Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World

In every human diet no matter in which part of the world you are fruits always are a part of it. since ancient time fruits have been with men fulfilling his bodily and palate needs. In this wide world there hundreds of fruits changing with climate and region. each fruit has its own nutritional value which adds immensely to the individual’s health. It is because of this that whenever a person falls sick or anything to do with his health the doctor advices him to have fruits. They are easy on the stomach and filled with essential requirements. although it is unfair to say that one fruit is better than the other because the constituents in the fruits vary greatly and none can be ignored. But still anytime some fruits are more popular than the others. It can be due to their availability or merely its non availability. When it comes to taste the following are the top 10 most eaten fruits around the world.

10. Water melons.
watermelon 300x223 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Water melon is the most popular fruit in the melon family. Water melons are greenish yellow to dark green in colour. They have a reddish inner appearance which is the part of the fruit that is eaten. Most people do not know that the outer green covering of the fruit is also edible and contains significant amount of nutrients. In some parts of the world it is used as an animal feed and also cooked as a vegetable. The fruit on the whole has about 92% water and is a great source of vitamin C. Apart from this it has numerous other constituents from crabs to proteins. The fruit is used to manufacture a variety of products like candies and drinks and fruit salads.

9. Banana.
banana 300x247 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Who does not love a banana. It is one of the most widely available fruits in the world. The banana tree gets productive and yields fruit only once in its life time. The banana has a yellow outer covering and blackish spots on it. The inner fruit is pale white in colour. Banana has a sweet taste. It is a very good source of energy due to a high sugar content and is not advisable in Diabetics. It has a very high Potassium content and therefore helps in controlling coronary disorders like hypertension. The inner whitish matter on the peel of banana to has a high amount of potassium and anti oxidants and is good when rubbed on the skin. Banana milkshakes are very popular and so is banana pie. It forms a part of many deserts.

8. Pineapple.
pineapple 300x219 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Pine apple is the fruit that is born with a crown. The fruit has a hard outer covering and a bushy and hard outgrowths on its head that give the appearance of a crown. The fruit when cut and sliced gives beautiful star shaped slices. The fruit has a tangy and sweet taste. The fruit hasĀ  high Manganese content with significant levels of vitamin C. The fruit due to its tangy sweet taste is a part of various products like cakes, jams, candies, pies etc. Even the fruit is sell in canned form.

7. Orange.
Orange 300x300 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Oranges give name to the colour orange. They are a part of the citrus family which also include lemon and sweet lime. Orange has an outer peel and inside the fruit lies with its slices together in the form of a sphere. The fruit is tangy and at time quite sour. It also has a pleasant sweet taste to it. The fruit is very popular for its Vitamin C content. It also has great astringent properties and are used is innumerable skin care products. Orange essence is used in various food products as well as in cosmetics. Orange flavour is used while icing the biscuits and cookies. The fruit drink is also sold in packets.

6. Cherry.
cherry 300x264 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Cherry tree is also at times referred as a an ornamental tree. The tree is beautiful while blossoming and so is the fruit. The fruit is bright ruby red with bright green stalk. The fruit has a tangy taste and can be sweet in completely ripe fruits. The fruit is great to reduce inflammation in the body. It also is beneficial as it contains a large amount of antioxidants.Cherries are eaten raw as such and are also used as toppings for other deserts and drinks.

5. Peaches.
peaches 300x300 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Peaches belong to the same family as that of cherry. Although in appearance the fruits are drastically different. Peach is a fleshy fruit having an orangish brown appearance slightly lighter on the inside with a hard seed. The fruit has a sour to sweet taste. Peach is largely used for its flavor. Its pulp is used in several jams and jellies. It contains a large amount of fiber and vitamin C. Also antioxidants add to its nutritional value.

4. Grapes.
grapes 300x261 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Grapes are quite an ornamental fruit. The fruits are available in bunches are seen in variety of colours. They are found in green, black, purple and reddish colours. Grapes have a very thin peel and are eaten along with it raw. They have a sweetish sour taste and are juicy. The fruit is used in preparations of popular wines. apart from this it is also used in its dry form as raisins in various cookies and sponge cakes. It is also at times used to make jams and juices.

3. Mango.
mango 300x199 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Mango undoubtedly is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Although it is not found in colder countries and therefore has a great import value there. Mangoes are available in many varieties with the Alphonso mango being most popular. Ripe mangoes are bright yellow in colour with Alphonso having reddish striations or over all orangish body. The fruit is fleshy and a perfect combination of sweet and sour. It is one of the mots widely consumed fruits. It is also used in the form of jams and flavoring in cakes and pies. Also in milk shakes and mango drinks example Mazza.

2. Apples.
Apples 300x300 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Apple is found throughout the world. It is one of the favorite fruits for most of the people around. apple has a great nutritional value. It is had mostly along with its red peel and contains a large amount of calcium and iron. It is juicy and fleshy. It has a sweet tangy taste. Apple is used to make beverage like cider. it is also used in the delicious apple pie. It is used in jams and salads. The fruits can also be cooked to increase its sweetness. The juice is also marketed in tetra packs.

1. Strawberry.
Strawberry 300x240 Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the World
Strawberry is indeed a very beautiful fruit. It is pink to reddish in colour with spots on it. The fruit has a tangy taste. It is used largely in many products for its flavor. Strawberry is a part of many jams , ice creams. cakes , jellies , drinks etc. The fruit is also eaten raw. It has great nutritional value as well as cosmetic value.

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