Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

A woman has always been the symbol of style and glamour in the world. Normally when we talk about fashion and accessories, a reflex of a woman always come in mind. With all these things, a woman need to have some essentials that defines her. By essentials, we mean some basic things that a woman must own in her wardrobe. There are some things which you need to own and which are defined for the occasions that may come anytime in your life. Some things that are really essential for a woman may be her sunglasses, dresses, handbag and many more. But a girl need to know what things she must have in her closet essentially. If you own these things, they give you a sense of completeness for all occasions. These items are not some high class designer and expensive things, but just little requirements that may help you in looking, feeling and living fabulous. Here is a list of some items that you must essentially have in your closet.

10.A Perfect Fit Blazer

a perfect fit blazer Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have


Whether it be winters or summers, a perfect fitted blazer always defines a perfect dress up. One can wear a blazer along with a denim, or skirt and may be a set of trousers.It can be wore on top of a blouse, or t shirt and may be a proper formal shirt. Doesn’t matter with what you wear it, it always looks great. If you have to go to office, you can wear it. If you are going for a formal meeting, you can go for it. Even if you are going for out with friends, you can wear a blazer with denim. In that case a blazer in color, other than black is a good option. Thus you need to have a perfectly fitted blazer, it will go with anything and you can wear it anywhere, from office, to meetings, to outing and shopping. But one thing you should keep in mind is the fitting of the blazer, a blazer should always be properly fitted. Over fitted blazer and a loose blazer will make you look miserable. Thus while buying a blazer, keep in mind the fitting of it. ¬†A blazer when properly fitted, always gives an amazing look of sophistication.

9. T-Shirts(one white and one black)

T shirtsone black and one white Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have


T shirt are certainly the most important requirement of any girl. Whenever you are in a hurry and wanna wear something light, a t shirt is the best option. From shopping to classes, from office to meetings, a t shirt may work, if properly worn. For example, while going for an office meeting, you can wear a t shirt along with blazer. While in classes and outing, you can go in a shirt with denim, or with a mini skirt. This will give a vanishing look T shirts also save you from heat and makes you feel light and relaxed. No matter what your age is, a t shirt will always suit you. They are easy to handle and are considered as can be worn anytime type casual.

8.Pair of Flats

a pair of flats Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

Flats are certainly essential for every woman. They are light and easily tackled. You can easily move from here to there when you are wearing flats, rather then in heels. They can go with a frill frock, denims, casual skirts and capries. One can wear flats in office, in class, at shopping places, with friends, and many more occasions. They are always available in cheap and variety of designs. One can opt for ballet type flats, or slipper type flats, and may be normal flats with single belt. They are comfortable and on the same side are light weighted. Your legs also feel happy inside flats, rather than in heels.

7. Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans 239x300 Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have


A skinny jeans is a symbol of hotness. It gives a sexy and hot shape to your lower half. So do wear a skinny jeans, if you wanna make yourself look presentable. Though you should stay far from it, if you are fat and have a heavy back. Unless it doesn’t matter what your age and profession is, a denim always gives an amazing look. Dark denims are more attractive then light ones. You can wear your skinny denim along with a silken blouse, or t shirt, or a top, and even with some kurti. It always give a sexy legs to your body, your legs, and even your hips.

6. A tank Top

tank top 225x300 Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

A tank top may look like a little weird when worn in public, if you are not so open to wear short clothes. But you need to have at least one in your closet. If you can’t wear it directly, then you can wear it over a skin tight t shirt, it will give a revilshing look. Also one can wear it inside a blouse or t shirt, which is transparent. It will give an amazing look if you wear a red colored tank top beneath a white transparent top. You can wear this combination along with a denim skirt, skinny denims, or some casual skirt. This top gives a light and cool feeling in summers. It can make you feel less heated. A woman must have at least one of these tank top, whether to wear it direct, or underneath some other top, or over some skin tight top.

5.Nail Paint

nail paints Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

Nails may be one of the most beautiful part of any woman, if cared properly. A touch of beautiful nail paint over long and shaped nails may add up to the overall beauty of a woman. You need to have at least some shade of nail paints in your closet. Some girls have a stock full of nail paints with them, and carries them with themselves. But even if you are not a nail paint and long nails admirer, being a woman, you need to have nail paint in your closet. If you don’t wanna apply it all the time, then no worries, just wear it when you go to any party or function and then remove it as soon as you reach home. Nail paint will always give some extra beauty to your dress up, and ¬†accessories. So just have one. If you don’t like bright colors, go for transparent, or pink, or white. A black and red nail paint are always like a signature nail paints for the ones who like using them. Thus for nail paint admirers, you need to have these colors in your nail paint stock.

4.Proper Night Dresses and lingerie

night dress Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

For a woman, the most important thing is her body. It is not only how you represent yourself in front of others, it is also about how you feel. A proper selection for undergarments or lingerie and perfect selection of nighties and night dresses is also essential. You need to have a proper collection of these things as well. These are more essential then your external clothes. You need to feel good, in order to look good. Also a matter of fitting, along with comfort should be considered while buying these things. So have a proper collection of these things, as they are as much important as you clothes.


sunglasses Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

Sunglasses doesn’t only protect you from sun, they also give a style to your apparels. They are one of the most important accessories when you go out. Eyes are the most delicate part of our body, and you always need to take care of them. Wearing sunglasses protect your eyes, gives you style, and thus make you feel smart as well. But lots of things must be taken care of while buying sunglasses. A proper alignment of glasses should be there. It must look good upon your face, not all sunglasses look good upon everyone. Also the proper selection of color of glasses should be made. There are several colors available, but not every color goes with your face. Thus do buy sunglasses, but with proper care.

2.Pair of High Heels

high heels Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

No matter what your height is, your wardrobe is not complete if you are not having a pair of high heels with you. High heels are very important requirement of any woman. Whether it be office meeting or ballroom party, high heels always look amazing. You cannot even go to any ballroom party without these. They are required for various purposes. You cannot wear a proper evening gown, a sexy one piece dress, and a formal skirt, without wearing heels with them. They add extra points to your dressing. A pair of black heels is the best option, it goes with almost all dresses, with office dress as well. Thus go and buy a pair of heels today only, if you don’t have one.

1. A Black Dress

a black dress Top 10 Essentials a Woman Must Have

There is a reason behind keeping this option at number one position. Black is a symbol of dominance. Each and every woman needs to have a black dress in her closet. A black dress makes you a complete sophisticated and well dresses woman. Any party, event, or even in your office, if you wear a black dress, if poses a strong influence over people. A wardrobe without black dress is certainly an incomplete one. Black color is also known to give a slimming look. So no matter what your body type is, go get a black dress for yourself, it will make you look amazing. Whenever you don’t have anything to wear at any party or bar, just consider this black dress as your default option.

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