Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

America is among one of the most food loving countries in the world. People in America are fond of trying different types of foods so there are varieties of dishes prepared from least number of ingredients. So here is the list of top 10 food items that Americans love to eat:

10. Pancakes:

pancakes Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

Pancakes are the most admirable American breakfast which taken with maple syrup, bacon and blueberries become perfect. It is most American style of starting their day. It is the flat-round shaped cake which is fried in a frying pan. It is decorated with toppings of fruit jam, chocolate chips especially for kids. They are very fluffy and very light in nature made from raising agents like baking powder. Pancake Day is celebrated in America which reveals craze among the Americans for Pancakes and shows their love for pancakes. Pancakes restaurants are a trend among families for dinner which varies in various flavors sweet, spicy etc. For making it more delicious it is often served with yogurt.

9. Spaghetti:

spaghetti Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

Spaghetti is the most popular Italian food made from wheat which comes in thin strands like noodles. Spaghetti, which is available in America 25-30 cm long. It is initially boiled in salted water and then prepared with a spice mixture of various spices and vegetables.  It is served with tomato sauce and oregano. It is an Americans minion type of pasta which they often prefer with meat. This is the most classic pasta which Americans take as their meal sometimes on their religious festivals and considered it as the most satisfied diet.

8. Fried Chicken:

friedchicken Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

Fried Chicken incriminates pieces of chicken from broiler chicken which is fried in a pan. Chicken pieces obtained are cut from the joints. It was originated in South America but spread its branches all over in North America too. Americans are very choosy regarding fried chicken as they want it crispy, crunchy and juicy too. Fried chicken in practice was popular for special occasion earlier but now it became a part of Americans daily diet. It came into existence when blacks found difficulties in finding their food so it was the only source for fulfilling their diet. A wish list of Americans is incomplete without fried chicken.

7. Macaroni:

macaroni1 Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

Anything that is cheese flavoured is by default Americans favourite, so Macaroni is the best cheese flavoured food product. Macaroni is one of the most common types of pasta made from wheat dough and is normally hollow elbow shaped pasta. Americans have accepted macaroni as their American style western cuisine. It is boiled and cooked with a spicy mixture of various different spices and crispy mixture of onions and tomatoes. Then macaroni and cheese sauce is added together along with bread pieces.

6. French Fries:

frenchfries Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

It is the most delicious and light dish that Americans prefer to have. It is prepared from potatoes which is cut into thick slices and then fried in salty mixture. It must be cooked at a high temperature. Children are considered to be the gourmand for this food. McDonalds and Burger Kings are the common hangouts for college going students for taking this dish into their diet. This baked potato is equivalent to any dish containing sugar as it has a very content of Glycemic Index. But it is very toxic in nature as Acrylimides released during its cooking is an agent for various cancer and nerve damages.


5. Hot dog:

hotdog1 Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

The hot dog is the earlier product processed in America. It is American’s most favourite food during summers.  Hot dogs are sausages in sliced buns which is grilled and then baked in micro ovens and finally topped with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, mustard, mayo or jalapenos etc. They are also known as “Hots” and variety of hot dogs present on the basis of sizes, shapes or mixture filled in between the buns. The common ingredients in all the hot dogs are meat, preservatives, salt and garlic. The taste of all Americans quite varies some like sonorans, some like slaw dogs etc but what is important is its hit in their wish list. It is highly risky food and its presence causes several heart problems.

4. Taco:

taco Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

The taco was basically originated in Mexico but gained popularity in America very early.  It incriminates fillings of wheat, corn, cheese, vegetables, seafoods etc. which is rolled around tortilla. It is the best flavour of Doritos. The most popular taco in America is in U-shaped or has a hard shell. Mass production of Taco started in America these days and is sold by various food chains and restaurants. Hard shell taco is deep fried and soft shell taco is fried to a softer state. The breakfast taco is also filled with meat, eggs etc. to make it more nutritious.

3. Burrito:

burrito Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

It is also a Mexican originated fast food which is similar to Tacos. It also consists of tortilla wrapped around filling which is rich in beans, cheese, sour cream and meat contents. It is firstly grilled with the mixture and then steamed to make it somewhat softer than tacos. The survey says it is the most popular food in United States restaurants or food chains. In the best burrito every ingredient of this stands out in every bite. It is very messy to eat burrito without plate but today it became the most substantial part of American food culture.

2. Hamburger:

hamburger Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

The hamburger is a dish consisting of meat patty placed between two slices of bread roll. It was firstly originated in America in 1990 by Louis Lassen. Americans love to have this with onions, tomato, condiments etc. Various different hamburgers came into existence which differs in their flavors contained like MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). They are a rich source of fats which in turn helps in gaining weight. It is considered as a high risk food as the process for making meat patty is large which results in increase in bacteria counts and red dyes presence increases headaches and allergic reactions. MC Donald’s and fast food restaurants are the biggest sellers these days. MC Donald’s sell reaches 550 million hamburgers annually. Hamburgers offer unique advantages in America and its chain grabbed all American’s Taste.

1.     Pizza:

pizza2 Top 10 Delicious Foods Americans Love to Eat

Americans consume more Pizza than any other people all around the world.  It is Americans daily ordered and mostly loved dish. A recent survey reveals that families order pizza once a week for dinner. Pizza shops and pizza huts can be found everywhere from small cities or towns to big cities. There are hundreds of flavors in pizza which differ in toppings of cheese, tomatoes, meat or vegetables.  Another most substantial reason for Americans love towards Pizza is that it can be easily ordered and in the blink of an eye it is delivered. It is more customizable and preferred food for any occasion in America which glues all the ingredients in it which provide proper and healthy diet.

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