Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Music is something that can relieve a man from all the stresses. These days, as newer and newer bollywood movies come up, their songs get popular and this has become a trend among the people to download latest bollywood music. They just search on Google and download the particular song. But sometimes, you do not get to the appropriate website to download the required bollywood songs. In this article, we are discussing the top 10 websites in India from where you can download bollywood music for free. I am sure all the music lovers out there are going to love this article.

10. Indiamp3

indiamp3 Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

There are times when one of your friends tells you about some bollywood song and you wish to listen to it. But in case the song is not worth downloading, why would you waste your time and energy. So, those websites which allow you to play songs as well rather than always forcing you to download it are generally more preferred. Indiamp3 is one such website. Here, you would find almost all the Hindi songs you would ever want to listen. Also, some of the Afghani songs and Tamil songs are available. This website has an exclusive feature of being antivirus updated.

9. Djmaza

djmaza Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Djmaza is a website from where you can download not only audio songs but video songs as well. this website works well in mobile devices also and in case you try to download a video from this website via your mobile phone, it would be downloaded in 3gp format, which is somewhat lower quality, thereby increasing the speed of the download. As the name of this website is Djmaza, of course you can get a huge list of Dj songs here, which also includes some of the English tracks.

8. Beemp3

beemp3 Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Beemp3 is not a song downloading itself; rather, it is a kind of search engine for the bollywood songs exclusively. It means that if you want to search for a particular song, then if you would search Beemp3 in spite of Google, chances are there that you would get better results. This DMCA approved website would let you associate your required song on other websites available for downloading music. This website includes an option by which you can give feedback too. That means, this website is in process of constant improvement through the visitors’ feedback.

7. Djluv

djluv Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

For all our readers who are in love with Dj, we have one more website for the Dj songs collection. This is a nice website and I am sure you would love the theme of this website. There are very few websites for downloading songs that would have a nice appearance, and Djluv is one among them. Not only the songs, but you can also download the upcoming movie trailers and ringtones as well. One more tempting thing about this website is that you would see fewer advertisements as compared to those seen on most of the other song downloading websites. So, you would not be confused about where to have to click and where not have to.

6. Desimp3music

desimp3music Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

The name of this website is enough to explain its purpose. If you want only bollywood songs and nothing else, there would be no better option to choose than this one. Occasionally, you would also find some of the Pakistani songs here, but in general, this website is meant for the bollywood fans only. This website is updated as soon as a new movie comes up. This website has maintained its reputation since 4 years.

5. Funmaza

funmaza Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Very few people would be there in India who would not know about Funmaza. This website is used enormously by Indian people to download videos in low quality. This website has a collection of almost all the bollywood songs and Pakistani songs as well. This is a place where you would also find some of the java games for download, and that too, for free. Wallpapers from the latest movies could also be downloaded but the primary purpose of this website is to fulfil all the requirements of its users who wish to download bollywood music.

4. Mp3hungama

mp3hungama Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

There are some people who not only like to listen to those bollywood songs, which are trending in the industry, but also to those songs which are rare and not liked by many people. Such songs are generally not available on all the songs downloading websites out there. Mp3hungama is one such site where even the rarest bollywood songs are available for download. There is also an option to play them without downloading. Ghazals and Bhangra songs on this website are very popular. Also, if you want to download songs for the wedding purpose, this website would come handy as there is a separate wedding songs category.

3. Mp3skull

Mp3skull Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Mp3skull is a website that has established its reputation recently. Not many people were aware of this website before. But the service provided by this website is really amazing. Not only the bollywood songs, but many kinds of English tracks could also be downloaded from this website. This website does not trouble its users for the songs download. You just have to click on the song you want to download. Also, if you do not want to download the song and just play it for once, there is the privilege provided by this website.

2. Apunkabollywood

apunkabollywood Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

Apunkabollywood is yet another website to download bollywood songs. The website is very dedicated to the bollywood and it is clearly indicated by the name of the website itself. There would hardly be any bollywood song which you would not avail from this website. The arrangement of songs here is also very nice. There are various categories of songs and even those categories are divided into some popular sub-categories. You can easily search for a particular song with such arrangement. This website has an option by the use of which you can surf for a song from your desktop computer and send it to your mobile device for downloading.

1.  Top 10 Websites to Download Free Bollywood Music in India

And here we are! At the top position in our list of the top 10 websites to download free bollywood music in India, we have This is the most popular and the best website for downloading any kind of music, bollywood, particularly. All the ghazals, remixes and movie songs could be found here. Even if you want to have a look at the reviews about some particular song, you can find it here at this website. Some of the mp3 ringtones and wallpapers could also be downloaded from this website. In India, if anyone knows even a little about downloading songs from the internet, he would surely know about the

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