Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Rice is a food crop which is consumed by almost every one in the world. Be it any country or any culture people in some way or the other do consume rice. It is due to this that rice is one of the major staple foods in the world. Be it Chinese , Japanese , Thai , or European etc any type of cuisine rice will be an integral part of it. Thus to meet the demands of the population probably every country in this world cultivates rice. The purpose is to meet the food requirements of the population. The excess is always available for export. Since it has a demand in every country the export of rice always is very beneficial for a nation. Depending upon the country the rice has various varieties.  Some of the most popular varieties are Basmati , Jasmine etc. Rice is found in brown, red , pink color and of course white which is polished rice. Since rice requires a hot and humid climate and plenty of rainfall the countries blessed with this climate definitely excel in rice production than other countries. On a commercial scale the yield of rice is measured in million metric tonnes. In the year 2009 around 678 million tones of rice was cultivated in the world and it is on the rise. The countries which I am including are dependent on the 2011 statistics. Depending upon the annual rice yield of the countries the following are the top 10 rice producers of the world.


10. Cambodia

Cambodia 300x192 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Cambodia is also called as the kingdom of Cambodia. It is located in the Indochina peninsula at its southern most region. Cambodia is the neighbor country to Thailand. In all Cambodia has a population of around 14.8 million. Cambodia has a tropical climate that is responsible for heavy rains in the rainy season and a hot and humid climate. The plain occupied by Tonle Sap lake is highly populated due to its fertile basin that is left when the lake narrows in dry season. Cambodia has reserved this plain largely for rice cultivation and in all it produced 8.7 million metric tonnes of rice in 2011 making it the 10th country on this list.


9. Brazil

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Brazil is also called as Federative Republic of Brazil. It is South America’s largest country and also the fifth largest in the world area wise. Talking about the population Brazil is the fifth largest accommodating 193 million people. Most part of Brazil is blessed with good amount of rainfall and a hot and humid climate. The exceptions are the extreme regions which see drought for most part of the year. The Brazilian people are involved with agriculture owing to its large population and conducive climate. In 2011 Brazil was responsible for a production of 13.4 million metric tonnes of rice making it one of the largest producers.


8. Philippines

Philippines 300x150 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Philippines is also called as the Republic of Philippines. It an Asian country and has a population of around 92 million with another 12 million staying overseas. Philippines is a country very prone to natural calamities like typhoons and earthquakes. The climate is generally hot and humid with the annual temperature ( avg) being around 26 degree Celsius  The rains too are liberal here thus allowing the country men to undertake cultivation. In 2011 Philippines produced about 16.6 metric million tonnes of rice.


7. Burma

Burma 300x199 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Burma is also known by the Myanmar. This sovereign state is located in South Asia an sis largely bordered by India , China and Bangladesh. Burma overall has a population of around 60 million. Burma is largely known for its precious stones. As it lies in the monsoon region of India Burma overall receives good amount of rainfall annually. Having a tropical climate with great rain is good enough for cultivation of rice. In the year 2011 Burma cultivated rice having a gross yield of about 32.8 million metric tonnes.


6. Thailand

Thailand 300x199 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Thailand is also called as the Kingdom of Thailand. Its previous name was Siam. It is a kingdom because there is absolute monarchy here with the current ruler being King Rama IX. The country popularly called as Thai has a population of around 64 million. The Thai climate is generally monsoon type with rains throughout the year including warm southwest and cool northeast rains. The country in the year 2011 produced a yield of 34.8 million metric tonnes of rice.


5. Vietnam

Vietnam 300x199 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013
Vietnam is a country in the Indochina Peninsula also known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It is having a total population of around 90 million as if 2012. Vietnam has a diverse climate with considerable variations in the monsoon pattern with the winters being usually comparatively drier. Although the country receives sufficient rain the southern part of the country is poor in soil quality. In the year 2011 the country produced a gross yield do of rice of about 42.3 million metric tonnes.


4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh 300x180 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

Bangladesh is a Bengal name meaning the Land of Bengali. It is a South Asian country bordering Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh also is the country neighboring India. Bangladesh has a population of around 160 million and is among the densely populated countries in the world. Bangladesh is located on the Ganges-Brahmaputra plain which is extensively fertile. The country receives most of the rainfall from the southwest monsoon winds between June to October. The climate is hot and humid largely. In the year 2011 Bangladesh produced a rice yield of around 50.6 million metric tonnes for its extravagant population.


3. Indonesia

Indonesia 300x199 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013
Indonesia is also called as Republic of Indonesia. It is also a South Asian country. With respect to population Indonesia is the fourth populous with 238 million people. Indonesia has seen a lot of volcanic activity in its past and the volcanic ash has made the soil here very fertile which has been responsible for the self sustenance of the country’s food requirement with such a large population. The climate here is having both dry and wet monsoons. India had about only 60% of rice from productivity as that of Indonesia. In the year 2011 the country produced a rice yield of around 65.7 million metric tonnes.


2. India

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India is also called as Republic of India. It is a south Asian country and one of the prominent nations in Asia. India is the second most populous country in the world with a population of 1.2 billion. India has a huge diversity in climate. After the green revolution India became self sustained with respect to its food grain production. Various industries here rely on agriculture thus making agriculture one of its most important sector. Rice cultivation is largely done in the southern states that receive great rainfall and have a hot and humid climate. In the year 2011 India produced a gross rice yield of 155.7 million metric tonnes. The rice productivity is found to be around 455. Having the largest area under rice cultivation ; with improvement in technology India can have additional 100 tonne yield under its account. Still till today India has been the largest exporter of rice.


1. China

China 300x199 Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World 2013

China is also called as People’s Republic of China. It is an east Asian country neighboring India at one of its border. With respect to population China is the most populous country in the world with a population of 1.35 billion. China does not have a democratic government instead it has a Communist rule. China has a diversified climate with changing pattern of rain and wind throughout. China owing to the dense population has been indulged with agriculture. The rice farm productivity in China exceeds that of India by 45%. The farms here have the highest productivity with a per hectare yield of 6.5 tonnes. Although the area under cultivation in China is less the technology gives the maximum yield. In the year 2011 China produced a gross yield of 202.6 million metric tonnes. In spite of such a huge amount of production the export value is little as most of the yield is consumed within the country itself. In terms of production along with India ; China is responsible for half the total world production of rice.

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