Top 10 Best Chefs in the World

Cooking is one of the basic tasks accomplished by man kind every day. Owing to the global diversity and cultural variety the taste and ingredients of cuisines change drastically with the place. In India itself if you see no two place offer the same kind of food. Within the same province or state the taste changes dramatically which can be attributed to the different spices and treatments the food is subjected to. With increase in globalization the food too traveled over seas with man and reached different places of the world. The best example of this is Chinese food which is enjoyed all over the world today. You can enjoy Thai food no matter in which part of the world you are in. Due to this cooking emerged as a profession and turned to an art from being a mere necessity. Such is the glory of this profession that with women even men entered it and flourished with respect. Some of these “Chefs” became world renowned for the uniqueness they imparted to their food. It is difficult to say which food is better as each different type has its own attribute. But depending upon the innovations and encountered by the food the following can be said the best chefs of the world. It is surprising to see that men rule the world of cooking (profession). These men are probably the best cooks you will ever see. Aren’t the women to have them really lucky? Next time you look for a guy try testing his cooking skills.

10. Paul Bocusse

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Paul Bocusse is probably the oldest of our lading chefs 3 Michelin star awarded and by far the longest in the field of cooking. Born in the year 1926 Paul is a French and specializes in the cuisine of his mother nation. H is best known for his innovation Nouvelle Cuisine that is a healthy low calorie substitute of the traditional one. Paul not only himself is a great chef but many of his students emerged as world renowned chefs. Thus Paul holds an undisputed position in the world of chefs. He also runs an institute which has an alliance with 10 countries offering a 4 months course to the best of the students selected for training in French cuisine.

9. Charlie Trotter

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Charlie Trotter was born in 1958 in the state of Chicago. He is a great chef and has had run two successful restaurants named Restaurant Charlie and Charlie’s trotter both of which got Michelin ratings of 1 and 2 stars respectively. Michelin is the most prestigious cookery award almost like Oscar for movies. He has written many cook books and even run a show in which he demonstrated his cooking skills for the viewers. He was given the best chef award in the year 1999. He is also holding a position in the Culinary hall of fame.

8. Wolfgang Puck

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Wolfgang Puck is another multi talented chef one of the best in the field of cuisine. He was born in the year 1949 and is cooking professionally since the age of 24 years. He is known for his French , Californian as well as fusion style. He has run many successful diners. At present he owns a chain of successfully established acknowledged for the world class food restaurants. He has received many awards and honors for his service through his culinary. His restaurant even helps raise fund for cancer hospital. He also became a member of Culinary Hall of Fame in this year that is 2013.

7. Thomas Keller

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Thomas Keller was born in the year 1955 in America although he is famous for his French cooking style. He owns several highly rated restaurants in USA many of which have earned him the tittle of best chef of California as well as best chef of America by the prestigious James Beard Foundation. Two of his restaurants named Per Se and French Laundry have both received 3 stars from Michelin Guide making him the only chef in the entire nation to have received for 2 restaurants simultaneously. There is an array of awards to his name and his restaurants establishing multiple times to the world that he is indeed the best of the best in culinary.

6. Todd English

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Todd English is probably one of the most good looking chefs in America. This man born in 1960 is a chef known for his restaurants Olives that has earned him his reputation considerably. He also has a cooking show hosted by him under his name on PBS. He is also the chef in charge for the Delta airlines. He has been on Forbes 100 celebrities list as well. In the year 2012 he got an entry into the prestigious culinary hall of fame for his pub restaurant.

5. Anthony Bourdain

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Anthony Bouradain is one of the star icons in the world of chefs. This man is extremely popular with the people and the media for everything that he does. He rose to fame with his best seller NY times Kitchen Confidential’. He also wrote some other books after this which also best selling NY time. Based on the success of the book he got his own show which added to is popularity. He has given several successful shows and has judged 5 seasons of Top Chef. His columns appear in various news papers and magazines. He has always been promoting people to think differently when it comes to anything and has changed the world of culinary with his writing.

4. Ricco DiSpirito

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Rocco Dispirito was born in New York in the year 1966 and is therefore an American based restauranteur. He is best known for his fusion style of cooking. He has become a star chef partly owing to his looks and largely due to his amazing culinary skills. He is also known for his cook book and he was also awarded for one of his book named Flavors. He has been awarded various times for being most talented young chef and also the sexiest chef. He has been part of various successful restaurant making them serve the best food with his skills. He has also appeared as judge to weekly cooking competition on TV. At the age of 46 is at the peak of his career and popularity.

3. Emiril John Lagesse

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Emeril Lagesse was born in the year 1959 in America. He has been a celebrity chef for long and is best known for his French , Cerole and Portugan style of cooking. Emerile Live and Essence of Emirile are two of his most popular shows. He is also an author for various cook books. He runs a chain of restaurants serving the best and authentic culinary to the people. He is considered as one of the best paid chefs. His entire work including the restaurants , his TV appearance and his publications together generate a revenue of a whooping 150 million annually. He also has a range of products to his name. In this year he has been awarded the Humanitarian of the year award.

2. Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver is the only English Chef on our list and probably the youngest of them all. Born in England in 1975 Oliver today is media figure and people’s favorite due to work that he does. He is best known for his Italian food although it is just one of his culinary area of expertise. He has various shows to his name which focus on the use of fresh ingredients and strongly opposes processed food. His new cooking style is encouraged by millions of viewers. He has been voted twice as the most influential person for the hospitality industry in England.

1. Gordon James Ramsay

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Gordon James Ramsay is an American chef ans was born in the year 1966. Ramsay is definitely one of the best chefs or probably the best chef around. He is the proud possessor of 14 Michelin stars currently for his various feats. He is best known for his TV shows where he judges the cooks on board. He is known for his no nonsense cooking judging on the show. His show Hell’s kitchen as the most popular. There are many awards to his name and is by far the most influential amongst the chefs.

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