Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World

Air conditioning is the process of exchanging heat from a lower temperature to a higher temperature body; or in layman terms, it is the process of controlling the temperature of air according to our convenience. Though air conditioning was popular even during the imperial times of China, the modern day air conditioner came into existence only during the mid-1920. Today life without air conditioning is unimaginable, whether you live in a desert or a cool temperate place, an air conditioner would always be a necessity. Apart from Global warming making our thermometers act all weird – air conditioners are not just there to cool but also to clean and regulate the flow of air in a building. Regulation of air flow would be impossible in large building without air conditioning. Air conditioners come in all sizes and all prices, with over a 100 manufacturers worldwide. Though most of them meet the requirement of cooling the room, there are important factors to be considered before actually purchasing one. Like, the energy ratings, advanced functions, filtering properties are to name a few. So based on that, let’s take a look at the top 10 Air conditioner making brands of the world.

10. Videocon

Videocon Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


Videocon is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances in the world, with over 17 manufacturing plants in India and all over the world. It’s an Indian based company, with its head office located in Gurgaon India, and manufacturing plants all over the world including China, Mexico, Poland and Italy. Videocon’s presence in the Air Conditioner market is marked by them massive range of Air conditioners that the company provides, and the new innovative technologies that the company manages so effortlessly. It provides various models, with focus on both energy efficiency and healthy living. The latest innovations provided by the company are, DC inverter technology and active Ionizer which uses activated carbon to absorb all the harmful pollutants that get mixed with the air.

9. Haier

Haier Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


Haier group is a collective organization based on the People’s Republic China. The corporation provides a wide a range of consumer appliances with a main focus on the Air Conditioners. It provides a massive range of air conditioners to choose from, and with over 100 years of experience in supplying consumer appliances, it’s hard to just choose one.  Though a bit low on the technological innovation and aesthetic design part, Haier air conditioners are known for their reliability, affordability and energy effectiveness. The one simple innovation called the Air Therapy System, introduced the Chinese leader is the only selling point of the company in terms of technology. But sure enough it does work.

8. LG

LG Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


If it’s innovation and aesthetics that you’re looking for in an air conditioner, then LG is the right choice for you. LG electronics is a private home appliances company with its base in South Korea, its major selling divisions are mobile communications, home entertainment, home appliances and Air conditioners. The company presents its customers with a large product base; with almost every one of them incorporating the latest in HVAC technology. The various features offered in LG air conditioners include inverter technology, jet cooling systems, plasma filtration systems and virus and allergies prevention systems that take the Air conditioners to another level from just being a cooling device. Though the company emerged to be a Green company ensuring freedom from PVC and other harmful plastics in its appliances, lack of focus on greenhouse gases, has made the reputation of the company questionable.

7. Voltas

Voltas Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


Voltas is another Indian based company, based in Mumbai with its predominant partner being Tata. It’s one of the biggest names in terms of commercial HVAC systems, providing air conditioning solutions, right from the biggest ocean liner – RMS Queen Mary 2 and the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, to name a few. In the home air conditioning department, Voltas provides the most economical and efficient Air conditioners in the market today. With models of all types including split, window and vertical Slim-line versions; the company has a solution for every consumer. All of the Air conditioners provided by Voltas have a minimum 3 star rating, helping them to overtake its Asian counterparts easily in terms of efficiency.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


The Panasonic Corporation formerly known as the Matsushita Electrical Industrial Corporation is one of the biggest players in the home appliances market and is the largest manufacturer of electronic appliances in Japan. Though the company is known for its quality in electronic appliances, in recent times the company has strived hard to provide some of the most advanced systems in home air conditioning. New systems like the Econavi and nanoe – g makes sure that you can just switch on the Air conditioner and forget about freezing to death. The innovative science in the air conditioners ensure that the temperatures are maintained for optimum comfort and the whole area is free of germs. It also provides hot and cold systems, which can work both as a heat pump and a cooler.

5. Blue star

Blue Star Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World

Blue Star

Blue star is amongst the largest air conditioner manufacturers of India with over 4 manufacturing units in India alone; its major operations are both in India and overseas, partnering hand to hand with major companies such as Hitachi, RheemMfg etc. Though the main focus on air conditioning solutions is on the corporate sector and business offices, blue star also has a wide range of air conditioners for home appliances sector as well. The major advantage of Blue star is that it provides customer specific air conditioning solutions; one can expect a lot of promise from the company in terms of technical backup.

4. Carrier

Carrier Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


A company marked by a legacy of innovations, the carrier air conditioner company is truly the world leaders when it comes to innovation. With serving a customer base spread over 6 continents, Carrier is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of air conditioning equipment. Having a lot of ‘firsts’ to their name in terms of innovation, and a customer base in over 172 countries; certainly carrier is the air conditioner of choice when it comes to affordability and advanced technology. Carrier has made a point to serve the masses with rather economical air conditioning units than its Asian counterparts; hence you can buy the same technologies as in a high tech Japanese air conditioner at about half the price.


3. Hitachi

Hitachi Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


Probably the most advanced systems in air conditioners are the sole copyright of this manufacturer. Hitachi has been the most highly acclaimed manufacturer both in terms of technological advancement and efficiency, for decades now, and yet there are few who can beat them at innovation. Hitachi is based in Japan, where almost everything is built with perfection, and has the highest customer base in the world. Their range includes a lot of high end technologies that enable the best cooling you can get. Let it be their self- cleaning air conditioners or the ACE Follow me technology, which sets the Air conditioner following your every single movement, when you buy a Hitachi, you can be sure you’re taking home the world leaders.

2. OGeneral air conditioners

General Air Conditioners Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World

General Air Conditioners

This Japan based giant is undoubtedly at the top of the food chain, when it comes to air conditioners. The company has major share, selling products in the Middle East and India which are known to be nightmares to air conditioning manufacturers. The major reason for their success is the reliability of their products; these air conditioners can work in the worst of operating condition and still provide the most efficient cooling possible. You can feel as if being in a cold country, even when the outside temperature soars to 41 degree centigrade. Be it dust, or varying voltage or boiling weather conditions, you can always expect guaranteed cooling from these people. Their main focus is on ceiling air conditioners, which is not popular among other manufacturers, giving them a leading edge on this market.

1. Daikin

Daikin Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World


With their obsession with providing quality, it’s no wonder that the top 3 in Air conditioners are Japanese. Daikin is the leader in providing air conditioning solutions to the world for over 80 years now. Their key selling point has always been their affordability.  With the other advanced technologies, a bit on the pricy side. Daikin provides the most advanced air conditioning equipment at the lowest possible prices. No wonder. that they have been at the top for decades.

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