Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

India is the country which is quite famous for its culture. Different culture follows different food habits. India is also famous for its food. So here we have the list of top 10 best Indian food.

10.   Hara Bhara Kebab

hara bhara kebab Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Hara bhara kebab is the also counted as one among the famous dishes in India. The dish is named as Hara bhara kebab because it has green color in it. The green color is in the present because it has spinach as a major ingredient. The dish is quite crunchy and crispy.  This is majorly used as a starter. And at many places like different festivals and occasions it has been used as a starter. It is a vegetarian dish which is loved by the people who appreciate kebabs. The dishes not just tasty but it is also quite healthy and enrich with a lots of fats, vitamins and nutrients. Because of the presence of spinach it is filled with vitamin E. The other ingredients which are used in the dish are peas and potatoes. All the staple ingredients are mixed with several spices and are then converted into a Tikki, which is then fried to make a dish.


9. Mattar Paneer

MatarPaneer Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Matter paneer is also a very popular dish which is made with a spicy sauce. It is basically a curry. It is quite famous in North India. The major ingredients for the dish are peas and paneer.  This is also a vegetarian dish and is a part of main course of meal. Both the staple ingredients are mixed with a spicy curry. The curry is prepared by its traditional method itself. The ingredients for making a curry are tomatoes, onions, curd and other spices. After it is prepared it is served with the garnishing of cream and also coriander leaves. The dish is generally served with naan, poori or chapatti.

8. Idli Sāmbhar:

idli sambar2 Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Idli Sambar is also one among the most popular dish of South India. It is often preferred as a snack. Idli sambar is also a vegetarian dish. It is mainly famous in Karnataka and Kerala. The ingredients which are used in making Idli are rice. For making idli the flour of rice is mixed with curd and baking soda. Whereas in sambar all the vegetable like brinjal, radish, potatoes and many others are used. In the southern states of India the dish is served on banana leaves. The presence of banana leaf makes the dish look more beautiful. Along with sambhar idli is also served with  chutney which is made up of coconut


7. Lehsuni Daal:

lehsunidaal1 Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Lehsuni daal is also a very famous dish of India. The dish is quite popular in the western part of India. This daal is made up of Masoor Daal which is orange in color. The daal is not just tasty but is very healthy and is filled with a high amount of proteins and nutrients. The other ingredients which are used in making the daal are plain rice which is previously boiled and also a mix of different vegetables. The daal is first boiled with the help of a cooker pressure. And then it is mixed with several spices.


6. Hyderabadi Birayni

hyderabadi biryani Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Hyderabadi Birayni is another delicious dish of Hyderabad, India. Hyderabadi Birayni is the most famous dish of Hyderabad which is the delicacy of both street as well as classic restraints. Hyderabadi Birayni is made with many exotic ingredients like yoghurt, cream, ghee, and many   aromatic spices. The main ingredient of this delicious dish is the chunks of meat of either chicken or goat. Most of the time to give it more flavour it is garnished with fish curry which results in a great combination. It is irresistible after your nose ones get the aromatic smell of briyani, so if you ever have been to Hyderabad and didn’t had briyani then your travel and knowledge about Hyderabad will be left incomplete.


5. Dal baati churma:

dal bati churma Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Dal baati churma is again the most traditional dish of Rajasthan, India. The royalty of the people of Rajasthan is Dal baati churma, it is their pride too. In this delicious dish mainly there are  three ingredients. The first one is dal which is basically Tuvaar dal, the second one is Baati which basically looks like small tennis balls made from flour of wheat filled with some potato filling and spices, and third one which is the famous sweetdish of Rajasthan i.e. Churma which is made with wheat flour, ghee and sugar. Dal baati churma is often served with grated onions and koreandar leaves chatni and the serving speciality of baati is that the baati should be served by dipping it in ghee which gives an exotic taste to the dish.

4. Malai Kofta:

malai kofta Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Malai Kofta again a very delicious dish of India which the most famous dish during the main occasions since it is little time consuming dish which really needs a lot of care during the preparation of Malai Kofta. Malai Kofta is prepared with many different ways it can be vegetarian dish as well as non vegetarian dish too. The kofta in the non-vegetarian dish is a small balls is made with the chunks of meat and the vegetarian dish these balls are made with veggies like bottle guard, radish etc. The Malai Kofta curry is prepared with different sauces, cream, malai and curd can also be used to make the curry by adding some exotic spices with it. Malai Kofta is served with the soft baked bread i.e. naan or it can be served with fried rice too.


3.  Rajma chawal:

rajma chawal  Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

Rajma chawal is the most light weight and preferred dish of India. In this dish rajma is basically the small red kidney beans. These beans are prepared with many ingredients like tomatoes, spices and onions. This is generally served with either Roti or mostly it is preferred with rice. The red beans are basically brought from the Central Mexico in India but now the these beans are perfectly made with different taste and types like Punjabis give this dish a little sweet taste which more elaborates it’s taste. The red kidney beans are majorly grown in the parts of Jammu.



2. Dhokla   

dhokla Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India  

Dhokla is the most famous dish of Gujarat, India. This dish is again famous with the dal or it can eat alone too with koreander chatni. Dhokla is prepared with ingredients like gram flour, curd, green chillies, ginger paste and also with salt as per requirement. Dhokla have a unique taste and along with that it contains much nutrition too. One should try this dish once.

1 Tandoori meat

tandoori meat Top 10 Specialty Food Dishes of India

This is another most delicious dish of India. This fabulous non vegetarian dish is mainly either chunks of chicken, or mutton or goat too. This dish is again a time consuming dish, it takes hours to prepare this dish. It is cooked over open flame and kept for hours over it. The serving part is done with either naan or paratha or it can be eaten alone too, but the most favourite is when it is served with rice.  

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