Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

Because of the existence of widespread diversity across the country , Indian food cannot be described in a few words.The North , South ,East and West have their own special dishes that have spread across the country and have even landed up as famous dishes in the international cuisine. Its authentic favour ,mouth watering  aroma , unique blend of spices and rich colors make it one of the most sought after cuisines in the world. The methods of cooking these dishes are also unique in its own way and have to be followed elaborately.Cooking has always been a huge thing for Indians and is also an age old tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. One can spend an entire year travelling around the country and indulging in various gastronomical treats.Various Historical incidents such as foreign invasions, trade relations and colonialism have also played a crucial role in introducing types of ingredients and food dishes to the country..Here are some top 10 popular Indian dishes that you need to try at least once.


dsc02240 Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

The word Biriyani is derived from a Persian word called “Birian” which means “fried before cooking”.It is a rice dish with spices and the variants could be Vegetable biriyani , Chicken Biriyani , Mutton Biriyani etc.This dish various from state to state and have different ingredients depending on the place such as Hyderabadi , Bombay , Calcutta , Tamil Nadu etc. While the hyderabadi biriyani is spicy , you will find that some other types are slightly sweet.The dish can be eaten without any accompaniment ,curry , pickle or  raita. Although this dish has been derived from the Persians , it was given a completely different twist to suit the taste of Indians.

2)Stuffed paratha

stuffed paratha1 Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

Stuffed parathas are basically stuffed wheat bread that can be eaten with any Indian curry,side dish or just a pat of butter . There are innumerable varieties of stuffed parathas that you can choose from but one of the most popular one is the Aloo Paratha that is stuffed with potato.The fillings of these parathas are put into the prepared dough and then flattened.These parathas can then be prepared on the stove ( Tava) or in a clay oven ( tandoor ).

3) chaat

chaat Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

Established as quick and delicious street food , a variety of items fall under this category such as pani puri , dahi puri , bhel puri , aloo chaat etc that are prepared and served to us almost instantaneously. The concept originated from Uttar Pradesh but is now popular across North India and is staple , inexpensive food for many. Chaat literally means to “taste” or “lick” and these lip smacking dishes  can be savoured at any point of time of they day.


dal Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

It is a lentil curry that is served with either rice or rolled bread forms such as naan and chappati.Some of the most popular dal dishes are Dal Tadka( seasoned with chillies and ghee) and Dal Makhani( creamy dal with butter ) .The fried garnish for dal goes by many names, including chaunk and tadka which mostly consists of oil,mustard seeds and fenu greek seeds.The Kali dal ( black dal) is another Punjabi delicacy that have been satisfying taste buds from a very long time now. it is generally a healthy option and is savored by millions of people across the Indian subcontinent and around the world.

5)Masala dosa

masala dosa Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

A masala dosa is an ordinary dosa that has a filling of potato , spices and maybe sometimes other vegetables.Carrying South Indian roots , this dish is such a delicacy that it has been included in CNN’s  ‘ World’s 50 most delicious foods’.This variant of the dosa is said to have been created by the udupis in Mysore city.They are usually served with a ‘sambhar’ and ‘chutney’.They’re commonly had for breakfast but are a popular dinner option too.

6)Rogan Gosh

rogan josh Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

This aromatic Kashmir mutton dish has been tantalizing taste buds from a very long time.Prepared with Karhmiri peppers , yoghurt and a variety of other spices.It  goes best with plain naan or the traditional kashmiri saffron naan. This dish is said to have originated in Persia before it travelled all the way to North India where Rogan means “butter” and josh means “ passionate/hot” .

7)Pav bhaji

pav bhaji Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

This dish was invented during the times of the era of mill workers in Mumbai, Maharashtra. To satisfy the hungry and  toiling workers,the cooks came up with an idea to make use of leftover vegetables ,decided to mash it with various  spices and  served  it along with bread. The poor workers could afford this meal and approved of the taste and nutritional value.And This is the story of  how pav bhaji was born.

The Pav is usually bread that is buttered and the bhaji is a thick curry mainly made of potatoes and topped with coriander and lemon juice.In Khada Pav Bhaji , the vegetables aren’t mashed but just cooked. The various variations of the dish are Cheese Pav Bhaji , Mushroom Pav Bhaji , Dry fruit Pav Bhaji etc.This fast food originates from Maharashtra and is now one of the most popular street food available across North India.


samosa Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

One of the most popular snacks in the country and a perfect accompaniment with your cuppa., Samosas are said to have originated in the Middle East.It is a deep fried item that is stuffed with various vegetables ( mainly potatoes) and masala.Although thte classic samosa is vegetarian , there are various variations such as chicken samosa , mutton samosa etc.These golden brown crispy treats are usually eaten with a pudina green chutney or tamarind sauce.

9)Chicken tikka

chicken tikka Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

In this rich Indian dish , pieces of cut  chicken are grilled that is marinated and   coated with a thick creamy yoghurt gravy to make it more flavour intense . This food is one of the best Indian dishes that have been adopted by several food chains across the world. They go well with naans or even biriyani. It is also available in sizzler form and in a masala form. This age old dish was invented by the Mughals more than 500 years ago and still continues to be an exquisite culinary dish.

10)Palak Paneer

palak paneer Top 10 Popular & Yummy Indian Food Dishes

This dish is one of the most acclaimed dishes especially for vegetarians.It is basically cottage cheese( paneer ) in a emerald hued spinach ( Palak ) curry which is mixed with other ingredients and mashed to form a thick sauce like gravy. The dollop of butter added to it before serving makes this dish even more richer. If the butter is avoided , it becomes a treat for the health conscious without second thoughts. It is one of the staple dishes in North India especially Punjab and is a popular accompaniment for tandoori rotis , naans and chappatis.

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