Top 10 Countries Famous for Food

Travel to different countries will tell you how different cultures have influenced the foods in different parts of the world. Many countries are best known for their foods and they have made these countries a major attraction for the food loving people. The list of the top 10 countries with te most delicious foods is given below.

10. England

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Dishes in England have much resemblance with the dishes found in Britain. The Apple pie and the Cornish onion make England food the best food served throughout the world. The main constituent is meat and fresh vegetables, lamb, pork, chicken and fish. Some other dishes for which England is known for are sandwiches, chips and fishes.

9. Spain

 Top 10 Countries Famous for Food

Spain has a culture that is influenced by many other cultures. This blend of different culture in Spain is very clearly evident from the Spanish dishes. A Spanish meal consists of different fishes, meat and vegetables. Spanish dishes contain sea food as their special variety. The delicious drink in Turkey is the mixture of fruits and wine called Sangria. The main Spanish dishes are potato omelets, sausages, stews and different varieties of cheese. Spanish ham, paella, tortilla are just too tasty. If you don’t taste these dishes on your tour to Spain then you don’t have a successful tour.

8. Turkey

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Dishes in turkey are a blend of Central Asian dishes, Middle Eastern and Balkan dishes. Turkish dishes have a great impact on western European cuisines. The street food is also very yummy. Olive oil is the main ingredient in the western Turkish dishes. The dishes in Turkey are not only mouth watering but they are good for health. The main Turkish food is simit which is a bread having the shape of ring sprinkled with sesame seeds. The main constituent of a Turkish dish are green peppers, lamb, Onions, garlic, beans, tomatoes and meat, yoghurt. In a Turkish meal fruits are the main part. The main fruits included in the meal are apricots, apples, grapes and plumps. Most famous Turkish dessert is baklava.



7. France:

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France has developed some very different and tasty food since very long period of time. Their way of cooking is very sophisticated. The method of cooking French food is though time consuming but the French dishes are worth the time consumed in making them. The main delicacies in France are Truffles, Ceps, the wild mushrooms, Foie Grass, Crepes, Fruit Tart etc. France is very well-known country for the grape wine production. Baguette is found in every meal.


6. Japan

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Japanese dishes have become very famous all throughout the globe in some recent years. Japanese food is the main part of Japanese culture. If you are going to Japan then nothing can keep you away from the food Japanese people offer. The most famous Japanese foods are rice balls, sushi, Ramen, Soba noodles, Beef Bowl, Sukiyaki, green tea, sea weed biscuits etc. the main ingredients that you will find juxtaposition in all Japanese foods are oil, meat and dairy products, soy sauce and umeboshi. The main Japanese sweets found here are amanatto, cake of brown sugar and rice dumplings.

5. China

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From the delicious dumplings on the street to some very renowned restaurants, the Chinese food is the most delightful food. The Chinese foods are characterized by its unique taste, color and aroma. Most of the Chinese foods have rice and noodles as the basic ingredient. There is no place on earth where you will not find the Chinese food. It is easy to cook and appetizing to eat. The vegetables and noodles mixed in various kinds of sauces will certainly water your mouth. The Chinese soup will really ignite your taste-buds. Chinese food doesn’t have many spices added to it so you need not worry about your health. The Chinese sweets include bings, sun cake, moon cake, Gao or Guo, baobing etc.


4. Thailand

 Top 10 Countries Famous for Food

Thai food is a really tasty and healthy foods you must have ever eaten the herbs included in the actual Thai food are not only good for your health but they render the dishes with completely a different delicious taste. Thai food is known in the entire world. They make their dishes mainly consisting of chillies and garlic. The other main constituents that you will find in any Thai dish are lemon grass and coriander. Lemon juice also added to almost every dish gives a tang to the Thai dishes. The street food in Thailand is just too good. The best Thai dishes are Massaman Curry, Khao Man Gai, and Tom Yam etc.


3. India

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India has a varied diversity that you will not found elsewhere. Due to its variation in the landscapes and different culture the food you will find in different parts of India will be quite different. While the main constituent in South Indian dishes is rice you will find wheat as the basic ingredient in Northern Indian food. India is very renowned for its spicy, delicious food. You can’t lay your hands off the Indian food. The most yummy veg food is found here. The most prominently eaten dishes that are eaten in India are Idli-Sambhar, Pav-Bhaji, Potato Chat, Pani- Puri, Biryani etc. if you are visiting India don’t forget to taste some of the best sweets Indians are famous for. These include Rasgullas, rasmalai, Laddos of different kind and Jlebi.


2. Mexico

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Mexican food has a very good reason for which the world craves for the yummy Mexican food. The spicy and elegant dishes have made Mexico one of the best countries known for their food. They make the perfect dishes which will surely make you say wow when you will eat them. They make the richest colored foods that are influenced from Spain and France. The main ingredients in Mexican dishes are corn, beans and chilies. The main Mexican dishes available and eaten throughout the world are tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas etc. they serve some best mouth-watering dishes and the water-based ice-creams which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


1. Italy

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Italy is the top best country known for its food. Your mouth certainly starts watering as soon as you here about some of the very famous Italian dishes, Isn’t it? You will not only find the best food here but the wines served with some of the best cuisines in Italy are must-taste. The Italian dishes are loved throughout the globe. You will find different varieties of food in different regions in Italy but some of the most renowned dishes are wide varieties of spaghettis and Pizzas. All over the world people have adopted their way of cooking pastas and pizzas. Who has not eaten the famous delicious, yummy Margherita pizza??? The scrumptious pizza is a perfect mixture of mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes.


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