 214 in UK, in a year. It has serious medical effects to the body, which are very undesirable.

1. Heroin

heroin Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs And their Effects

Heroin is the most popular illegal drug and is the most dangerous in the list as well. It is available in white, brown and black powdered form. Its harmful effects, high addiction and ability to control you drags it to the number one position. This is very costly. The slang names include H, smack, skag and junk. It causes a total of 700 deaths in a year and around 300,000 people in UK use the drug on a very frequent basis. Injection of the drug may lead to scarred or collapsed veins, liver and kidney diseases and also many heart diseases. Withdrawal from the drug becomes very difficult, as it is very addictive. The price of the drug is around 10 to 20 pounds per bag. While injecting, the sharing of the needle or equipment may led to serious infections like hypatites A, B, HIV and many other blood borne diseases that are dangerous for health.

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