Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

In this rushing world, we need to interact with people, friends and relatives. It is necessary to gain good manners and etiquettes. It develops all round personality of a person. As an adult we must behave in a good manner. Good manner helps a lot in your life. On the other hand, bad manner results in irritating behavior and can hurt other’s feelings. It also leads to insensitive behavior. Sometimes we think that we should live our life in our own ways and we should do the things we like. But it is wrong if we think that, because in this society everything we do also affect our position and society. If we behave well and have good manners then it will enhance our personality. Good manners help us to acquire many good qualities like co-operation, sensitivity, punctuality and respect. Good manners help to build strong relationships with people. Thus here are Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn in life.

10. Be nice

be nice Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

It is not a good manner if you keep shouting on people, your siblings, or other members of your family even if you are in anger. Never show someone other’s anger on innocents. I have seen many people abusing their servants, clerks or any other person who is providing you service. One thing is that the other person is providing you some help and you should be nice to him. It is a good manner if you do not betray your servants and waiters. Always give credits of their hard work. Give some tip to servant in any restaurant you visit. Answer their greetings. One important thing that you must take care is that whenever you get a wrong call from some number, talk to him nicely, if you want to hold your phone do it politely and cut the call in suitable manner. Behaving in nice manner is a good manner.

9. Driving Etiquette

during driving Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

Whenever you are driving on road, one important thing to follow is rules and regulations of traffic. Always keep your vehicle’s speed low. And you have to take care of the other vehicles on the road. Suppose if some other vehicle is taking over, and then you should get some space aside such that the other person may go otherwise if do not do these things, it must lead to a quarrel. Always do your driving in a good manner. Do not drive after drinking. In case, you are parking your car and some other car is coming over the space that you have selected, then get your car parked at any other space as all space is not yours and first come first serve is a mannered thinking. Never abuse any person if someone stuck with you by mistake. At high traffic it can happen sometimes. Thus you must take care of these points while driving. These manners help you to become a good social being.

8. Help old people

help old people Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

It will be very kind if you help old people, who cannot help themselves at certain places. If you notice some old people in crowded place struggling to move, help them. You should give seat to old people in a crowded bus or train if they don’t get any seat. Help old people to cross the road. Even you should help your grandparents at home whenever they need your help. Help them get their food or other things which they cannot do. Helping old people is thus good things to learn and you should do this regularly.

7. Hold open door

hold door open 300x242 Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

Sometimes when you are passing from the door and you have to push that door, you may leave it without noticing. The door may strike the person behind you. It’s not like that you are girl and you cannot hold the door for the person behind you. If someone is entering the door after you, pause for a second and hold it open for some time. It will be courteous if you say sir or madam politely. Even if it is a stranger hold the door for them. These small things in your life may alter your personality.

6.  Congratulate people

congratulate people 300x201 Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

You may see certain people, your friends or relatives winning some competition and you must congratulate them for their victory. Even if you are in that competition, if you lose, congratulate the other team. If someone gets married, congratulate him for starting a new and perfect life. If someone beats you in some sports event or study, also congratulate him. This will enhance your co-operation. Also you will gain good manners and how to behave in society and making new friends not enemies.

5. Dress yourself appropriately

dress yourself appropriate Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

Whenever you are going outside, always groom yourself in a neat, clean and perfect manner. Whether you are going to school or job, dress yourself in simple and clean way. Shower daily, always keep your nails cut and clean, do your hair properly and always keep your clothes clean. Always wear freshly washed clothes and iron them daily such that they are as fine with no wrinkles. Never repeat your clothes even for one or two days. If you are not dressed properly and your clothes are not clean, what impression would it be on people? Thus it is basic manner that everyone must aware and follow. Having good hygiene is extremely important and you can click here to know more about ways to stay hygienic.

4. Manage introductions

managing introductions Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

If you are with two people and both of them do not know each other, then it is your responsibility to introduce with each other. If you bring your friend at home, introduce him to other family members in a good manner. Always the person with lower social rank or low age is acquainted with the person with high social rank or more age. Thus you can introduce two strange persons with each other. Start a nice conversation and make them intimate with each other. It is important to learn these types of good manners as you have to introduce some people. Thus follow every good manner to become a good social being.

3.  Phone Etiquettes

phone etiquettes Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

It is not mannered if you use your phone in religious place, in the middle of a meeting, washroom, while you are sleeping, when a person is helping you or some public place where a lot of noise may interrupt your call. If you are in some public place, keep your voice low while on the phone such that it might not disturb any person. Never laugh loudly on the phone. Never talk to other person while you are on phone, the person on the phone might think that you are not listening to what he says. Avoid using computer while you are phone, it can deviate your mind. Also avoid people calling during their sleep time and meals time. While dialing number, double check the number you entered, that should not be any wrong number. And if you have called some wrong number speak politely to the person and beg sorry. If someone is not picking your call, give him time, he might be doing some important work. These manners will help you while using phone which is the most important gadget.

2. Eating Manners

eating manners Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

One of the most important manners is eating manners. While eating your favorite dish, it’s easy to forget to don’t open your mouth while chewing your food. Do not laugh or talk while chewing your food as some food particles may fall from your mouth leaving a bad impression on others and that is too embarrassing if you are in some party or restaurant. Always say excuse me while leaving table or you can sit on the dining table till all the members are finished with their meal. Never try to get that dish to which you cannot reach, or ask someone politely to pass you the dish. Take proper care placing knife, spoon and fork. Always pick salad with your left hand from the plate. Hold your plates and utensils in appropriate manner. Also rest your plates or utensils on table in a well manner.

1. Greet People

greet people 300x225 Top 10 Good Manners everyone Must Learn

The very first thing when you meet someone is to greet him. These are the first step to acquire good manners. Words like thank you, welcome, excuse me, sorry etc. should be used regularly. These add politeness to your language. You should always welcome your guests, friends and relatives and greet them whenever they meet you. Bring your courteous powers out of your soul. And will definitely feel that people are more respectful to you.



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