Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies in India

Life just comes with one thing that can be assured and that is that it will keep on changing. No one on this Earth can guarantee that he or she will be equally happy or successful or miserable in the coming future considering what is available today. There are so many factors that decide the scenarios that make up your life. Having a great job today or having a great health now does not signify that you will be the same in the future also. We work day and night for the welfare of our families. Have you thought what will happen after you are not there anymore to look after them? What will happen to your wife or children or to your old and tired parents? Of course you have thought about it but there is not much that you can do. Nothing will replace you in their lives but you can at least secure their future financially with the help of an insurance. An insurance guides and protects your beloved ones after you are no more there to look after them. With so many options and easy to pay options getting a insurance has become a very easy task. If we talk about India insurance sector is one of the most powerful sectors financially. The following are the top insurance companies in India. Take every care while signing up any policy and understand all the terms carefully before agreeing to them.

10. Reliance Life insurance.
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Reliance group of industries are termed as one of the most successful industrial houses in the history of Indian entrepreneurs  They have explored the world of textile, oil and refinery , telecommunication , energy etc with absolute success and nothing else. They also entered into finance and now have ventured in in the insurance sector giving insurance of a wide variety. This is a venture of Anil dhirubhai and has its headquarters situated in Nariman Point. It is one of the most successful private investment firm. The total worth of the Rel Life insurance is estimated to be of 15000 crores in Indian rupees. They deal in both group as well individual policy coverage. a Japanese firm called Nippon has around 26 percent of interest share with the firm since the year 2011.


9. Kotak Life Insurance.
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Kotak life insurance is a venture of the Kotak Mahindra Finances. The firm is standing on the successful alliance between Old Mutual ( which has South African origin ) and Kotak Finances of the order 74:26 that lead to the organization of the Bank. Today it successfully boasts 20000 workers and over a fourteen thousand crores Indian rupees worth of assets. The Kotak life insurance has sold over a 4 million policies and is a very successful organization in terms of insurances. For any details visit the website


8. Bharati AXA Life insurance.
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As the name suggests The Bharati AXA life insurance is a joint venture. It brought together the Paris founded one of the strongest financial companies ‘ AXA” in the partnership of 26% into the Indian investment sector. The Bharati is a well known name in the country and has been remarkable in telecom and various other sectors. It has a 74% hold in the venture with AXA. The Group has started and claims to be a customer oriented firm with various plans and policies suiting the needs of the people. For any further details visit the following link


7. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.
bajaj allianz life insurance 300x200 Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies in India

Like many other giant ion the financial world Bajaj Allianz is also a group joint venture between the highly valued finance house Bajaj and an international power firm Allianz. It came into existence in the year 2001 and since then has offered the people a wide array of policies and plan suiting the requirements. The Bajaj Alliance was ranked 28th on the list of to 50 trusted finance houses of the country. The Bajaj Allianz serve a huge market with over 70 countries and manage more than a trillion worth of assets. For any further details please visit the link


6. Life Insurance Corporation Of India – LIC
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Life insurance corporation of India is the country’s biggest finance company funding the government by about 24.6%. It was started in the year 1956 and is fully controlled by the Government of India (100%). The LIC has its headquarters in Mumbai itself. LIC has a total worth of over 13 trillions Indian rupees. The LIC today stands firm with over 350 million policies safe guarding lives with all the might. The policies are based on easy terms and has an added assurance that it is backed the Government. For any further details on this company and its plan  please visit the website


5. ICICI Prudential Life insurance.
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ICICI is a very popular brand name in the banking world globally is one of the leading financial service providers in the country. In 2000 they merged with the United Kingdom Based Prudential and formed the India’s one of the biggest insurance and investment firm the ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. The Venture is approved by Indian Regulatory Insurance Authority ( IRDA ) thus certifying its reliance. The ICICI Prudential has sold over 10 million policies insuring people along with families and has had assets worth over 65000 crores Indian rupees. It has various policies and plans covering double , individual and group policies. For any further details please visit the website


4. Aviva Life Insurance.
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Aviva India is just like others also a partnership between the two very reliable and powerful and known names throughout the globe. Dabur is a very old and reliable industry in India dealing with health products and is known all over the world for the entire Ayurveda range of health boosters. It formed a collaboration with the UK giant Aviva to start a finance stream in the country under the name of Aviva India. Aviva holds a 26% stake in the venture with Dabur holding the other 74% thus having the majority. This group deals with a wide range of plans from pensions to child plans. The venture has turned out to be very successful in the country due to its variety and simplicity. For any further details please visit the website


3. Metlife Insurance.
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Metlife is the abbreviation for Metropolitan Life and is one of the biggest private investment firm in the world. It is currently serving over 90 million customers and has a market monopoly in over 60 countries. Metlife after mutualization holds a market in USA and serves the fiance purpose in over 500 fortune list companies. Other than USA it also has capital market in Japan  Middle east Asia  Latin America etc. Metlife was recommended by the Forbes magazine as perfectly managed finance group. It also has many other attributes to it. For any further details please log on to the website


2. Max Life Insurance.
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Like all the other mega investment groups this too is yet another joint venture in the field of finance between the Max India ltd which is a well known Indian company and the Mitsui Simitomo Insurance company which is the giant in the insurance field in the world. Max is a business group dealing with various corporate sectors in terms of finance and investments planning and services. In India it is ranked as the fourth largest private firm and has a considerable monopolization in the Indian market. It is currently holding a share of 8.6% in the finance market proving its profound grip on the customers. The total assets of the firm is around 18 thousand crores and a net profit of about 750 crores in the last year. For any further details please visit the website


1. HDFC Standard Life Insurance.
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The HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation and it is a joining venture of HDFC and the biggest sector of India Standard life. It is a private firm dealing with investments and insurances. It was organized by Hasmukhbhai Parekh who is the chairperson and has headquarters in Mumbai itself. The partnership is of the order 76:24 with HDFC having the larger share and Standard life having 24% stake. HDFC has under it 16000 employees and has a huge market .It has a wide range of policies to offer. It is one of the most popular insurance companies among the people due to its profound banking reputation among the people. HDFC has received the 2011 Indian Insurance Awards for great innovation for its policy HDFC SL crest. It offers multiple plans including the individual or the group both to the people. For any further details please visit the website

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