10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Winter months have their own importance which may be due to following reasons like ice-creams can be enjoyed, toasty fireplaces, no yard maintenance, no bugs, winter wears (jackets, etc.), more hours for sleeping and many other. But it is necessary remain protected from cold winters because suffering from colds and flu’s disturbs both body metabolism as well as daily life routine. Here are top ten ways which will help you to the utmost to avoid cold.


socialism 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

It is said that socialism is also a better tactic to beat winters. Parties, fests, functions, fairs or get-togethers make the environment warm and as a result the cold is suffered less. Moreover, the diversion towards friends, neighbors, etc. is obvious while talking with them which in some or the other way distracts our mind from cold. Socialism means communicating with different people but according to science it is a basic requirement for physical and mental stability. An active social life helps to keep cold at bay and avoid stress thus boosting up the mood.


warm houses 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

If the house you are staying in is warm enough than it is easy to protect yourself from low temperatures in winter months. Use storm windows or plug, seal and caulk all the windows of the house. Go for triple glazing and keep doors and windows closed when heaters are on. Increase use of chimney pillow/ balloon which is made from a special laminate. Insulate the walls and loft and use hemp insulation. It is to be noted that the plants grown around the house do not put out suckers and they grow on wires or trellis. In afternoon, keep the doors and windows open if they are path for direct entrance of sun rays.


Sound Sleep 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Good quality and enough amount of regular sleep definitely decreases the chances of getting cold. Regular exercises, proper and consistent routine, positive bedroom environment, avoiding alcohol and nicotine helps to get better and longer sleep. Quality sleep frees the body from mental strain and dizziness. Normally 8 hour sleep daily is necessary for a person. Improper sleep or sleep deviation affects memory, work and social functioning. Level of two neurotransmitters i.e. serotonin and melatonin decide the amount of sleep. Less serotonin and more melatonin level is responsible for creating desire of more sleep in winters.


drink plenty water 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Water is a lubricant which is if taken in sufficient amount keeps the capability of regulating all the essential functions of the body like breathing, sweating and urination. There are several reasons which illustrate the necessity for intake of water in winters some of which are clear and smooth skin, better digestion, fight weight gain, body detoxification, and most importantly it provides energy. Winters are dry which roughs you up but water intake on the other side, rejuvenates and refreshes the body. One must avoid dehydration because it can accelerate frostbite, hypothermia and fatigue.


vitamin d sunlight stroke 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Generally people do not like exposing themselves in the sunlight but it is as important as any other metabolism of the body. Skin produces or becomes rich in vitamin D when it gets in exposure with sun rays and certainly vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the healthy skin as well as for the healthy body. Therefore it is recommended to get well sun exposure so as to increase calcium metabolism, immunization power and serotonin levels of the body. Other than this, it also helps in warming up of body. In fact, windows of the house must be opened if they are fine way for the entrance of sun rays. So to avoid or to prevent the body from heavy cold, it is good to have exposure to the sunlight.


Moisturize body 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Dry skin is that kind of skin which does not lacks grease or oil but fails to retain water. Dry skin is one of the major causes of winter health problems because it reduces the power to fight against germs. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing of the body must be done regularly specially in cold weathers because it not only helps to maintain soft and glowing skin but also adds a lot in preventing cold. Massaging properly all over using olive oil, coconut oil or any other effective moisturizing lotion helps to keep the body warm.


heating gadgets 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Room heating gadgets like halogen heater, room heater, VLE fan heater, automatic hand dryers, quartz warmer, climate controlling halogen heater, heat convectors, heater with humidifier, etc. are all very famous in the present time. The quality heaters provide warm and comfortable environment to the interiors. These elegant looking heating gadgets are now designed using latest advanced technology which ensures 100 percent safety, no oxygen burning, no moisture evaporation, no health hazards like suffocation and skin dryness, and many more requirements. The only disadvantage about them is their cost.


Exercise 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

No doubt woolly jumpers warm up in winters but exercising is more natural and healthier way of warming up the body in cold weather months. Basically while doing exercise the rate of circulation of blood to the heart increases which in turn is very much responsible in increasing the amount of internal heat. As a result of such activity, the body gets warm and sweat appears on the skin. It is recommended by doctors to warm up properly before starting the workout for adequate blood circulation around the body and should wear appropriate winter exercise gear. Exercise not only benefit physically but is also helpful for stable mental strength.


woolen clothes 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

Wool is considered to be the ‘temperature regulator’ with has many benefits that help to a great extent to save ourselves from severe cold. Some of its benefits are sustainability and biodegradability, flammability, wearability, fiber absorbency, UV protection, dyeability, etc. Woolen clothing like jackets, scarfs, hand gloves, socks, mufflers are all very effective in winters. The main property of woolen wears i.e. power of absorbing heat keeps the body warm and hence protect from suffering the cold. It is advised to choose woolen clothes properly because some of them may cause allergies and irritation on the skin.


Winter Food diet 10 Ways to Protect yourself from Cold Winters

A proper healthy and nutritional diet intake is the best way to fight with not only cold but with almost all the harms that can be caused to the body. But as far as protection from cold winters is concerned it is good to add fresh green vegetables, dry fruits, fresh raw fruits and fresh juices must definitely be incorporated in the diet. As winter is the prime time for cold viruses which make suffer from the onslaught of sniffles so the foods and drinks like garlic, oregano, green tea, pumpkins, ginger, oysters, jaggery, bajra, etc. must be included as they contain immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. Therefore the best option to build own internal body defenses and to ward off cold is to have such a healthy diet.

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