Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

Hospital is a health care institute providing treatment to the ailments of a patient with help of medication, in recent days, technology as well. In country as huge as India, finding a good hospital becomes a challenging task. Also, there are many hospitals present in public as well as the private sectors, differing in their cost ranges, advancement in terms of staff and equipment, the list is endless!

This article aims to help you in knowing the top ten hospitals in India. The list has been prepared based on various criteria like cost-effectiveness, advancement, efficiency, treatment and therapies provided etc.


10. Bombay Hospital [LOCATION – MUMBAI]:

bombay hospital Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

This hospital has always stayed in the top 10 Indian Hospitals list from 2004, little above or below in the ranking, but the hospital and its staff work well. Their motto is simple yet meaningful – “to render the same level of service to a poor that the rich will get in a good hospital”. Located in the mega-city Mumbai, the hospital is easily accessible. It is a multi-specialty hospital, known for its neurology department, the management team, owing to its popularity, has erected another sister hospital in Indore as well. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art cardiac cath-lab, a total of 108 procedures were performed in this laboratory, probably the largest count in the entire country.  The hospital has made its strong foundation in the neurology field and is carrying itself hence forth.

9. Sankara Nethralaya [LOCATION – CHENNAI]:

sanskar nethralaya Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

This hospital was established in 1976 with a mission to provide vision to the needy people of India. The literal meaning of this hospital is “Temple of the Eye”, rightly so as the number of patients coming here daily is around 1300 and around 500 surgeries are carried out on daily biases.  The hospital has its main building in Chennai and later branches were set up in various cities across Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The hospital has established a super specialty center for ophthalmic care and receives patients from all over the country and abroad. It has also achieved the fame of being the “Managed Charitable Organization in India”. Many eminent personalities have donated their eyes in this institute and encourage others to do the same in order to serve the community better.

8. Lilavati Hospitals [LOCATION – MUMBAI]:

lilavati hospital Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

Next to come in this list is rather famous “Lilavati Hospital”. Many top-notch personalities from various walks of life have some point or other visited this hospital. The strategy to incorporate research, education and service together and bring it to a single platform is what distinguishes this hospital from others in our country. Again, the hospital is located in the heart of our country – Mumbai, where resources accessibility and availability is never a problem. Few outstanding points regarding the Lilavati Hospital & Research Center is that it has one of the best Cardiac Care Packages, Research and training institutes go hand-in-hand. Lilavati promises to have most reliable and polished plastic surgery treatments in the country. To add more to already long list of facilities present in the hospital, the radiology center, medical care and affordability here also attracts the common masses.

7. Tata Memorial Hospital [LOCATION – MUMBAI]:

tata memorial hospital Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

The incurable has been cured here…  This is one of the world’s finest cancer treatment hospitals and a leading hospital in India as well. It is a comprehensive hospital for prevention, treatment, research and education on cancer. It has been reported that every year around 43,000 new patients come here and about 70% are treated free of cost! The first of its kind in India – PET CT scanner has been produced to provide cutting edge technologies for cancer patients. Many deemed universities across the world in association with the WHO have collaborated to establish the Research center in this hospital. Adding further, the hospital has also developed its own Rehabilitation Centers and clinical researches not only in Mumbai but also many other parts of India.

6. Post Graduate Institute [LOCATION – CHANDIGARH]:

PGIMER Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

The main purpose behind establishing this institute was to create a platform for all M.B.B.S graduate to take up specialization into various medical options, gain training and experience and finally spread to various other parts of India and render their services. PGIMER was given the responsibility to increase the horizon of medical education within our country and it lived up to it really well. The institute has created a good name in the field of intensive research related to health and body. Talking more about achievements this hospital has made in the recent past – it has set up a 140 bedded emergency ward for surgical and trauma emergencies, a 300 bedded advanced pediatric center for child care, Nano technology and neonatal intensive care facilities, drug de-addiction and treatment centers, advanced eye care center and many more. The institute has achieved credits in training both medical and non-medical students in various health activities.

5. Christian Medical College [LOCATION- VELLORE]:

cmc hospital Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

Next in the list comes the hospital of the poor – CMC. Established in the year 1900, in the recent past the medical college has achieved laurels with its advancements in research, education and helping the needy. In the field of research CMC strives to understand god’s purpose and design, fostering a spirit of enquiry, commitment to truth and high ethical standards. In the recent “address-letter” published by the director of CMC he has clearly stated that devotion of the staff of CMC towards their patients and self-less contribution to the society is what has contributed to the success of CMC.  Rightly so, the medical college gains lot of appreciation for the hospitality and care it provided to each and every person that enters their building. Christian Medical College has also contributed enormously in development and growth of the horizons of medical education by not only conducting researches in various medical arenas but also applying and implementing these in a proper way, serving the community.

4. NIMHANS [Location-Bangalore]:

nimhans Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroma Sciences is a renounced asylum for mentally un-fit patients. It has built strong base in neurological sciences and research industries. The institute has taken path-breaking steps in development of strategies in disaster management and psychological rehabilitation. They have also been an important part in contributing to behavioral researches related to space, atomic energy and transplantation.  The hospital has been always appreciated for its efforts in providing comfort to all the patients that enter their institute. The Doctor staff had also set-up a District Mental Health Programmer to reach out and help a huge group of masses and make them aware about different types of mental illness.

3. Apollo Hospitals [Location-Chennai]:

1304174660Apollo Hospital North Chennai Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

If name is something to by, then Apollo and its chain of hospitals spread all across the country are well known in the masses. Be it their commercializing the hospital services, getting latest and advanced medical equipment imported from different parts of the world, specialized attention and concern to its patients, Apollo has made a mark in the medical industry. It was the first hospital to be established in the city of Chennai in the year 1983 and after so many years Apollo has only risen in terms of the number of establishments, services provided, researches and advancements in medical treatments. True to its foundation principle, it has made quality health care accessible to the common man in India. Definitely, Apollo deserves this position in the list of top ten medical institutions.

2. Apollo Hospitals [Location-Delhi]:

APOLLO DELHI HOSPITAL Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

Again topping the list is Apollo Hospital, this time the Delhi branch. They have driven so far, with a single yet valuable trust, to provide best standards of patient care. They started off with a 150 beds hospital and today have established there footings in multiple cities across India and abroad. Apollo hospitals have JCI accreditation for 7 of its hospitals, the largest by any hospital groups in the region. Further, in the year 2011 Apollo Delhi became the world’s busiest transplant center. This brought India on the world’s medical map, attracting people from different countries to get their treatment done with Apollo’s high-class standards.

1.       All India Institute of Medical Sciences [Location-Delhi]:

AIIMS Hospital new delhi india Top 10 Best Hospitals in India

The hospital was initially created as an institute of national importance after a bill was passed in the parliament to create a medical institution were medical graduates and post-graduates gain experience practically while they continue learning which in turn would benefit the treatment standards within our country. As per the act, AIMS conducts various medical and Para-medical courses at both graduate and post-graduate levels and awards its own degree as well. Though, it has the disadvantages associated with any normal government hospital but the quality of treatment and care provided have always exceeded the expectations. The hospital also provides reasonable and cost-effective services to the lower-class patients, helping them to gain advantages of quality medical treatment.

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