Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Beer is somehow the most consumed alcohol in the whole world. It is made by hydrolysis of starch,followed by fermentation of the resulting sugar. Beer is made by mixing some ingredients. These are grains(malted barley and malted wheat),hops and finally yeast. Grains are added as a source of starch. Hops are basically the flowers of vine plant. They are added in order to provide flavoring,bitterness and aroma to beer. Finally,yeast is added to provide fermentation process.Beer is certainly the third most consumed drink,top two are water and tea. It is the oldest fermented beverage and is used in various social activities like beer festival,pub gaming,etc. Mainly there are two categories of beer-Ale and Lagers. In Ale type,the yeast ferments at higher temperature and stays at the surface,while in Lagers,the yeast ferments at lower temperature and doesn’t float at the surface. The process of making beer is called brewing. Many brands are available across the globe,for beer. But not all of them are considered as best ones. Here is the list of top 10 brands that are making beer and serving it across the world.


HEINEKEN Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Heineken is a pale lager beer,having an alcohol content of around 5% by volume.It is manufactured by Heineken International,which is basically  a Dutch brewing company. It is an internationally accepted beer brand and is one of the top and most sold beer brands. In the year 2010,the company sold around 24.8 million barrels,while the figure raised to 26 million barrels in the year 2011. It is considered as second best beer in Canada nation,which is the major beer drinking nation. It is number two in Canada. The beer is slightly sweet and grainy flavor,but also a little bit stinky. Its ingredients are all closely guided and are kept as secret. The main sales of the brand happened in August and September 2011 and in year 2012,a big start come across the brand’s sale. This big sale was mainly because it was revealed that James Bond will have a sip of Heineken in his upcoming movie Skyfall,instead of his regular vodka martini.


SNOW BEER 300x224 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Snow beer is mainly a Chinese beer. It is the most popular beer in China and the most sold out beer in the world. No western countries have heard of it,neither have tasted. It has an alcohol content of around 4.2%. It is pale colored and very light beer. It is a lager beer. It was first launched in year 1991,It holds a major market share in China and is mainly served in Chinese restaurants along with spicy foods. It has a malty taste. In the year 2010,the sold stats of the beer were 52 millions barrels,which changed to around 50.8 millions barrels in year 2010. It is twice as popular as BudLight,which is a global beer which was known as the most popular beer till last year. This beer is brewed by SUBMiller and China Resources Enterprises,i.e. CRSNOW.


coors light 187x300 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

The total sale rate of coors light in year 2010 was 14.5 millions barrels and in year 2011 was 18.2 millions barrels. Thus it had a great increase in rate,suddenly. This is the second largest beer brand of U.S. It is certainly one of the favorites of people of America,as its sale in increasing day by day. Its alcoholic content is 4.2 by volume and it is a lager beer. It is owned by Molson Coors. This beer is the official beer of NASCAR. It was launched in the year 1978. This brand is now a days accepted worldwide and is gaining more and more popularity day by day. The sale rates are also increasing.


miller lite Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013


This is the #4th beer of America. Its selling rate has been 18.2 million barrels in 2010 and 18 million barrels in 2011. It has 4.2 alcohol content by volume. It was launched by Miller brewing company and is certainly the most popular product of the company. It is mainly pale in color and is a lager beer. It sponsors many events of NASCAR. The owner is SABMiller.  The growing popularity of this beer shows the people’s demand for light beers. The company recently launched a marketing campaign in which any person,with his first,middle or last name as Miller was given a gift card for a case of Miller Lite. This campaign surely increased the popularity of the brand,specially among youths.


SKOL 300x272 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

This beer is mainly manufactured in America,but now it is known as Brazilian one. In US,UK and and China,it is now yet to establish its effect. Right now it is the most popular beer of Brazil. It has a very low alcoholic content of 2%.It is a pale lager beer. It is also popular in some parts of Africa and South America. The owner of the brand is Carlsberg Breweries,which is certainly the largest brewing company of the world. SKOL’s sale rate has been decreased from 30.2 million barrels in 2010 to 29.5 in the year 2011.This popular beer with low alcohol content is more demanding among the age group of 25 to 45 years.It has received the World Quality  Selection’s Gold Award. This describes the reason behind the popularity of this beer.


brahma 300x201 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

This is a Brazilian brand. Its sale rate had been 18 million barrels in 2010 and it reduced to 17.4 millions in year 2011. It is yet to develop its market toward America. The popularity of this brand was increased when the Brazilian mainstream actress Jennifer Lopez endorsed the brand and did a commercial on television for Brahma. In that commercial,the actress was standing on a beach,having this beer. The popularity of Jennifer effected the sale rate of the brand at that time. It raised unexpectedly. This beer has an alcoholic content of around 4.8%. The global distribution of this Brazilian beer was started in the year 2004.


asahi 75x300 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Asahi super dry is a Japanese beer. It has a high alcoholic content of around 6 % alcohol by volume. It is a lager beer and is mainly made by using malt and hop flowers. Japanese people always wanted some type of beer that can complement the food. This beer is the result of that desire only. It is made by Asahi Brewers,the leading brewing company of Tokyo. Around 40% share of Japanese beer market is under this firm. It is available in around 50 countries and is yet to get popular in European countries. Recently the company has launched a new beer,known as Asahi Dark Black. It is to be launches in American states and is basically an American Dark Lager. The sale rate of the brand has been increased from 2010 to the year 2011. It was around 12 million barrels in 2010 and has been increased to 12.3 in year 2011. This beer is yet to establish a great network over the western areas of the world.


bud light 300x222 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Bud light is the America’s best selling beer. It has an alcoholic content of 4.2% by volume. It is a product of Budweiser. Its sale rate are very high among the beer brands across the globe. It was around 47.4 in 2010 and in 2011 it reduced to 45 million barrels. It is yet to become a global powerhouse of beer. It is very popular among people of all age group. It takes a long time to prepare this beer. It is flavored with hops and malt extract. It is a straw colored beer,having foam on its top. This brand is owned by one of the top brewers of the world- ABInBev. This brand has been a continuous sponsor of National Hockey League and Major League Baseball. It has recently launched a new product,known as Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. This drink is an 8% alcohol by volume margareta flavored drink,which is being very popular rapidly.


Corona Extra 208x300 Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Corona extra is a Mexican brand and it is a pale lager beer. It was produced by Lerveceria Modello. But the company was then taken over by ABInBev,the leading firm in brewing industry. The sale rate of brand was around 27.9 million barrels in 2010,which drastically raised to around 30.4 million barrels in 2011. This increment in sales rate is an indication of growing popularity of the brand. The brand has not been confined to the states of America,it has widened its network towards European and Asian countries as well. Today the beer is sold all over the world. The alcoholic content is 4.6% by volume. This beer is always server by a slice of lemon,placed around its neck. It has its market in above 170 countries of America and Britain. This brand was considered as the Biggest Outdoor Advertiser in the world beer category. This was because of a great advertising campaign,started by the company in May 2012. The company has seen inevitable growth in the year 2013.


budweiser Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Budweiser is the top selling beer of U.S.It also has above 20 markets outdoors. It has 5% alcohol by volume. This beer belong to U.S.,but is popular worldwide. The owner and developer of this brand is also the leading brewing company of the world,i.e.,ABInBev. It is a pale lager beer and is made by rice as a source of starch and is then topped with hops and barley malt. The sale rate of this brand was around 37 million barrels in 2010 and then it raised to around 38.7 million barrels in year 2011,and it still on the verge of increasing. It is also one of the most popular beers of the world. It is seeing a rapid growth from Canada to Brazil to Russia to China.It is establishing a positive network throughout the globe. It is sponsored by the FA in U.K.Its sales around U.S. have been increased to 20% recently.

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