Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

The divorce rates today are increasing. The reason could be lack of communication, physical abuse, alcoholism or may be lack of love. Today, people get married very quickly and get divorced even more quickly. But they fail to visualize the negative impacts it could have on not just them but others also. They forget that life is the combination of both good and bad times and thus they rush in to get divorced with the first fight they had with their spouse. Here are some disadvantages of taking divorce. Hope it helps!


10. Bad Impact on Children:

Bad impact on children Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

Not just the couples who have split up are affected by the divorce, but also the children suffer and are affected with negativity. A research has proved that the children of a split-up couple are more prone to depression and low-confidence or even violence than others. Sometimes they end up blaming themselves for the divorce and in most of the cases they don’t even believe in the existence of a happy marriage. In many cases it was found that it was very difficult for them to take the sides of one parent. They want to be with both of them not just one of them. They never see love in their own home so they are the ‘Haters’ mostly.


9. Depression in the couple:

Depression in the couple Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

No couple would split up if they don’t have any issues or any problems. Divorce is generally the final phase of long and bitter phase of arguments and fights. And with this phase it won’t be wrong to say that they have gone through a really difficult time. This causes depression, anxiety and unhappiness among them. And if the divorce is one sided, in that case it is very difficult for the one unwilling for divorce, to move on. People are hurt a lot emotionally in the case of divorce.


8. Changes Relationship:

Changes Relationship Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

You were married for years and in this time there would be many friends and other people connected to both of you or just you. You may have considered your Best Friend like your BFF or some other one as your well wisher but after a divorce it won’t be very surprising if they act strangely or when you feel they are not the same with you anymore. With a divorce, their views about you could have changed. They may be witnessing the pain of the other one and may consider you an EVIL in this case. So, with a divorce you don’t lose just one relationship but more!


7. Financial Challenges:

Financial Challenges Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

After Divorce you may feel like you have now turned poor because when you were married you always got what you wanted but why not now! With the legal procedure of the divorce emptying your account you could face other issues also. When you are married you feel responsible for anything and everything. You would think it is your liability to provide the necessities and facilities to your family. So you may be saving for it, or you may be investing safely. But once you are single again, you feel like flying free and you end up money-less with empty bank accounts.


6. Separation:

Separation Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

When you were in that bad patch with your partner, you felt like leaving the next moment. But once you are divorced, you will surely miss them. And it is perfectly normal thing as you have shared a lot of memories and you have known each other for years. They were your better half. But now what! You are single and you would miss the intimacy that you two shared; the laughs, the fights and everything about them. You may end up calling them and crying over it.


5. The Holy Knot:

The Holy Knot Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

It depends on your belief only but if you are the one who considers marriage as the knot of hearts, the relation blessed by God Himself, the Sanctity of the bond, then being divorced is not your thing. Today, people love quickly, get married the next instant and divorce each other rapidly. The sanctity of this word has lost! With a divorce you are doing some evil some bad. Instead of being a quitter, what you need to do is work upon it. Try to fix things up. That person was once everything for you. Nothing has changed now. Just work for it. Divorce will end up that single ray of hope you two could have.


4. The Void:

The Void Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

You said you were fed up of them. You said you are tired of this marriage thing. You felt like wanting that freedom again. You needed your single life again. You can’t be with them anymore. Okay. But what now! Are you ready to be single again? Do you really think you are capable of living that life again? In these years you were totally dependent on them. And they were always there for you whenever you needed them. Would you be able to live with that Void in your life? After Divorce, you will be all alone. Remember it.


3. Health Issues:

Health Issues Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce


A study has proved that the divorced people are found more ill then the others. After this big thing in their life, their normal life is surely disturbed. Divorced people were found to be prone to heart diseases, diabetes and other ailments. It could be the depression or loneliness after the divorce that the results were so. Moreover, when married you have someone to take care of, you yourself are more conscious about everything but once you are single again, those motives of being healthy seem to be lost. You end up affecting your life adversely and single.


2. Dating Again:

Dating Again Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

Humans are social animal. Everyone needs someone in their life to love and to be loved. After a divorce you may turn to dating again. But is this a good idea! After your marriage shattered like glass would you be able to open your heart again for someone? Would you be able to have faith in the happy ending this time when you just moved out of a bad relationship? If you started dating too early without even getting moved on, it would be bad for you only. Moreover knowing a person from start again could be a task. With the multiple sex partners, the chances of STD’s also increase. Are you really ready for all of this!


1. Is it that bad:

Is it that bad Top 10 Disadvantages of taking Divorce

You have lived with that person for years. Both of you know almost everything about each other; the likes and dislikes; the health problems; the mood swings; the habits and other details. But now suddenly you are going for divorce.  Everyone has some issues in their life. Life is never smooth. But it eventually gets better. So don’t you think it would be better to try so that things between you two work out? It can’t be that bad! You can solve the problems, you should at least try. You loved that person with all your heart. But all of it will be lost after the Divorce. You will lose them forever. Try again or you can seek some help.

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