Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

The food habits of people have changed radically in the past few decades. There was once a time when people had nutritious family breakfasts with fruits, breads and boiled eggs. But times have changed so much that people find hardly enough time for breakfast, so forget families. But thanks to the innovation of the fast food restaurant, we at least still can nibble at something close to a breakfast. Today the world is dominated by fast food restaurants; in fact, it would be hard to find a person, who doesn’t dine in a fast food restaurant every other month. And guess who’s at the top of the list of the hunger feeders– it’s none other than McDonalds. It doesn’t come as a big surprise that McDonalds top the list, since today it over has over 31000 outlets in over 118 countries and serves over 58 million people every day. And the others, who are on the list, don’t even come closer to the big McD. So what exactly makes McDonalds so popular? Well, if you just take a deep look in to their menu, you might get an idea.

Since their inception in 1955, McDonalds have always been the leading innovators in fast food technology. Right from their patented technology to make French fries to the big mac, everything on the McDonalds menu is result of innovation.  Also McDonalds has always focused on pleasing its customers. So, no matter which outlet you go to, you will always find something different and something delicious, suited to the region. Also McDonald’s menu is exclusively based on what the customers like, so the customers always get what they want. Today, McDonalds has a highly diversified menu, that, more than 165 items feature in it.  So let us take a look at the top 10 highest selling products of McDonald.

10. McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich

McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich

This drive-through specialty has been a revelation to the busy office-goers, since the day it appeared on the counter. It was a simple yet very effective recipe, which revolutionized the morning breakfast. All it contained was pancakes, Maple Syrup and Sausage. But before the McGriddle sandwich was invented, if you tried to take in the combination, you would make a mess of yourself and your car. But with the McGriddle sandwich, the maple syrup is suspended when the pancakes are being baked. So this way you get the perfect on-the-go breakfast.

9. Double cheeseburger

Double cheeseburger Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Double cheeseburger

The current economy works by a simple principle; if something is popular with the customers; it automatically becomes popular with the investors as well. And that’s how the double cheeseburger broke ground into the menu of McDonalds. Around the time, before the double cheeseburger was included in the menu, McDonalds was witnessing its first loss in 35 years. But, the double cheeseburger came to the rescue and brought back the store to its feet. It anchored the infamous dollar menu, which sky-rocketed the sales of McDonalds. Believe it or not, it even increased the share value of company; but it comes as no surprise as the double cheeseburger is most ordered item in McDonalds.

8. Premium Salads

Premium Salads Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Premium Salads

Considering the legacy of McDonald’s fast food menu, the introduction of salads into the menu was quite a weird move from the company. But as it turned out, it was huge success in terms of sales. In 2003, McDonalds came up with this totally radical idea of introducing high quality salads for its calorie conscious customers. Though the feel of eating a salad from McDonalds might not have been very healthy at that time, it sure was one big seller. Since 2003, McDonalds has sold over 500million premium salads, equating 900 million servings of fruits and vegetables. This earned McDonalds the title of world’s single best seller of salads.


7. Chicken McNuggets

Chicken McNuggets Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Chicken McNuggets

Though McDonalds was the undisputed king of burgers, with over 100 varieties in its menu, it was still lagging behind its more successful counterparts, when it came to chicken varieties. So during the 1980’s McDonalds set out on a mission to get a successful chicken product on its list. And that resulted in the birth of the Chicken McNuggets. Based on the flopped onion nuggets recipe, the McNuggets went on to be the most delicious addition to the McDonalds menu. By 1986, it accounted for 7.5 percent of McDonald’s domestic sales, which is one of the most successful feats in fast food history.


6. Apple Dippers and Baked Apple Pie

Apple Dippers and Baked Apple Pie Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Apple Dippers and Baked Apple Pie

Apple pie is without doubt, one the most popular food in the world. But, McDonalds intervened to take it one step higher, and made it one of the highest selling fast food products in history. In 1992, McDonalds changed the deep fried apple pie to the baked version, which made it popular among the health conscious. This boosted the sales of the products incredibly and made it to the menu of every single outlet of the company. McDonald’s also introduced the Apple Dipper version of the pie, which featured fresh apples and a low fat caramel dip. This was again, without doubt, the best innovation to hit the fast food industry.


5. Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s innovation into the breakfast menu didn’t stop with the McGriddle sandwich. In 1971, the company found a new way to combine the next three favorite items into a single recipe. The Egg McMuffin was essentially based on the English muffin recipe. But it included grilled Canadian bacon, poached eggs and a slice of cheese. The egg burger was sold for a dollar, which made it an instant hit around the world.

4. Happy meal

Happy meal Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Happy meal

For a long time, the fast food industry focused almost exclusively on the busy office going customer base. But all that changed with the inclusion of the happy meal. The happy meal was created by McDonalds to get more kids to like fast food. Initially the happy meal box featured a circus themed cardboard box containing hamburger, fruits and toys which can be anything from McDonald stencil to an Id bracelet. Today the happy meal toy range includes a lot of varieties, including hot wheels and Barbie. Kiddish or not, financially this was a huge success.


3. Snack Wrap

Snack Wrap Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Snack Wrap

A relatively simple dish – the snack wrap was no more than a warm juicy chicken breast, wrapped around cheddar cheese and floured tortilla. What really made this recipe the top item in the charts is the purpose it served. Most McDonald items can be made into a meal. Though this is good news when you’re planning dinner, it could be on the heavier side when you’re thinking about a snack. And that’s where the creative heads at McDonalds focused to get this dish a spotlight. Today, almost 90% of people will choose McDonalds when they are in mood for a snack. That alone says volumes on how popular this recipe is.

2.  Big Mac

Big Mac Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

Big Mac



Probably the first word that comes to the mind of a customer when they think about McDonalds is the Big Mac. The item has become so synonymous with McDonalds, that many actually identify the company with the Big Mac. The item was first introduced in a McDonald outlet in Uniontown Pa. in 1968. Now it has become so iconic, that McDonalds sells over 550 million of these burgers in the US alone. The Big Mac is available in over 100 countries making it one of the most popular dishes in the world, with yearly world consumption exceeding 900 million. Thought the Big Mac is in itself an extremely tasty burger, what actually made it so popular was its advertising. The famous jingle that came along with the evergreen McDonald tag line ‘you deserve a break today’, made this one of the most successful burgers in the world.


1. French fries

French fries Top 10 Highest Selling McDonald Products

French fries

Most would have guessed it by now, but still this golden yellow delicacy needs to be mentioned, as it is the king of fast food dishes. Originally invented by McDonalds, the history of the French fries can be traced back to the first McDonalds store. Back then, it was made out of fresh potatoes, and fried with beef tallow. But today with advance processing technologies and a health conscious customer base; McDonald French fries are made from frozen potato cuts and fried with zero-trans-fat vegetable oil. French fries are so popular, that McDonalds serves over 4 million kilograms of fries every day. So if anyone ever took a survey to find the most popular fast food of the world, French fries would win hands down.

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