Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

In today’s busy life, we rarely get time for ourselves. Our body has to pay the price for our unhealthy lifestyle. Many of us these days are complaining about finding themselves tired all the time. Are you also among those people who are continuously looking for reasons to lie down? Even after having 2-3 cups of coffee, do you still feel sluggish and drained out?

In this competitive world, everyone is running to get ahead. I, being an engineering student at a well known institute, know the race going on there, for getting in the top rankers of the class. And you might feel quite exhausted after a day’s class and labs. It is not just in the case of students, at our workplace also we are expected to be working continuously without rest and feelings of fatigue and tiredness are a great hindrance for efficient functioning. Our employers won’t pay us for sleeping at work, would they?

So what is the meaning of tiredness or fatigue? In layman terms, it can be defined as a state of feeling weak and having an urge to just lie down and rest. If we go behind the chemistry of this, i.e. what actually causes fatigue in our body then we will find a hormone called melatonin which is responsible for making us tired. Melatonin is formed in our body by the breaking down of serotonin, a hormone linked with feelings of well being. Fatigue can be both physical and mental. Some people suffer from physical fatigue because of the intense labour, which happens when their muscles are unable to perform optimally. While, mental fatigue is a decrease in a person’s maximal cognitive performance due to continuous mental activity. Fatigue can’t be objectively verified or seen by an observer hence one can’t determine whether the person is actually fatigued or just feeling tired while the body can still function normally.

There can be a variety of reasons behind being tired all the time; here are top 10 reasons behind it.

10. Lack of exercise

lack of exercise Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

You must be wondering how lack of exercise can be the reason for you feeling tired. Won’t our muscles be more tired after an hour of exercise? But in fact, less amount of physical work can be a reason for you feeling weary most of the time. Many of us do not have any physical work in our daily routine, especially those who have office work in which they have to do either mental work or have to sit in front of a computer e.g. accountancy work or a call centre job. An hour of exercising daily can actually make your body accustomed to physical work and make you feel fresh also. It will not only help you become physically fit but mentally too. This will in turn help you come out of your drowsiness.

9. Poor sleep patterns

poor sleep patterns Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

Late night studies or work, or even watching TV or playing games, and not getting proper sleep can be the major reason behind our feelings of tiredness. Our body is made to work during the day and rest at night but our lifestyle has changed so much that our sleeping patterns are completely disrupted. Not getting an optimum amount of sleep will make you feel tired and drained out in the morning and you will feel sleepy during the day and if you take rest in the day, you won’t be able to sleep at night. It’s like a continuous loop.

Sleeping too much can also be the reason for tiredness as too much sleep will make our body reluctant to do any work and makes us lazy. So we must our plan our day such that we can finish our work before our bed time and must get an optimum 7-8 hours of sleep. Avoid sleeping during the day so that you won’t feel sleepless at nights.

8. Obesity/ Underweight

Too much weight can also be the reason behind tiredness because of the excess weight on the bones and tissues; they have to work harder for even a small amount of work and you get tired easily. Obese people are more likely to get affected with diseases that have fatigue as a symptom like sleep apnea or diabetes. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which there are pauses in breathing during sleep, which causes tiredness during the day. You may not even know that you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Being underweight is also a drawback as your muscles may not have enough strength for physical work and can cause fatigue.

7. Too much coffee

too much coffee Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

Caffeine present in coffee and tea can be very harmful for our body and can also be the reason why you feel so tired all the time. Caffeine is a very popular drug all over the world because it temporarily wards off drowsiness and alerts our mind but it is also highly addictive. Once your body gets addicted to it then you can’t think straight without having a cup of coffee. You get so addicted that you need to have a cup of coffee to get out of your sleepiness. Too much caffeine can also disrupt your sleep.

If you are also feeling unnecessary tiredness then cut back on your caffeine intake and make sure that you do not take any caffeine containing product at least four hours before your sleeping time.

6. Not eating Breakfast

not eating breakfast 300x199 Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we in our hurry tend to forget this and skip breakfast. Having a nice healthy breakfast in the morning gives you the energy needed to stay alert all day. So it is must do thing for every individual. Eating breakfast has its other perks too, like you won’t feel hungry during the wrong time of the day and won’t need to eat junk food and gain extra weight. It will keep you healthy, fit and alert.

5. Anaemia

Anaemia is a common blood disorder. A person suffering from anaemia has a low red blood cell count or not enough hemoglobin in the blood that is responsible for oxygen transfer in our body. A person suffering from anaemia has fatigue as a symptom, they continuously complain about having feelings of tiredness which hinders in their optimal and effective functioning.

4. Depression

depression 300x200 Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

One of the most growing problems of the present world is depression. It has been found that a majority of patients suffering from depression also suffer from fatigue. Depression and fatigue are inter-related but the link between them is unclear. Person who is not much physically active is more likely to go into depression. It has also been seen that fatigue can turn out to be a side effect of the anti depressant medications that a depressed person is given.

3. Diabetes

diabetes1 300x145 Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is fatigue or lethargy. Many diabetic patients suffer from tiredness after eating. A person is suffering from diabetes if his blood sugar level is high or either the insulin in his body is not working efficiently. In any case this leaves the person feeling tired because of the imbalance between the glucose level and working efficiency of insulin. Insulin is responsible for transferring the glucose from our blood to the body cells. When it is not working properly, the cells don’t get enough energy to work and hence we feel tired.

2. Lifestyle

You may be feeling tired because of the overtime you are doing or you may be having a job where you have to do night shifts. The other reasons can be that you may be suffering from insomnia and you are not able to get enough rest or you may have small kids, and everybody knows looking after them is not an easy job. The problem can be psychological too that you might be expecting too much out of yourself and when you can’t do the stuff right you try to blame it on being tired. Stress and tension also weakens us mentally leading to feelings of weariness.

1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

chronic fatigue syndrome 300x203 Feeling Tired: These could be the 10 Likely Reasons

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a disease characterized by severe and disabling tiredness for a prolonged period without any clear cause behind it. If you are suffering from an unexplained tiredness or fatigue for six months or more, you may need to consult a doctor about it. Other illnesses having fatigue as a symptom are coelliac disease, under-active thyroid, glandular fever, cancer, liver, heart or long time chest problems.

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