10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable

The world is developing daily, every field is improving a lot but even after such advancement in medical sciences, there are some areas where the efforts have not given any fruitful result. We are talking about the incurable disease that is wiping out masses even in this century when everything seems possible. Following is the list of 10 such diseases:


10. Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease:

Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


This disease is related to Central Nervous System and is a very rare disease. It is fatal and degenerative. The chances of the disease are one in a million that justifies the disease being rare. But in Libyan Jews, its rates are quite high. It occurs between 40 and 70 years of age mostly however some adults have also suffered from this disease. Some behavioral changes are found in the patient during the onset of this disease along with vague psychiatric changes. After a period of few weeks or months progressive dementia accompanied by the involuntary movements and an abnormal vision is noticed. It occurs in both men and women and is incurable. It is fatal within 12 months of the symptoms. The disease was discovered in 1920’s by Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt and Alfons Maria Jakob who were German neurologists. It is somewhat like destruction of neurons leaving brain tissues with holes.


9. Influenza:

Influenza 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


This disease is a very acute viral infection that affects the respiratory tract of the patient. It is also popular by the names flu or grippe. Some of the symptoms of Influenza are fever, weakness, pain in the muscles, chills and soreness in abdomen and head. The main cause of the disease is ‘Orthomyxoviruses’. There are three different types of the same as A, B and C. They generate similar symptoms but they have no real connection. The A virus is the cause of ‘Influenza Epidemics’. Small and localized outbreaks are caused by virus B. Virus C doesn’t generally affect humans. Virus B mutates at a lower rate than A and thus the immunity against them can be achieved at an early age. Thus Virus A causes most of the problem.


8. Asthma:

Asthma 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


Asthma, a chronic disorder related to lungs, in which the inflamed airways constrict. It causes breathlessness, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and is capable of threatening life. In this disease, the inflamed airways gets very sensitive thus dust mites, pollen, air pollution, smoke and anything can make it difficult for the patient to breath. Stress is a symptom of Asthma. It occurs generally at an age less than 10 and boys are affected more than girls in this case. But if we talk about adults, it affects both men and women equally. While in childhood, it is generally due to inherited allergies to pollens or allergens, in adults, it may be because they may have sinusitis. It may be due to allergens or viral infections also. It may take just few days for it to develop or it may begin suddenly. Till now Asthma is incurable.


7. The Common Cold:

The Common Cold 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


It is just a viral infection and that too very acute and it starts first in upper respiratory tract and later it may affect lower respiratory tract and may cause some secondary infections affecting eyes or ears. There are many causes of this incurable disease varying from reoviruses, Rhinoviruses, influenza, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial viruses etc. Among these, Rhinoviruses have been found as the most common cause. When exposed to cold environment, the feeling of chilliness is a part of its symptoms. Thus it is termed as the Common Cold. It can be caused by any exposure to infected people also. The virus causing the disease spread in the environment and to another healthy person before even the affected person notices that he is ill. Thus they start spreading even before any symptoms of the disease.


6. Diabetes:

Diabetes 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


Diabetes is a type of disorder related to carbohydrate metabolism. In this disease, the patient’s body has an impaired ability to produce or even produce insulin. This results in an inability to maintain the sugar level or glucose in the blood. They are categorized as Type l and Type ll.  Type l is common in childhood age and in this type of diabetes, the insulin-producing cells, beta cells are destroyed by antibodies produced by the immune system of the patient. And as the body no longer produces insulin thus the hormones are required to be injected daily. Type ll of diabetes usually occurs when the patient crosses 40 years of age. It is related to genetics and also obesity. It is basically when the body cells have reduced responsiveness to the insulin. Patients can control it by following a healthy diet and some exercise, some oral medications etc.


5. Lupus Eythematosus:

Lupus Eythematosus 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


This is related to autoimmune disorder. It causes some chronic inflammation in the body parts. It is categorized as: discoid, drug-induced and systemic. Discoid is basically rashes, reddened patches which are covered with brownish gray scales. They may affect the skin of face, scalp and neck. It doesn’t involve any internal organ. About 10% of the patients may be severely affected by Discoid. Systemic lupus can affect any part of any organ of the body. More common targets are skin, heart, joints, brain, serous membranes and kidneys. Worst part about this disease is that no two patients affected have the same symptoms and not even the course is same.


4. Polio:

Polio 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


Polio is also known as infantile paralysis or poliomyelitis. This affects the nervous system of the patient and is a type of acute viral infection. Some of the general symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and nausea and muscle pain. This is followed by permanent paralysis of muscles in limbs, throat or chest. It is mostly found occurring in children below the age of five. Paralysis is noticed in 1% of those infected by poliovirus. The symptoms are not even visible in more than 90% of the affected people and they don’t even notice any illness at all. People infected by poliovirus are incurable. In mud 20th century millions of children were affected by polio. In 1960’s polio vaccines were able to almost eliminate the disease. However still few thousand of children are still paralyzed every year by polio. And it is in Africa and South Asia including India.


3. Ebola:

Ebola 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


This virus is responsible for fatal hemorrhagic fever. It is of the family Filoviridae and has been noticed in chimpanzees, gorillas and humans. Some of the symptoms of the disease include fever, profuse hemorrhaging and rashes. This virus first emerged in the year 1976 from a river Ebola in northern Congo Basin, Central Africa. And in that year, it took lives of hundreds of people in Zaire and The Sudan. This virus has caused an epidemic human disease. And this virus is very similar to Marburg Virus of the same family. Some of the initial symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, rash with bleeding etc. Others are abdominal pain, chest pain, fever, dry throat, hiccups, chills and fatigue. Later in the symptoms are depression, bleeding from eyes, mouth and ears etc.


2. Cancer:

Cancer1 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable


The groups of over 100 different diseases that are related to an uncontrolled growth of cells that are abnormal in the body, all are referred as Cancer. One in three persons born is affected by cancer in developed countries. Though it is not curable even now but still a huge advancement has been done in the filed by the use of surgeries, diagnosis, radiation therapy and chemotherapeutic drugs. These have shown a ray of hope in medical sciences to cure cancer in near future. Studies are going on in this matter and it is researched how the cancel cells grows and how it is affecting an individual. These are turning into progresses in prevention, then diagnosis and finally treatment of cancer with time.




HIV AIDS 10 Deadly Diseases that are Still Incurable

AIDS that is Acquired Human Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It is a Transmissible disease and it affects the immune system of the victim. It is caused by a Virus that is Human immunodeficiency Virus. This virus attacks the immune system of the victim slowly and leaves the body defenseless against infections. It causes the body exposed and vulnerable to many types of infections. And in the end causes death. AIDS is the final stage of this infection when fatal infections and cancers arise frequently. It was originated in Africa and this virus spread an epidemic in 1980’s. And with globalization and urbanization it has spread worldwide. About 38 million people all over the world are HIV positive and are living, 5 million people are infected annually and some 3 million people die from AIDS each year. Since 1981, AIDS has been the reason of the death of about 20 million people all over the globe. It is transmitted through infected needles, blood transfusion and it is also a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

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