Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

XBOX racing games are in great news all over the world and gamers are going crazy this season. For each kind of player, there is an XBOX racing game present in the market. Even the psychologists say that playing racing games keeps you away from tension and all sorts of depressions. Choose your favourite game today and start playing. This article discusses the best XBOX racing games of the current year i.e 2013. Game lovers are going to get a great help from this article. Have a closer look at these awesome racing games and decide which one you want to try next:

10. Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4 Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

If you want nothing less than an all-around car racing game, Forza Motorsport is the perfect one for you. This awesome game not only offers you a wide range of track choices (that is, 40+), but it would also vary in the difficulty level depending upon the mode you have selected. Hence, this game is for everyone, for the beginners as well as for the established gamers. And, the best part about this game is that more than 500 car choices are there, so, if you are a car lover, you would definitely love this game due to this feature. Moreover, the graphics quality of this game is awesome; you would feel like entering the game itself while playing on your computer.

9. Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

Another gem added to the Forza series is the Forza horizon car racing game. This is a game so much awesome that it has been in news from a long time even when it has not been released yet. There are just a few trailers available here and there on the internet and by those only, viewers love this game. I am wondering what would happen to the gaming world when this game would actually come into the market! The graphics of the game are unquestionably awesome as it comes with the name Forza. Additional feature of this game that differentiates it from all the other Forza games is that it would provide you an arcade feel, that is, the feeling of a pro racer.

8. Shift 2 – Unleashed

shift 2 unleashed Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

No matter how many games come and go in the market, GT racing is something that has made its mark and I guess it would live as long as there are racing games prevailing over there. Shift 2 – unleashed is that kind of a game. Though you are not allowed to choose from a large number of cars and a large number of tracks (as you do in Forza), yet Shift 2 – unleashed is a hell of fun in itself because the challenges that it provides could not be provided by any other game available till date. As a beginner, you might find it a bit difficult but as long as you practice, you would become better in the game and a day would come when you would be seen as GT3 champion by the gaming world. And for those who are bored of playing Forza racing games, this game is definitely something different and would attract you instantaneously.

7. Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed The Run Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

Ages have passed and still, Need for Speed is my favourite. I always check out the latest versions of this game as and when possible. Just like me, there would be millions who would be a great fan of this game. This time, on the 7th position in our list, we have a latest version of this fun game, Need for Speed: The Run. If you have ever liked playing the Hot Pursuit version of Need for Speed series, this game would definitely win your heart. Maximum car choices, perfect storyline and great graphics are some of the most important features of this game. Outrunning the police is a great fun and in this version,. You would love it even more.

6. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club Los Angeles Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

There are gamers out there who do not like the cars given to them by the game itself, they like the front view of one car and the side view of some other. For such gamers, a game having the possibility to customize the car is a great option. The Midnight club: Los Angeles is one such game. Also, this game allows you to race in one particular city and there are also many challenges available which you can meet for fun. If you want to tune into the game the way you want, there cannot be a better choice than this one.

5. Dirt 3

dirt 3 Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

Just like Dirt 2, this is a latest version of the awesome game. Dirt 3 is a racing game not for the general players but for the hard-core ones. If you are a beginner, you might feel it is of a higher level than you can play. But if you are a pro at racing, no racing game on the XBOX would attract you as much as this game would attract you. The style of presentation of this game is something that attracts the gamers on the very first place, and the racing experience that it provides is the next best thing about it. This game has been developed by the code master and it contains the very important feature of code masters, that is, the rewind feature.

4. Blur

blur Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

On the 4th position in our list of the top 10 best XBOX racing games 2013, we have blur. This is game designed in such a manner that it would provide you the best racing experience like no other game. Those people who like to play nonstop games for long hours would definitely love this game. In the due course of playing, you travel from one corner of the world to another corner. Seriously, if you love travelling as well, this game has the potential to make you travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco and then from San Francisco to Spain and later on, form Spain to UK in just one game plays.

3. Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test drive unlimited 2 Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

If you want a game where you are free from everything, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is for you. There is a lot of open space available to the gamers and they can move around in that area as per their own choice. This new version of test drive is a lot more improved than the previous ones and gamers have liked this one more than anything.

2. Burnout Paradise

burnout paradise Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

A game by the Criterion games never fails to lose the faith of the gamers. The latest game of theirs- the burnout: paradise is an awesome game and has received positive feedbacks from the gamers all over the world. The track is nothing but an open city and it is the gamer who decides which path he has to travel in order to reach the finish line earliest. So, this game would require some exercise of your mind as well. Also, there is a wide range of choices for cars; you can choose a car that suits you the best and race with that car only. (Approximately 80 different cars are available.)

1. Race Driver Grid

race driver grid Top 10 XBOX Racing Games 2013

GRID is something loved by every car racing player mainly because of the view it offers when a car crashes. If you have been a great fan of the DIRT series, this game would be simply loved by you as it offers the same experience of racing yet with some of the additional features. There is an option to choose from the 43 cars available over there. What is interesting in this game is that there is a rewind option. It means, you can rewind the race up to 10 seconds maximum. The graphics of the game are excellent and it has won many hearts ever since its release.

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