Top 10 Ways to Cure Hangover

With all the holidays coming over once-in-a-while or more, the number of parties is increasing. With so many parties going on all around, drinking a lot is so much common. But one must take care that he/she takes only one drink per hour. But only a few are that disciplined. So they end up with a hangover. People always have this big question in mind that what is the best and the simplest way to cure a hangover. If you ask me, the best cure is the prevention of a hangover; order water along with your drinks, and first of all, don’t drink too much in a single sitting. But to those who do not follow these tips, here are a few others to help you with your hangover. Read and find out the best ways to cure a hangover and share them with your friends who drink a lot. And if any of these don’t work, (trust me, this won’t happen), but just in case, then go to a good sleep. They say “time heals everything” and so sleep and take a lot of time for that. We guarantee that your hangover will be a long gone dream when you wake up.

10`} Coconut water:

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They always say that, “Coconut water is the drink that only elders drink”. But that is not the fact. Coconut water is rich source of some very necessary electrolytes. These electrolytes are found in human blood. When a person experiences hangover, it makes the blood and body dehydrated. Coconut water will help you to rehydrate after having booze and drinks. The electrolytes present in the coconut water will enrich the blood again making you back normal.

9`} Pain Medication:

Hangover can cause a heavy head. The headache is so much painful that all you think about is the head and something that can get you rid of this head. So a pain medication of headaches and that will help you treat your hangover as well. But take care of the fact that the dose of the pill you are taking is a non-steroidal drug. That can be either aspirin or naproxen or ibuprofen or anything that is anti-inflammatory. So do not go for Tylenol or acetaminophen, because instead of helping you with a headache and it can make it worse.

8`} Vitamin B12:

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Some people can handle a lot of drinks. One bottle of beer can cause a hangover to some, whereas even two bottles of beer cannot do anything close to hangover for some people. This is because their body has efficient amount of vitamin B12. A person who is deficient in Vitamin B12 is the most likely to be affected by a hangover after a few drinks. So, to get rid of hangovers, one must eat a lot of products and foods rich in Vitamin B12. B12 sources are eggs, meats, dairy products, and also in vegetables.

7`} Hypnosis:

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Hypnosis is a kind of psychological state in which certain physiological attributes (that have a resemblance with sleep attributes) can mark a functioning at a very different level of awareness which is away from ordinary and normal state while you are conscious. This hypnosis state can create awareness among you that you are away from hangover. There is a video available on the internet that can help in taking your headache easy and repair your body from all the damage of alcohol. The video is hypnotic because the sounds in the video are those of the soothing angels and some scenic sounds such as a river stream over a mountain splashing and refreshing your conscious mind.

6`} Exercises:

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Exercises will do everything good to you always. You can never say what they have improved in you. They almost affect our whole system and control our body in a way that it becomes more and more right and correct. To get rid of the toxins in beer and flush them out, an exercise will help for sure. Go for a jog. Jogging is not necessarily done in the morning. Because if you are drunk and you want to get away from the hangover, then you must do the exercises in the night and if not alone, then go land look for a night workout buddy. But remember to have a bottle of water with you as exercises can make you more dehydrated.

5`} Pickle:

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The hangover can last for a lot of hours and even for a day if not taken care of. Pickle can prove to be a helpful thing in this matter. Pickle juice actually is the agent that will remove your hangover. When a lot of drinks flows down to your stomach in the night and this alcohol that you have in your gut takes away the electrolytes of your body. The pickle juice can replenish those lost electrolytes in your body and bring you back to normal. This also wakes you up so that you can get back to whatever that you do. Many professional have used it in every now and then.

4`} Lemons:

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Lemons are rich in citric acid. They are great source of citric acid. However bad be a hangover, lemons can always make it work for you. Lemons have a strong effect on your gut. This strong current of acid that flows through your stomach will help in neutralizing the alcohol. Alcohols are basic in nature whereas lemons are acidic. Therefore, they can neutralize the impact of drinks upto a level that can significant difference and keep you all conscious, thus, keeping you away from a hangover.

3`} Toaster:

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As a child, every one of us would have had toasts. They are rich in carbohydrates. Carbs are really necessary for the function of liver in our body. When people drink too much that they have a hangover, then the liver in their body is occupied to metabolize the alcoholic drinks. In this manner, liver is unable to handle the extra work that needs to be done. This makes the sugar level in your blood go down. Low blood sugar level always makes a person tired and irritable. So to have your liver function properly, then you must have some blood sugar in your system and the best to have them is to eat a toast not drink a toast or crackers. In fact, if these are not available, then you can also order some pizzas, egg sandwiches, or some nice meal to help you from the hangover.

2`} Coffee:

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Coffee is good for all. For all the reasons that the people drink coffee are all justified. Hangover is another reason people drink coffee. Caffeine has freed us from headaches and migraines a lot of times but Caffeine is also a proven agent to treat hangovers. And this is what most you have heard also. But for some people caffeine is also a source for headaches. Such people are requested not to drink coffee as instead of treating your hangover, it can give a bigger one. Also, coffee is a dehydrator. That makes it really important to note that one must drink a cup of water after they drink a cup of coffee.

1`} Water:

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Water is the best known way to get rid of hangovers. Alcohol can lead to dehydration. The reason for this is that alcohol is diuretic in nature. This is again the reason why most of the people will go on frequent bathroom trips after they have drunk a lot of alcohol. So after you drink alcohol, make sure that you have a lot of water in your system. One must drink around 16-20 ounces water after drinking and before falling off on the bed. This will make your hangover disappear till morning. Medical experts also suggest that a person must drink a glass of water after every glass of beer to match the ratio of the fluids in your system and keep it safe.

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