Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

Along with a healthy diet-plan you need some physical exercises also to reduce weight. Unbalanced food and in-activeness has the major role in that excessive weight gain. Reverse them and stay healthy. Today everyone wants to look their best; men, women, children, young, old; all wants to stay fit. Some of the exercises that could guide them to do so are:

1. Running or walking:

Running or walking Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

The best weight loss exercise is ‘Running’. It could be on the treadmill or outdoors. Running is one of the most efficient methods if you want to burn out those extra calories. If the weather is nice outside you can go out and run a mile. So you can both enjoy the nice scenery and also shed some wait. You can burn up to 100 calories for each mile you run. Or you can always walk around your house. Walking while doing some possible things like listening to music and reading etc will help you to lose some weight and maintain the necessary weight. Instead of sitting idle in the house try roaming here and there. It surely works and it is the cheapest of all the exercises. Walking can burn approximately 360 calories per hour.

2. Swimming:

Swimming Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

Swimming is the most pleasant exercise to lose that unwanted weight. And also helps you to tone almost all of your body well. You can burn around 800 calories by giving one hour to ‘swimming’. Do the laps up and down the pool and you would end up feeling fit and in ‘shape’.  It is a full body exercise that you can enjoy well in summers. Moreover as the water supports the body thus less stress is placed on the joints. Make it your hobby and see the change.

3. Bi-cycling:

Bi cycling Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss


It could be both outside and inside. You may desire to go out and ride the bike while enjoying the nature’s scenery or you may want to watch television while losing some extra weight. It mainly targets thighs and calf-muscles. Effectiveness of bi-cycling depends on your speed. It can rather be an enjoyable activity if done in groups. Who doesn’t want to be physically fit without actually doing some Workout. You can also make it an alternate to your car if you want to go to some nearby place. Little of such replacements and you would get your desired look.  It can burn approximately 500 calories per hour.

4. General Aerobic Workout:

General Aerobic Workout Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

Aerobic Exercise is the physical exercise of relatively low intensity. It has been proved as a very popular weight losing method, if done right. It can also be both indoor and outdoor. Some of the indoor exercises are: Stair Climbing, Elliptical Trainer, Indoor Rower etc. While outdoor exercises include Running, Cross-country skiing, rowing etc. Step aerobics, a type of indoor exercise targets legs, hips and gluts  It is an intense method of weight loss however the calories burnt depends on the speed and the step height. It can burn approximately 800 calories per hour.

5. Dancing:

Dancing Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

Dancing is the most fun exercise for losing extra calories. It is a wonderful exercise which is good not just for your body but for your heart also. It can change your mood in a minute and can boost the overall energy in no time. Dancing targets your entire body. And it is also a great stress reliever. Just put on the music at high volume and dance around. Stay active and keep going for around an hour and you will feel yourself the changes in your body and your spirit. Even if you can’t dance well, you jumping around and giving it a try would at least shed that extra weight. It can burn 600 to 800 of those extra calories in an hour.

6. Yoga:

Yoga Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

Yoga is the most relaxing exercise. Today many people are involved in this activity because it makes them fit physically and mentally. It includes stretching which is very good for both body and soul. It is most effective exercise of fighting the stubborn fats and is very good for health after the age of 40. It firms up your arms, abs, legs and butts. You can burn up to 180 calories in an hour. Advanced moves and difficult positions can also be done, depending upon your practice. So chose Yoga as your weight reduction exercise and stay healthy and lively.

7.  Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor Activities Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

There are various outdoor games that could help you lose that extra weight. You can be healthy along with enjoying the games. Choose a sport that you like and sideways shed the unwanted calories. These extra fats are gained by the in-activeness. So remain active, stop sitting idle and get the desired figure. For example soccer can burn 400 calories in an hour. Beach volleyball can burn 600 calories while table tennis can burn 300 calories in an hour. So play more and stay fit. Play like a kid for some time and feel alive. Winter sports like ice-skating, skiing, etc, rowing and horse riding can also help.

8. Do the neglected work:

 Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

There may be certain neglected work that you never want to do like gardening etc. Pay attention to that neglected garden and it will offer you an option of losing weight. Gardening can burn 300 of the unwanted calories. Yard work can also do the same for you. Use push mower instead of riding lawn mower and do your body a favour. In your to-do list add ‘Raking’, ‘cleaning gutters’, sweeping the driveway, scrubbing siding, turning a compost pile and cleaning of your house that could burn 200 calories per hour and help yourself by losing weight. Play with your kids, run after them and see the change yourself. By this you would not only lose weight but also bond better with them.

9.  Circuit Training:

Circuit Training Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

It is a body conditioning training. It involves resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. It involves running, jogging, cardiac and weight training exercises. Exercises like bench push-ups, squats, jumping jacks and crunches can help you in losing weight a lot. Ten minutes of jumping rope burns calories equivalent to running 8-minute mile. Push-ups build the arm-strength and work out your muscles around the chest. Leg-lifts work for your leg-strength. Crunches work for your abdominal strength. Squats are wonderful exercise targeting your legs and buttocks. Light-weight lifting is also helpful for losing weight.

10. Hiking and Rock-climbing:

Hiking and Rock climbing Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

You want fun along with exercise?? Then put on a pair of shoes so that you can walk comfortably over slippery and rugged terrain and walk your way to fitness. Best thing about hiking is you can do it individually and as a group. And you can go for it in any kind of weather. Just apply sunscreen and go for it. It can burn around 350 calories in an hour. It also gives you the opportunity of spending some quality time outside. Rock-climbing is also a weight loss exercise that can burn a lot of calories especially on the way up.

So, what are you waiting for! Choose your way to lose that unwanted weight and stay fit and healthy icon smile Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss

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