Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee-Side Effects

The motivation to live this life happily is derived from temptation and addiction of something. Some one is attracted towards a person’s beauty, someone is attracted towards fast foods, someone is fond of studies and someone is crazy about getting success in life. All these desires and wishes to want “something” encourage a person to keep on going in this life. But desire can be harmful when it adopts the feeling of addiction. Wanting something is good but becoming addicted to it can destroy you in many ways; so it is good to struggle for something but it is bad if you can’t move on in life without that thing. Coffee is among such things which can be addictive. Every kind of person; be it a student or employee, drink coffee on regular basis. People believe that coffee has power to keep them awake and active throughout their day but they have neglected some major side effects of coffee. One cup of coffee per day is fine; it does not harm you in any way rather it helps you to remain active, but taking 4-5 cups of coffee can spoil you in many ways. First, it makes you dependent that mean once you get addicted to coffee, you won’t be able to survive a day without it. Second, it affects your sleep patterns and you acquire less sleep which again disturbs your body mechanism overall. Third, it also affects your heart rate and other cardiovascular problems. There are many other side effects of coffee which I am going to discuss in this article but all these side effects of coffee are mainly for those who take greater amount of coffee (4-5 cups a day) and for those who are getting in habit of coffee.

10- Caffeine is dangerous for health

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Caffeine is main ingredient of coffee. It is considered the most commonly used psychotropic drug because it affects the mind, mood and mental processes taking place within our bodies. It is used not only in coffee but also tea, soda and chocolates contain some amount of caffeine. People are actually addicted to caffeine because it is substance that generates focus and concentration. Students, employees, doctors or even house hold ladies love to have coffee because it energizes them by reducing tiredness and producing more focus among them. But as we know too much of anything is harmful; in same manner too much intake of coffee-in other word caffeine- has its own disadvantages. Taking 4-5 cups of coffee can take you in the stressful state of your mind. It is also said that caffeine speeds up the rate of bone loss; Due to intake of coffee calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium are excreted from body that leads to the disease called osteoporosis.

9- Emotional tiredness

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Emotional and mental exhaustion can actually cause you to lose hope and motivation. You constantly desire to sleep; this has many causes but caffeine plays major role in promoting this. Caffeine is physiologically and psychologically addictive. Withdrawal from coffee-when you are addicted to it- can cause several emotional effects including fatigue, exhaustion, depression, loss of motivation and anxiety. Research has shown that caffeine dependency can result in impairment and lack of emotional stability.

8- Coffee is addictive

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Coffee is one of those beverages that contain caffeine. It is a commonplace CNS stimulant drug which occurs in nature as a part of coffee and tea plants. Regular use of caffeine makes you physically dependent coffee is a stimulant to the central nervous system. Coffee is addictive; once we get in to habit of consuming coffee, our body becomes habitual of the boost it takes from the body. And if our body fails to take that dose, we start feeling tired, helpless and even depressed. Coffee addiction is more of a mental addiction rather than the physical one. Mental addiction is defined as if one believes that he or she is addicted to something with no real basis, so one becomes mentally addicted to coffee. It is more like an imagination and feeling which can’t be cured by taking medicines rather it can only be healed by continuously avoiding coffee on daily basis.

7- Insomnia

insomnia Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee Side Effects

Because coffee is really strong and stimulant, it keeps you awake longer. Students are likely to take coffee due to late night studies but coffee disturbs normal sleep patterns. It prevents you from taking sufficient amount of sleep which effects your day and your health overall. People are misguided that more coffee will alleviate fatigue and reduce exhaustion but in actual it is the coffee that is the reason behind this jaded behavior. People who drink coffee in evening are more likely to suffer from insomnia because the effects of caffeine remains till the bed-time. In order to prevent insomnia, you should prevent coffee in evening afterwards.

6- It increases Cholesterol level

coffee increases cholestrol level Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee Side Effects

If you are searching for good cholesterol lowering food then you will skip coffee. Cholesterol is mainly caused by foods containing animal fats but coffee can also increase your cholesterol level. Coffee beans contain Cafestol and Kahweol, two naturally occurring chemicals that can actually boost cholesterol, especially the notorious LDL or “bad cholesterol”. Most Americans do not worry about increasing cholesterol because they drink filtered coffee which is believed to be purified from cholesterol-increasing substance.

5- Irritability

Irritability Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee Side Effects

Coffee has significant physical and mental effects on your body. Studies have shown that the doses of coffee more than 2g can stimulate heart rate, raises blood pressure, causes headache and irritability. All these things, when summed up, make an unhealthy personality of person. Moreover coffee generates negative feelings and low hope; person feels irritated all the time due to abnormal routine. Coffee does not make a person irritable at once but its overall affects like headache, insomnia, panic attacks leads to disturbed personality of person

4-Coffee is dangerous for pregnant women

Coffee is dangerous for pregnant women Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee Side Effects

Most people are quick to agree that pregnant women should take caffeine away of their diets. However, moderate intake of caffeine won’t do any harm to developing fetus and will not affect the risk of miscarriage. The agreement that pregnant women should avoid consuming large quantities of caffeine is valid because coffee has same effects on your baby as it has effects on you. Researchers have also shown that the mothers who have taken more than adequate amount of coffee during their pregnancy give birth to babies with less weight and physical weakness. So it is good to avoid coffee during pregnancy as it can harm your child.

3- Upset Stomach

upset stomach Top 10 Reasons why you must Avoid Coffee Side Effects

Coffee or caffeine is proven to be stomach irritant for many of the people. Many people complain of stomach pain, nausea, and a feeling of being sick. Nausea and ache may occur from over-stimulation of the nerves in the stomach, dehydration and over-production of acid. It is also believed that it has irritant effect on the stomach lining, leading to gastritis which will end into peptic ulcer and perforation. Hence people who already have medical conditions like peptic ulcers or gastritis should avoid caffeinated products or beverages as it would lead to more devastating conditions.


2- Panic Attacks

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Coffee keeps us active because it activates the flight-or-flight mechanism in our bodies. The “fight or flight response” is our body’s primitive, automatic response that prepares the body to “fight” or “flee” from attack, harm or threat to our survival. After many doses of coffee and after many hours of being in a system, the fight-or-flight mechanism turns out to be the panic attacks. There occurs change in your physical and mental mechanism. For example: your hands become shaky and your skin sweets a lot. You become a person with pessimistic approach, always thinking that something bad will happen to you. This kind of behavior affects your life overall. So it is good to take minimal amount of coffee rather than making coffee as your addiction.

1-Cardiovascular Problems

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Too much intake of coffee can cause heart diseases. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee per day can make your body act as if you are under constant stress. The work pressure plus high effects of coffee can increase the blood pressure leading to the risk of heart diseases in long term. Caffeine affects the heart directly. Many studies have shown that caffeine increases the heart rate. Its effects are mainly performed through the alteration in response of neurotransmitters like epinephrine, nor epinephrine, and serotonin. It is the rise in the levels of nor-epinephrine which drives the heart to beat at faster rate and pump increased volume of blood to the system.

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