10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food

It has become a common thing now a days that we spend more time outdoors than inside the house. Be it office , school or college we tend to spend hours and hours outside our homes. Naturally it has affected our eating habits a lot. Earlier when people use to spend times at home they relished having the home made food. But since we spend lesser part of the day at home we have very little options when it comes to our hunger growls. Instead of home made food we switched it with the street food which is so abundantly available. The street food has no comparison with the home made food, the street food is extremely unhygienic because some people just dont follow the habits to remain hygienic  It is contaminated , it is unhealthy , it is costly and it does not even calm down the hunger bells for long. It is high time that we realize that we are damaging our body to a large extent by relying on street foods. The following are top 10 reasons for you to reconsider if you fond of the street food.

10. Hypertension.
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Hypertension which in lame man’s language  is called blood pressure is a disease or disorder where in the blood pressure of the body is elevated than the normal. The prominent reasons for high blood pressure are to a large extent the salt content or to be more precise sodium and high fat food which are abundant in any junk food you have on the street. They use common untreated salts which is very high in sodium content and also use low grade cooking oil. It is often less on the vegetable content which purifies the system. Hence having street food prone you to a large extent to hypertension.

9. Diabetes.
Diabetes 300x200 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
It is a misconception which most of the people have that only having large amounts of sweets can lead to diabetes. It is wrong. Firstly diabetes is hormonal and secondly it depends a lot on your eating habits. Not just sweets but even carbohydrates need to be monitored when you take into consideration diabetes control. Be it your fats or carbohydrates in excess everything is broken down or converted to sugars in the body. Thus eating street food makes you susceptible to diabetes. Street foods largely have potatoes,rice flour, wheat flour or bread all of which contain huge amounts of crabs so need to be checked.

8. Hyperlipidemia.
Hyperlipidemia 300x150 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
Lipids are nothing but fats which are found in your body even in normal conditions. Their presence is very essential as they are the body’s precious source of energy. But when it is consumed in access its level in the blood increases which is very dangerous. Higher lipid level makes a person fall vulnerable to a variety of diseases as it starts interfering with the body’s regular mechanisms. It makes a person lethargic and lazy in the least. A lot of heart diseases are related to higher lipid levels. Thus avoid street foods as they contain a large amount of oil and fats.

7. Obesity.
OBESITY 300x200 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
Street food contains sugars, fats, salts etc. All these are very bad for the body in higher concentrations. It directly affects the body’s metabolism process. It has been found that people who have street foods and junk foods regularly are more prone to weight gain and obesity. It alarmingly raises the body fat storage. If you find that your weight is rising alarmingly take a check of your diet. May be you having too much of that low quality saturated fat on the street.

6. Acne.
Acne 240x300 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
A major problem seen in the youths is acne. It is mainly a hormonal disorder that fades away with time. But now the things have changed and even people in their late twenties get acne. This is a side effect of having junk food. The food contains a lot of oil and artificial flavoring and colors which stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more than normal sebum which causes acne. if you suffering from acne try curbing your street food intake first.

5. Allergies.
Allergies 300x185 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
Allergy is a body’s self reaction where in it reacts to a certain substance it has come in contact with. It can be seen as rashes on the skin , swelling in the body, difficulty in breathing etc. The street food vendors come from different regions of the country and therefore have different taste and ingredients to their cuisine. Although it is fascinating to have different foods but the disadvantage is that you have no idea of what ingredient they are using. You can be allergic to some of the ingredient he has used. For example if you allergic to peanuts and the vendor has used it by powdering it you might not realize while having it until you see the allergic reaction. So avoid street food at least from an unknown vendor.

4. Body odour.
body odour 300x300 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
Yes it is true that having street food can lead to a drastic body odour. The body is huge reactor where in hundreds of reactions are occurring every second. The process of metabolism produces huge amounts of free radicals and toxins which need to be eliminated. If not they are pumped out of the body in urine as well as in sweat which starts smelling very bad. This shows that your body is high in toxin content which is aggravated each time you have street food. They lack anti oxidants which are a must for detoxification of the body. On the contrary they are source for various free radicals which alter bodily mechanisms. So avoid street foods and detox your body with plenty of water and fruits.

3. Stomach disturbance.
stomach disturbances 300x200 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
People having street foods are often found complaining about stomach upsets or constipation. This is because the street food is not at all balanced. It does not contain fibers which is required for healthy stomach. It contains too much of oil and spices and crabs which the body needs to work hard for to digest it. And often the person gets a stomach upset. This is enough to prove that street food is having drastic effect on the body.

2. Acidity.
acidity 292x300 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
The stomach secretes acid which is a part of its natural digestion process. But under certain conditions the acid secretion is large and the person complains of heat burn and acidity. It is a burning sensation in the gut and in the chest at times. It can further lead to peptic ulcers and mouth ulcers if not treated. Street food is high in acid content as it contains large quantities of oil and oil is nothing but acid. This raises the stomach pH and gives a restless and burning sensation.

1. Food poisoning.
food poisoning 300x179 10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food
Food poisoning is the outcome of having stale food. The vendors have been found many times to use rotten vegetables and bread in their preparation which the eater does not realize while consuming it. Inside the body it creates various disturbances. Food poisoning leads to vomiting at times spitting out blood, loose motions, extreme sweating, choking of the wind pipe, extreme stomach ache etc. So it is advisable to never have street food.

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