Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Chocolates a very common word used frequently almost by each and every one. But the question is how to define this beautiful word ‘CHOCOLATE’. Is it a mood fresher, or an age stretcher, or a childhood smile, or an acne controller, or a party item, or the best desert or the best gift or the stress reducer? There exists no single word or phrase which can fully define it. So let’s not think more and concentrate on which chocolate to choose to enjoy and make the day. Even the chocolates have great diversity. They are available in so many superb tastes that it becomes difficult to choose a one. There are even many chocolates in the world which are simply heart thrilling but we are unaware of. But the list below will tell you about the world’s top ten chocolates which will probably fascinate you when they get melt into your mouth.

10) NOKA

Noka Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Noka chocolate was an American company which was emerged in 2004. This company was situated in Plano and Texas. It was one of the expensive chocolates in the world.  This company offered two kinds of products one was simple dark chocolate and other was molded and small in size. Noka dark chocolate was made up from Noka chocolate which is very famous for its delicious taste and its very healthier .It is purely made up of cocoa and contains no milk. Noka chocolate is bought was sold for $2000 a pound. Noka chocolates were bought from other company and were repackaged.


cadbury Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Cadbury is British company which is named after John Cadbury and nowadays is owned by Mondelez International Inc. Cadbury chocolates are named as Diary Milk. It was introduced in U.S in 1905 and is made up of milk. It manufactured by Cadbury but in U.S it is manufactured by THE HERSHEY Company. It was named Dairy milk by a customer’s daughter. It became very famous. In 1913 Fruit and Nut was also introduced in this line and in 1933 whole nut was introduced. One of its slogans was very famous and that was “glass and a half of full cream diary milk in every 200gm”. This chocolate is the most famous and cheap than other chocolates.



gerardelli Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Ghirardelli is chocolate company of United States. This company was named after its founder Italian Chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli who lived in California. It is the second oldest chocolate company in the whole United States. It uses very high quality product. It is very famous for its delicious taste. It is amongst the leading chocolates in the world. Ghirardelli product includes its squares, chocolate bars, Gourmet milk, Intense Dark, Peppermint Bark. It’s made up of 70 per cent cocoa extra butter, egg nog etc.

         7) HERSHEY’S

hershey Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Hershey’s is one of the top most chocolate producing companies in the North America. It was named Hershey after its founder Milton S Hershey in 1894. It is the oldest American company and its chocolate bar is very famous amongst the others. Hershey has named its visiting center as Hershey chocolate world. In Hershey’s chocolate world there are various attractions including big 3-D show, Hershey torllye world, factory experience and also chocolate tour. Hershey is one of the delicious chocolate in the world.


toblerone Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

If you are in search of a rich chocolate then none other than tolerone can be a perfect choice. Toblerone is one of the famous chocolates of the world because of its luscious taste. It is owned by Mondelez International. Its shape is of triangular prism. It was made in Switzerland by Theordor Tobler in 1876. It was made up of milk, almonds, naugat and honey. Toblerone chocolate includes Pink chocolate which actually a dark chocolate covered in a green colored triangular box, white chocolate in white triangular box, snow-capped, onebyone in which each chocolate is individually wrapped in triangular chunks, Toblerone Pralines, fruit and Nut etc. It’s one of those chocolate which is common not only among teenagers but also liked by aged ones.


LindtChocolate1 Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Lindt Sprungli is a Swiss chocolate which is being produced by Lindt since 1845. These chocolates undoubtedly bear a fabulous sense of taste but the other major attraction for such chocolates is the way they are wrapped. They are produced with varied tastes that are combination of dark chocolate and different flavors which include black current, white coconut, pistachio, intense dark raspberry, etc. The flavors are therefore responsible for the deviation in calories or say amount of nutrients. The Lindt Sprungli chocolates are totally GMO (genetically modified organism) free, nut allergen safe, egg free and alcohol free.


godiva1 Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

In 1960, a very famous Godiva chocolate producing company shifted to Pennsylvania from Belgium. Godiva chocolates are easy to find and buy as they are available even in mini shops and local malls. These delightful chocolates are exquisitely rich in fascinating flavors and intriguing textures. The milky dark and white ganaches as well as nuts and fruits in it contribute a lot to make it healthy and simply enjoyable. The major drawback of Godiva chocolate is that they are not gluten-free as gluten develops due to manufacturing process.


knipschildt chocolatetruffles1 Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

Fritz Knipshildt Custom-made truffles contain modern twist tastes with cocoa powder covering French Perigold truffle. Knipschildt chocolatier created in 1999 is the producer of this one of the most yet yummy chocolates of the world. The simple ganache of this truffle consumes large amount of time both in the production as well as in its folding which is the main reason for its high price tags. The luscious and juicy dark chocolate is the truffles crowd puller. The customer reviews state that the dedication, love, humor, care, and passion of the Fritz and team is visible in this chocolate and hence it is worth to enjoyed at least once.


 Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

A very renowned chocolatier named Ferrero Spa is the manufacturer of the yummy Ferrero Rochers. Spherical shaped rochers contain a fine hazelnut within a crisp wafer which in turn is surrounded by creamy, milky and juicy chocolate and chopped hazelnuts packaged in golden shiny colored wrapper. Modified palm oil, wheat flour, cocoa, vanillin, soy lecithin are also present in it. It not only envelopes good taste but also tracks almost all major nutrients. The Ferrero Rochers boxes are considered as the best chocolate gifts to present. It is one of a kind of quality confection since 1940.


burdick chocolates1 Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolates in the World

L.A.BURDICK chocolates are the best quality chocolates to satisfy the insatiable chocolate craving. The company producing these chocolates is situated in Brooklyn. A very good thing about these chocolates is that they contain no preservatives, no essences and no extracts. They are available in various sizes but miniature sized portions are far famous as they are more preferred to enjoy the intense chocolate flavor. The prices of the chocolates bonbons are comparatively higher but it can be ignored as the dark chocolate, milk and white varieties present in it taste damn delicious especially when served at room temperature.



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