Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

In last few decades, human has destructed our planet mother earth to a large extent. It is our responsibility to save our mother earth planet. Planting of trees causes many benefits to our planet. Everything around us is somehow related to plants and trees in many ways. Planting more trees would be a best gift to environment. We can plant as many trees as we can in our home garden or any public place. Clean and Green environment is a healthy environment. Trees are a bonus for environment and are very good for our earth. Trees are life giving and life saving supporters of human life on planet earth. Hence we must plant as many trees as we can. Here are the top 10 advantages of growing and planting healthy trees in our environment.

10. Trees provide wood

Trees clean the air around us Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Mostly all the things around us are made up of wood. For example bed, cupboard, stairs, and benches we sit on, etc. ground up wood is used to make various types of papers that we use everyday like magazines, newspapers, wrappers for candies and chocolates, boxes, card boards. Dyes and various kinds of medicines are made up from the bark and stems and leaves and roots are used to make oils and medicines. Some tree’s fluid or liquid is used to make soaps, crayons, gum, chewing gums, pencils etc. Thus you can see every tiny thing around you is somehow linked to trees.

9. Trees shield children from UV rays

Trees shield children from UV rays Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Sun’s ultraviolet rays are the most harmful rays which produces many harmful diseases like skin cancer. Trees decrease the extent of ultraviolet rays. They reduce the exposure of ultra violet to 50 percent. Growing more trees in a area where children often play in summers would be useful in protecting children from harmful ultra violet rays of sun. As children spend most of their time outdoors, hence we must grow more and more trees in the parks.

8. Trees conserve energy

Trees conserve energy Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees are effective as they are helpful in conserving energy. They help reducing your heating and cooling costs in summers and winters. Conservation of energy depends on the nature of the tree. They save energy through cooling in the hotter months of the year. They give a wind break during winters. This advantage results in burning of fossil fuels of trees rather than cooling and heating. Deciduous trees shed their leaves during the winter season. They block heat during hotter months. Thus different trees are used to conserve energy during different seasons of the month.

7. Trees help prevent soil erosion

Trees help prevent soil erosion Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees can help in preventing soil erosion which is the procedure of the removal of the top soil which contains important compounds when flood occurs. Trees have strong roots which are widely spread over a vast area. Tree holds the top layer soil very tightly and prevents it from becoming very soft. Roots of the trees save much quantity of water and lessens the probability of floods. Thus, trees are also our life savers. Planting of trees provide such important and must advantages.

6. Trees provide a cool environment

Trees provide a cool environment Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees provide a calm, cool and pleasant environment. It is found that the houses in which people have gardens or plant more trees are more healthy and people catch less diseases than the people who do not have any tree in their houses. Trees give a cool atmosphere in summers and provide a relief of shadow. During monsoons when trees are full of moisture contents provide a cool sweet morning and evening breeze. We should plant at least one tree at home. And enjoy cool and pleasant atmosphere in summer.

5. Trees combat the green house effect

Trees combat the green house effect Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Excess green house gases in the atmosphere causes global warming, which is responsible for the rise in earth’s temperature. Global warming is very harmful for life on earth as it is responsible for the melting of the polar ice and changing of seasons unevenly. Carbon dioxide is a major green house gas. Trees absorb large quantity of green house gas that is carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the environment. Trees decrease the possibility of occurrence of global warming. It is found that, in one year an acre of trees absorbs the amount of carbon dioxide produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.

4. Trees save water

trees save water 300x225 Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees not only provide oxygen and food to us but also save water for us. In case of damage to dam or breakdown of some dam, trees absorb maximum amount of water in the soil and thus preventing damage to human life. Trees save water in the form of moisture which is then transferred to other areas by the winds and which fall on earth in the form of rain. Hence, we must plant maximum number of trees around the dam area and near rivers. They can be useful for saving water.

3. Trees clean the air around us

Trees clean the air around us 300x199 Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees are the best cleansing agents in the environment. Trees clean the polluted air around us and provide us a clean and green environment. Trees clean the air around us. Trees play a very important role in our environment by enhancing its quality by improving the quality of the air, soil and water. They help in creating rain. They are the main part of the procedure of falling rain as they expel moisture contents into the atmosphere. If they didn’t breathe, neither could we. So it is necessary to plant more trees so that we always get a fresh and pure air to breathe.

2. Trees provide Oxygen

Trees provide Oxygen 300x198 Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees play a big role in providing oxygen for the environment. The amount of oxygen produced by the trees particularly depends on many different factors. A tree absorbs harmful and toxic gas carbon dioxide from the environment and produces oxygen in return. Carbon dioxide we exhale is inhaled by the trees, and the oxygen trees exhale is inhaled by us. Thus a balance is maintained in the nature. Trees are very beneficial in producing oxygen which is the basis for human life. It is found that a 100 ft tree produces 6000 pounds of oxygen. Hence, trees are our life supporters.

1. Trees provide food

trees provide food Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Every food that we take every day is directly or indirectly acquired from the trees. Trees provide apple, pear, banana, berries. Animals we eat also get their food from trees. Hence we are directly or indirectly dependent on trees. Any food we eat like fruit pie, cakes, ice-creams, pizzas etc, are food items are dependent on trees. Cereals like wheat, maize, corn, oats etc. are acquired from crops and plants. Dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, raisins, cashews, dates are obtained from plants and trees. Thus every food item is obtained from trees. Humans cannot live without food which provides them energy to perform task. Hence, tree’s most important benefit is that they provide us food to eat.

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